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  1. Are they going to fix this problem? I would like to go caching again since I did pay my membership. I cannot open any file in a text form so pretty much screwed until it is fixed.
  2. I have been some reading and trying to figure out if you can enter a set cords and have the compass lead you to it if so how do you do this???
  3. Thank you was going to spam folder for some reason but hopefully fixed now
  4. When we put our first couple caches out it used to send me a email that someone found it. Now last week it doesn't do it now is there a spot that got switched or what is wrong thank you?
  5. I find it very easy loading the gc with the caches I have not found but find it very hard to locate it off my list. I'm used o my phone I click navigate and the compass pops up and way I go I find it very hard trying to go find location thinking about taking it back.
  6. that will kinda dampen it alitle to get a good pin point spot than won't it
  7. I bought the explorist gc and the compass when trying to locate a cache seems like it lags or slow seems like my android phones moves fairly quick but the gps seems very laggy. I hope ya know what I mean lol
  8. when I try to run a new pq with sll the caches but the ones I found and I own it comes back as zero now what That's correct. It only shows caches you have marked as found on the unit. It doesn't know if you have found ones in the PQ. You have to filter them out in the PQ. Also that found marker disappears when you overwrite the file with a new one.
  9. I just bought the magellan explorist gc and transferred my pq to the thing and I have marked in the menu don't show what I have found but it doesn't show me finding anything so what did I do wrong it basiclly shows me needed to find them all again thank you
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