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  1. When I was in college I had a small cache on a foot bridge near my apartment, one day walking to school I ran into a cacher looking for it. Said hi introduced myself and kept walking.
  2. Well I already posted a ways back in this topic, but time for an update! I am currently in the interview process to work professionally for the scout! Cant wait! -TW
  3. Ok I like the idea of a night cache but most if not all parks around here close at sundown. So what do ya'll do? Where to place them? -TW
  4. Made my eagle in 99, was brotherhood in the OA, Went to Philmont (still want to go back) and Worked at a scout camp in NH for several summers while in college (wish I could do that as full time work! ) LOve scouts and want to get back involved, there is no better program for young men. -TW
  5. Theres one in Willimantic CT at the old Mills, and one in Mansfield CT at the Congreagaitonal church on rt 195
  6. I routinely go months with out caching then hitting several in one day, -Jared
  7. Allot of times when I wake up early to feed the horses I don't feel like throwing on my jeans just to take them back off in five min. when I go back to bed. I just throw a towel around my waist and go for it. Same principle as a kilt. As for cridders, they have no good reason to go "up there" but a few weeks ago i reached into the feed bin and just about grabbed a raccoon that was having breakfast. I jumped back (and screamed like a little girl) and ran into the house to get the shotgun and left the towel in my dust. I didn't even realize is for a while. my mom almost had a heart attack when she saw me run out the door with a shotgun in my hand and the you know what flapping in the wind. Anyways, How about them steelers? Joe Smith Thats gotta be the dadgum funniest thing Ive read all day!
  8. I know down in DC you cannot sell any photos you have taken of the national monuments. If you even look like a pro photog you get hasseled. -Jared
  9. It may just be me but I tend to obey what the big men with guns are saying, If they ask for my ID They can have it, Especially if I wasnt doing anything wrong. just my thoughts -Jared
  10. "Note that in the future, if one of your caches is unavailable, the best thing to do is temporarily disable it yourself with a note explaining why. Then re-enable it when the cache is available again. All the reviewer did was do that for you. " Which is what I did, I also had posted updates so people knew the status, which is why I am confused as to why I got the e-mail. The last note I posted was 28 august 04 and got their e-mail today which is the 30th. -TW
  11. I have posted whats been going on, my point is, from the e-mail I recieved it seemed like a "form e-mail" to me what they wrote seemed like they didnt even read any of the posts. And I havent posted their e-mail to me here put of respect for privacy. But here is the main body of it "Log Date: 8/30/2004 I noticed this cache while reviewing new caches in the area. It looks like your cache has been under the weather for some time. While I feel that Geocaching.com should hold the location for you and block other cachers from entering the area around this cache for a reasonable amount of time, we can't do so forever. Please either repair/replace this cache, or archive it so that someone else can place a cache in the area, and geocachers can once again enjoy visiting this location. Also, if you haven't done so already, please pick up any remaining cache bits as soon as possible. I want to thank you for the time that you have taken to contribute to geocaching in the past and am looking forward to seeing your cache up and running in the future. Thanks for your understanding." To me this says that the reviewer didnt even bother to read the logs, just saw how long the cache was out of commision and sent this. Also I realize the distinction between disabled and archived, just didnt remeber the term exactly when I was writing the post. hey its 9pm and I am at work still TW
  12. Well I guess what I forgot to include was that I have been posting on the cache page about whats going on, I posted that it was closed due to the painting etc, and when someone posted asking the status I promptly put a note up saying that it was still being worked on, so I am a bit confused why I was getting this e-mail, its not like I have been not keeping up my duties. When I heard they were going to be working on the bridge I removed the cache with the intent to replace it when they are done. So hopefully the reviewer doenst permentantly archive it.
  13. Got an e-mail today in regards with one of my caches that has been temporarily archived for the summer months, Its on a historic footbridge in town and since june or so the town has been repainting it and redecking it, (it takes a while, its a 100 yr old bridge). So my issue is the review that posted the note has only been (according to his profile) a cacher since may of this year and has zero finds. Now I realize that they may of made a seperate account devoted to reviewing, but still, it doenst instill much confidence. Has anyone else run into this? -TW
  14. I was wondering how you do these, since most parks close at night, just curious, I would love to set one up I just dont want to give Geocaching a blackeye -Jared
  15. Well, I will be in Kentucky for 11 days this month and I wanted to do some caching, I will be in the Richmond area, any recommendations on great caches? Not just some hop outta the car and its right there, some neat ones that maybe highlight great stuff in the area. Thanks so much! -Jared
  16. Ahhh its all been taken care of, Thanks guys! -TW
  17. Wow! I am not sure whats going on, so I will keep what I really want to say to myself, today I noticed that even though I keep paying the $3 subscription fee I am still considered a basice member, and for some reason I keep getting billed twice. So I e-mailed the powers that be about this and they canceled my subscription! Now I am hoping it was just a duplicate one they canceled but I am still considered a basic member!?!?!? Hmmmm -TW
  18. Most of the more choice swear words I know I learned as a kid watching my dad try to fix the tractor. -Jared
  19. In my geocoin pages I made it specific that no one could keep them, in some cases i put that they had to hit a certain amount of miles before they can be kept. -Trailwalker
  20. There are no more burials in this cemetary, it filled along time ago. There are woods surrounding the whole cemetary and the cache tombstone would be off in these woods. -Trailwalker
  21. WEll ITs come time for me to place another cache, and I think I have come up with a neat idea. There is a local cemetary in my town, it was in fact the first cemetary in the town, I believe the last person that was buried there was early last century. Anyhoo, abutting this cemetary is a park. Now I want this to be a multi cache, and the part that I need Ideas, thoughts, reactions to is this. I want one leg of the cache to be a tombstone, one that I will make out of concrete, I plan on placing it OUTSIDE of the cemetary, in teh woods right behind it. make it look like a old tombstone that was left out when the stone wall was put up. Now to restate myself the stone with be OUTSIDE of the cemetary, Like I said a park abutts the cemetary people are allowed to enter the cemetary tho, because of its historical signifigance, there is even a letterbox in there, hidden away. What are your thoughts? Is it ethical? Thanks for the input! -trailwalker
  22. Thats why when I placed my first cache it was a library cache, a book exchange. -Jared
  23. You could always use a film canister, field strip em and put them in there. -Jared
  24. GOt my Eagle in 99, OA brotherhood. Worked for 3 years as a counsler at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation in NH, 1 as asst Cope Dir, 1 As rifle inst. 1 as Cope Dir. Best summers of my life, made life long friends. Scouting was the best thing that could happen to me. -Jared
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