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  1. Hey all, I'm going, kitchen pass and all. Looking for a fast moving team to join. Can I help fill a car and pay for gas? I'll be driving in from Dupont near Olympia that AM... Any help?
  2. I've got finds in over a dozen countries thanks to being in the Army and stationed in Germany. Second point, just when you have gotten all the caches in an area, say San Antonio, they send you to Tacoma, WA. A whole new set of caches. Plus caching from state to state as you move duty stations. I've got over half the US like that. New caching names and buddies, but always something new. -Mike
  3. See some of the pics and stories at GC8D7C; http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...a4-eae01767e3cf You CAN do it.
  4. All, I am interested in once again climbing the southside of Mt Adams. I did it about a decade ago solo. I've climbed Rainier with a friend (no guide service), Baker, and Hood 3-4 times. The goal last time was "Because it was there". This time, it's caching. The route I have in mind is the South Spur. It is non-technical, but as with all climbing, ice ax and crampons are needed. Also recommended, so we'll bring it, is a rope, and with it, a required harness. I can teach, but in the end, my life and yours is on the end of the rope. If any one of us don't feel comfortable, we won't go. The easy part is, it is a non-technical walk up; no ice climbing, heavy glacier travel, etc. Mule trains made this ascent in the past, so we can. It's a 6-8 hour trip from parking for those who are fit. The plan would be to come in the day before via 8040/500 to the Cold Springs Campground, hike to about 9000' and camp at the Lunch Counter. This will give everyone an idea of what to expect and whether they want to continue to the summit at ~12,300. We'd leave a little after midnight to ensure we are at the summit for sunrise and on the way down before the snow gets too soft and slushy. Back at parking by 1-2pm. I'd prefer to do it during the week when there are less people on the mountian. Looking to do this in the first half of July, so let me know if you are interested. Other obvious equipment includes sleeping gear, pack, food, water, the ten essentials, etc. You can email me at combatnurse2003@yahoo.com. Please put MOUNT ADAMS on the subject line. I look forward from hearing from you all, Michael, aka combatnurse2003
  5. I saw 14 and 61 were deleted. I assume they were nixed and those missing numbers are intentional?
  6. Awesome Jim. Thanks for the solid work. We'll see you Saturday, maybe Friday night.
  7. In post #5 I posted a link to my bookmark list. This link will also show up on each cache on the list. You will have to make your own PQ since sharing PQ's is against the Groundspeak TOU. Travisl also posted a link to the PDF of the Street & Trips of the route. Jholly: Is this with all changes that Travis has communicated? I'll run my PQ tomorrow. I'm on the way early Friday AM to Delorme Challenge my way there. ROOM FOR 1 MORE if anyone is interested in a Friday-Saturday-Sunday Delorme/ CM trip.
  8. Okay. Cutting out of work Friday and have a kitchen pass all weekend. I am driving myself, AND/OR LOOKING FOR A PARTNER. Here's the catch: My route out and back is focused on the DELORME CHALLENGE for WA state. I'm also trying to knock out a few counties. So..... Grids 62, 63, 77, 76, 91, 90, 92, 78, 79, 93, 94, 95, 103B, 103A, 102, 101, 89, 100, 88. Ambitious, yes, I know. But those of you who know me know if it's worth doing, it should be done with some grandure. Starting in Tacoma Friday morning. And I am trying to make the Poker Tourney the night before the CM. Anyone interested, contact me through geocaching. It's always more fun with others.
  9. Jholly, no sense in both of us doing the list this time. I bow out. All you bud, Mike
  10. Bookmark finalized. REMOVED: Crossing the Jordan- GC1KT73 ADDED: End of the Pavement- GC22504 Recommend printing the PDF as well. See you all Saturday! Bookmark located here: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...48-368d8057563d
  11. BOOKMARK UPDATED TravisL sent me some changes: REMOVED : Over the bridge cache Don’t Fence me in Toledo Town Park Tree house revisited ADDED : 3 fold path- GC21K8Y Clan MacLeod -GC21CKZ Cousin’s Cat- GC1DFXD Hobo Trail- GC1HFB0 I-5 Hotel-GC1X0D4 Maneki Neko-GC21K6M A Many Muggle Historical Marker Cache- GC13QTN Salmon Creek Trail- GC1HFC7 Stan Hedwall - GC21K7B Tennis Anyone- GC21K84 The Gnome Home- GC1HEKW There may be one more update on or about 28 December, 29 Dec at the latest. Just run a PQ of the Bookmark list. If you have trouble, let me know and I'll email you the PQ. Looking forward to seeing you all there. -Mike
  12. Initial bookmark posted with 68 of the 69 stops. One escaped me. Will update it about the 28th of December with a final list from travisl for all those wanting to run a PQ.
