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  1. Hi guys, is there a way to save (or move/copy) the gpx track on the microSD?
  2. info on battery life, got about 13 hours recording a gpx track with light off and the lithium battery! not bad. I'll have to try with 3 eneloop XX
  3. my battery cover squeeks.. and moves a little in a way it doesn't look like very waterproof is it just mine?
  4. got a 650t last week I can confirm there is NO way to calibrate the compass (I always fail at the 3rd step) and I got a lot of crashes while playing with it. I'm surprised Nuvi part is kind of limited compared to my old nuvi 200, I din't buy the montana for car navigation but it's disappointing. And it doesn't have the measure distance feature, very strange.. apart this problems the unit is very big but feels solid and nice in the hand, you are not scared to make it fall, the screen under direct sunlight is super visible, much more than any other LCD device I have, in shade the backlight works well. I don't have an oregon or dakota but the interface is really finger sized with such a big screen, it's possible to operate with gloves. Question, do I have to calibrate the altimeter? How's the best way?
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