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  1. Absolutely way cool!!! Thanks for the info and ideas....we will do a CITO here in Medicine Park very soon (www.medicinepark.com)...Mike (the guy part of OKHHduo)
  2. BTW...a "pen" was mentioned...I strongly recommend using a pencil instead...pen ink almost always runs when wet and caches usually get wet or high humidity....I went to a multi with a clue inside a pen barrel inside a pipe and it was so wet that we could barely open it...and we are having a drought in Oklahoma! I like to use "indelible" pencils that my dad taught me about 50 years ago...for field notes, they rock. Also, there is a line of "waterproof" note pads...we used these in Special Ops and they do work as advertized...my recent cache has small pencils with the SOF note pad in it. Just a thought...OKHHduo (the guy one).
  3. That's almost funny, Skank...I got muggled while walking around with my GPS near what later turned out to be a meth lab. I just flashed my retired Army ID and said I was "looking over the area" and they (he and she) left. Later I checked with my PD and found out they were junkies. Whoever thought that Geocaching would be a combat sport?!? The garbage bag idea is a good one...I always keep one in my "Go Bag" which includes my cell phone, my amateur radio handheld, my (recyclable) stainless steel water bottle, camera, various batteries, a personal defense item, and "real" first aid kit. Unless I am GCing in an urban area. I don't leave home without it. Keep walking...keep GCing...and keep safe...Mike (Of OKHHduo)
  4. Originally, I got a Garmin GPS 12 for use when I was on active duty in the Army in the late 90's. It has had no usage since I retired in 2007. Our friends John and Alma introduced us to GC and I decided to see if the "old reliable" was suitable or if I should buy one of the new ones. The GPS 12 worked great! It brought us to a 3 M radius of our first cache which we found...a 1.5/1.5. If you are new to GC and have an old GPS, give it a shot. Cheers, OKHHduo
  5. OKHHduo

    HF ragchew

    I would enjoy a rag chew but have a very irregular schedule at home on Saturday nights. That is as good a day as any for me, though. My 80M antenna is marginal but 20 and 40 are much better. I'll keep watching this thread to see what develops and will certainly try to get in. 73, Mike K5OSA
  6. I'm a newbie to Geocaching, but have a lot of experience in field work of various types. When I do any kind of writing in the field, I use an "indelible pencil" which my dad introduced me to 50 years ago. Amazon has a bunch of them...local office supply outlets should, too. To me, the are much superior to most pens. The pencil writing/drawing does not run when wet or fade with time. I like black plus the multi-color set from Amazon, but just plain old black is fine. I have been doing field journals with these pencils for 50 years. They don't erase...you use a strike-through for mistakes...sometimes these are very informative on their own. (Regular pencil is good, too...still superior to pens IMHO.) I also carry three different types of magnifiers. One is a big "Sherlock Holmes" type that is about 2X. The other is a fold-up at 5X and the third is a small 10X. I find that examining the areas around a cache (or fossil find, mineral find, etc) can be very interesting. All data/observations go into a green cloth covered, hardback, lined "journals" from an office supply...I prefer the size that is about 10X15 cm. I have learned to journal as much as I can about any outing...these journals are wonderful memories and useful data as years go by. I even record meteorological data from my hand held "weather station." Just a suggestion...makes Geocaching a real scientific adventure for those who are into that. Peace, Mike
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