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  1. i think little hope would of taken the lot if she could of lol there was lots of items inside the cache so we took a rather funky white eden sessions drink token and left a pewter mickey mouse key ring from disney land paris
  2. yeah you could be right spanky thanks for the reply im glad its not just me then lol i had no problems when i stored the geo caches on to the phone so perhaps ill just carry on doing that in that case
  3. bit of a trial run this as i had my 3 kids with me and didnt want to do anything to taxing,so nipped down to north tawton and went to find a geocaches hidden by the cheesecatcher was a lovely afternoon and the kids loved it looking forward to the next one in our area
  4. mmm thats weird i cant find my original post on the main forum wall??
  5. playing around with my galaxy tablet today out in the garden it has gps built it and ive got the c:geo app on it at the momment,anyways so i go to start it up and click on live map (think it opens up from google) it searches for ages and only brings up certain parts of the map in about 10 mins and wont show me the nearest caches in the area im on o2 mobile internet so at the momment im logging on at home and storing the geocaches on the galaxy whilst im connected to the router and then going out to look,am i doing some thing wrong with the live maps? ive tried turning the lives maps off but it doesnt help things any suggestions please?
  6. hi bear yes i did see this on another post something about scraping and its not going to be updated ne more,thanks for the link if i get into this new hobby i think im gonna need the official geocaching app and the premium account i see the app is £6 on the market does this include the premium member ship or do i have to pay again for that? thanks in advance
  7. Hi mousethanks for the welcome i have seen that there are some good ones around the dartmoor area so im hoping to go up there soon bit of trial and error at the momment with this galaxy tab smart phone as doesnt have a great battery life and gps signal is ok but can be lost easily i will check out the princetown event thanks im a total novice at momment lol
  8. good morning my names paul but most people call me billy and im from mid devon near okehampton nice to meet you all i have a friend who does geocaching which he told me a bit about it but i didnt really investigate any further until a competition friend of mine added me to a group for this langly castle competition, i've got a galaxy tablet android devise and we have the c:geo app with gps status and also geobeagle as im not sure which one i like best.i havent actualy been out and given it a try yet we have some close by such as winkleigh air field which is only a mile away from where i live, been reading all the forums with interest and the how to section and video section so slowly getting to grasps with it lol looks like a greeat hobby
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