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  1. Wow...I'm surprised that these caches haven't been found in over 1 year... Ancient Cities by kwvers! | GC13KX2 | California 06/13/2007 11/02/2008 0 Behold the lamb! by kwvers! | GC12NDY | California 05/04/2007 01/31/2010 1 Nine Patch by kwver | GC10VXX | California 02/09/2007 01/09/2010
  2. A few more caches that haven't been found in over 1 year.... Feeling like a Toad by kwvers! | GC1PG25 | California 04/03/2009 11/25/2009 0 Micro in the Wilderness! by kwvers! | GC1PG23 | California 04/03/2009 11/25/2009 0 Beyond the Waypoint! by kwvers! | GC1PG21 | California 04/03/2009 06/06/2009
  3. http://coord.info/GC17E9E has not been found in over a year!
  4. http://coord.info/GC1KAGH has not been found in over two years! There are others that have gone without a find for over a year!This will be a great resource page for those interested in finding challenging hides in the area...Let us know what caches to go for...We like challenges!
  5. might wanna head over to the UK section of the forums mate Ever pray for help finding a geocache? I have!
  6. I'm giving one away on my Website? See my Avatar... he he... I carry a hand held metal detector to find caches in the dark....gave up coin shooting...
  7. events are even held inside in beautiful San Diego,Ca.
  8. Awesome!!!!! We expect to see you and the family at next years MASH event!
  9. I received an e-mail from M&L+3 and he explained that a glitch in his gps program is to blame..He noticed that he had caches posted as finds at places he had never even visited..He assured me that he is working on the problem and that he took pictures of the hides that he had found...He didn't object to my deleting his finds that were hidden by us..I too investigated if his signature was on our logs..which they weren't... I'm not sure that his intent was malicious....things do go wrong..It may be best to delete logs in question for his sake so that his effort to resolve the issue is simplfied...
  10. June 23 by TeamMTZ (18 found) Hey Chuy! didn't know that this would get your panties in a knott. In order to avoid a "needs-archived" log, I went ahead and posted the days the train runs. I do understand, as well as you might also, that this particular cache is very easy to find. So, Next time you post a comment please try to avoid to comment on the exact spot the cache is located. The fun of finding a cache is the hunt and not the giveaways on the logs. this one made me laugh...http://coord.info/GC2YNQC
  11. Habu! has recently found his 12,000 cache! read all about in http://coord.info/GC2PBN8
  12. Hey Everybody!!! Chuck B just found his 5000 cache!!!!
  13. :antenna:20,000...Very nice! Congratulations you two!!! :antenna: A class act! You guys Rock! Thanks for bringing so many smiles to us all! awesome milestone!
  14. UDAMAN!!!Record setting month too! You are on a roll!
  15. WooooooHoooooooooo!!!! I've always wanted to give you a WooooooHoooooooooo!!!!
  16. Wait a minute! WHODAT? Hmmm...it looks like there is more than one ghost in your machine. (I, for one, am glad to have the company. It was getting lonely in here...) .....when you least expect it...Mr.Man
  17. Ya made me smile. Another M.A.S.H. event on the way! Have I ever hidden a few caches in your honor? hmmm Uh-oh, ... you been hanging around Jodi ... huh? Hi Harmon...I'm home! Your old gal pal, Jodi Let's get im Jodi..buddy ol pal!
  18. Ya made me smile. Another M.A.S.H. event on the way! Have I ever hidden a few caches in your honor? hmmm
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