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  1. First comment from Finnish forums: "This is harassment against colorblind."

    I think this refers to my comment, and I would like to add that something is lost in translation. :) I have no doubt that the GC crew have the best of intentions, it's just that the result in this case is irritating. For eyes and otherwise.


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. While we do accessibility testing prior to implementing design changes, based on feedback we’re taking another look at this to see if there’s anything we missed.


    kwvers! here..I too am colorblind and these changes are so irritating..

  2. Went to geocaching.com map page tonight and just about died. New unfriendly icons! These icons have the same major flaw of most mobile device applications, they totally leave us color blind people in the dark. The unique shapes of the old icons made it very easy to tell the cache type regardless of color. Most colors selected before were unique enough to enhance the shape, at least for some levels of color blindness. Now, they all blend together. Not only are they all dots, but the color selections are no longer unique enough so multiple icons appear the same at a quick glance. Very frustrating to take a huge leap backwards in useability!! When looking for a new phone I actually avoided Android based phones because none of the geocaching apps were color blind friendly compared to GeoBucket. In fact, they all look like the new online icons, horrible for some of us. Is there any way to get the old icons back for us that like/need them?


    I know exactly what you are saying about the difficulty we color blind folks have with these changes. I thought I was the only one..kwvers!

  3. I was unpleasantly surprised by the new look of icons. It is for me a very chaotic and confusing.

    I can recognize PM and NON PM cache. Wherigo icon is probably the same as Unknown cache.

    And what about you?


    I am not happy with the new look either and hope that those who want the old maps will get the option to have them..

  4. just recently completed the Denver GeoArt...My wife and I did the series in 5 days averaging only about 200 caches a day...no time constraints...If you choose to go to the Denver area make sure that the weather has been good without rain..The dirt roads with high numbers of caches get real slick...real slick...I won't say it again...With a team there are enough caches in the area to get 2500 in a week depending on how the team works together..We have found ourselves now without a 4x4 or high clearance vehicle which is dampening our style...We want to do the run down the road from Earp,California and Eldorado and would love to team up with a group or someone who would like to drive their suitable vehicle...we will be in the area this upcoming October and are very flexable on dates...We live in our RV and tow a Nissan Versa Note which we did use to complete all but two of the Denver GeoARt series...we walked to two caches due to thick sand

  5. A BIG Congrats to the following:


    The Fat Cats - 15,000


    Ragfoot - 15,000


    chadnlolly - 5,000


    redrox - 10,000


    des614 - 5,000


    Well done everyone!!



    Congrats to all for sure! We would like to send out a huge congrats to boysnbarrie for finding her 3000th find today!

  6. This just in ...


    Photo shoot


    Check it out, a Kwvers! photo-shoot!


    Or here.


    Don't often get to Geocache with Glenda the Good Witch of the South.


    Ain't she th' sweetest thang,

    Poor ol' Harmon

    SD Rowdies


    Mr.K here..thanks for posting the recent pictures taken with Denice..she had a blast and would love to cache with you again..You have made us smile....Jim




    Thanks pal,


    How coincidental ... I was rooting around through my photo

    galleries today and came across some shots I took of Linda

    and a small herd of The Thirsty Ladies that I encountered

    one day while up on Woodbridge Road.


    There's a couple of shots in that set that really make me

    smile. So I get to smile two of my favorite smiles for Linda



    Congratulations Linda, well done and thanks for the smiles.


    I love you too-oo,

    Sweet ol' Harmon


    We are sooo excited for you Linda! Congrats and welcome to the 10,000 Club!

  8. Raced down to Max's early today and grabbed 1 regular and one misprint of fisnjack. I think I was the first one there, since there were 4 misprints in the cache and lots of dew on the container...

    Congrats fisnjack and thanks FatCats and Harmon for the excellent work!



    Just wanted folks to know that I too dashed to Max's for a card for myself and BnB and Ironmom...I had just gotten home from work and a phone call woke me up..I checked my e-mail and noticed that fisnjack cards had been dropped...So in a blur I made it to gz and found my reward...so I got 3 cards,3 mis-prints and two extra cards to drop in the Southbay somewhere..wonder how many are left at Max's? Awesome cards!!!

  9. Introducing Yrium TNG #17 - Indiana Ed




    Card inspired by Jubeloh


    Card designed by Harmon of SD Rowdies


    And introducing a new member of the team -- The Fat Cats -- who produced the final product in card form (printing, cutting, laminating and trimming). Thanks, Sue!!!


    A supply of these cards has been dropped in Max's Favorite Park.


    Great work done in creating this card! I noticed that this card had been left in Max's Favorite, when I got home from tonights event...soooo.I made a mad dash back north to grab one for myself,Ironmom and B&B...Great finishing work Sue!

  10. This just in ...


    Harmon's desktop image


    What have you done to Harmon????


    :laughing: I'm just making him see that there is more to life than

    PUD Cake......( one bite of Lumberjack was all it took. )

    Yes, I have seen the light! I write this comment at a moment of

    sheer enjoyment while lingering over each and every lucious bite

    of Jodi's rich and delicious Lumberjack cake ... my evening ration

    of gastronomic bliss.


    Here's the odd thing ... each time I take a slice of Lumberjack

    cake it seems moments later that two slices were taken. I suspect

    that my sweet bride has been cutting herself in on this deal when

    I'm not looking.


    Of course I'm also on the alert all through the day and night just

    in case Jodi places a "Lumberjack Cake" hide ... imagine me missing

    out on a FTF for another Lumberjack cake!


    Speaking of Lumberjack...We stayed at the Thousand Trails Campground near Otay Lakes this weekend and discovered that a new cafe has opened there! We heard that the Saturday night Rib eye special was to die for but decided to have breakfast there instead. We had the senior special 4 items from the menu and free coffee for $4.00! What a deal! very good food served all day! I heard that the rib eyes were 14-16oz for $7.95..gotta go back...open to the public..shhh it's a secret

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