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  1. what does that mean?


    It means that you don't spend much time in forums :laughing: I can't say that since I have no life :laughing:


    ouch!!! :laughing:


    jahoadi...when you finally get all your paperless issues resolved we will buy whatever you get and do the same things you do with it...ok? We don't have a clue about pda's... :laughing:

  2. :)B):rolleyes:B) Hey thanks for the congrats! Thanks to all who have visited our caches and for the many challenging caches in the area! We are looking forward to many more finds and hope to put a name behind the many faces someday! We came back from vacation with a few more cache ideas B) Hope to put some more out soon. Kwver B):rolleyes:
  3. :blink:

    What the heck is kwver doing, Caching for 7 months and has :lol: 700 finds, ;) I think he may have the bug, I wish I could do 100 Caches a month ;)

    Good job kwver, :blink::blink: with the hides he's placed and his finds, he has been one busy guy. :blink:

    CONGRATS on 700 :D:D:D:D:wacko::wacko::wacko:



    Hi Skillet, Kwver here saying thanks for the congrats! We are having tons of fun and thanks everybody for hiding so many caches in San Diego! Does it ever stop? B)

    Hope to eventually meet the faces behind the names one day. The camp outs sound fun and hopefully we will be able to schedule one someday! Keep caching and has anyone seen any other animals on the loose in the South Bay. I may have to find some in East or North County! :D

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