  13. Toledo Town Park, GC1CQ8D, is off line and appears unlikely to recover in time for the CM.
  14. Thanks for the link Annie. Jennifer and I are taking the newest boy back east so the family can go ga-ga over him. We fly out on the 21st. Sorry I'll miss it.
  15. Or you can adopt the old one if the person is out. If the person is out, click and contact the administrators name with your desire to adopt. If the player was still around, www.geocaching.com/adopt would do it.
  16. WOW, awsome and great discussion. I went to REI last week and spoke with the Delorme rep and was almost sold. Being military, I didn't like the fact that there are no out of the US maps, but my primary function is geocaching. What I'm hearing is there is: 1. Both go paperless (I'm hesitatnt about having to do firmware updates as I'm technologically unsavy). 2. Both chew up batteries 3. There is less glitches with the PN40, but you have to go get the downloads 4. Maps are better with the PN40 I own a Garmin 530 and had a Rino 120 (both are inferior to the 60CSx chip and suck at holding sat under cover). I just sold the 120 on e-bay to get the money for the next GPS. When I had a problem with the Garmin being 30' off, they sent me a new one with little to no questions asked. I"ve been happy with their customer service, but Delorme seems to go the extra mile. I think I'm sold on a PN40. Thanks for the chatter guys.
  17. I've cached in about half the states, over a dozen countries, and I think its a wonderful idea. It was done tastefully in San Antonio (GC15Q03). Catagories were similiar: Best traditional cache Best micro cache Best puzzle cache Best multi cache Best night cache Best themed cache series Best event cache Best view Best container Funniest cache Funniest log Funniest log photo On the pages the winner was able to put a little 'award', like seen on AIRMAN'S CAVE, GCRT93. This way people strive for more than lightpole skirtlifters and we as a community can recognize those who put in the hard work for a good event, a fun puzzle, or an intriging night cache. It also allows visitors with limited time to see which ones they should look for. If you need help, let me know. I'll do what I can.
  18. I've summited Rainier (1999), Adams, and Hood (3x on the latter). I'm always up for a climb and can probably talk another cacher into it. Specialized equipment is needed for all. Bear in mind, it is not needed until it is needed, but at that point, you NEED it. I've punched through up to my hip on a glacier on Baker (didn't summit), and was VERY happy I was tied into my partner. St Helens is a hike, but be prepared for inclimate weather. All can be two day hikes if done correctly. And even in the hands of a novice, I would wager an ice ax is more useful than not. My $0.02...
  19. I'm new to the area. Am I reading that right? Has Tacoma not had a CM?
  20. Talking of SCUBA caches, I was going to hit on Wet Willies in Tacoma for #1900, but that fell through. I've got my PADI-OW, but no gear. I can rent at the NW Adventure Center of Ft Lewis. Was going to do it with a fellow cacher in the next month or so, but the more the merrier. Let me know.
  21. Talking of SCUBA caches, I was going to hit on Wet Willies in Tacoma for #1900, but that fell through. I've got my PADI-OW, but no gear. I can rent at the NW Adventure Center of Ft Lewis. Was going to do it with a fellow cacher in the next month or so, but the more the merrier. Let me know.
  22. combatnurse2003


    Hey all. I'm new to the NW and even newer to the forums, but any avenue for info flow is good. I'm holding a CITO event in Graham, WA next weekend. It's short notice, yes, and yes again, there is another event the same day. Poor planning on my part. I'm hoping that if there is enough participants, we can even zip up Meridian and 512 to the other event. It's a 3 mile walk, picking up trash. Camelback has sent me some give-aways. I'd like to plan the next CITO for the following month. After the floods, I'm sure Pierce County Parks and Rec can use some help in Orting along the Foothills Trail. And there are lots of caches there. Well there was before the flood. What I'm getting at is, as turnout for this event is poor, is there really an intrest in a CITO event? Please let me know. Thanks, combatnurse2003
  23. I'm coming up the day before from Tacoma with a buddy. We'll probably do some caching on the southside of the island, but if these two are worth hitting as well, we'll go up north for them. Any other MUST DO WI caches that didn't make the cut, that I can hammer out the day before?
  24. I haven't found a cache in a week and am getting the itch. This snow is killing me. Is there a snow plan? How are conditions on the island at this point?
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