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  1. Hey res, I was thinking of putting out two new caches in Mississauga either this week or the next week.
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    VBFL I found a picture of this bad boy at Canadian Tire. But I like the one that swifteroo found, 32 lbs wow!!!
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    Ok now this is getting out of hand, I was looking throught the Canadian tire flyer tonight and I came across a VBFL for $59.99 made by Sunforce (with a Philips Halogen Bulb). Then I read the description in the flyer and it said 10 millon candlepower!!!! Yup that's right 10,000,000 CP. It would be like hunting caches with the sun!!!!! I thought mine was bright at 2,000,000 CP. Then again mine will only last for about 30 mins, maybe this one will only last 5 mins!!!!
  4. I was wondering if someone knows where the first cache was placed. I know it was By Dave Ulmar on May 2000. But the article in Today's cacher does not say where or if it is still active and does anyone know dave's geocahing handle or is it just Dave Ulmar.
  5. MEC has a few sling bags anywhere from 59.99 to 21.00. The one that I want is kinda like team tigger's roots bag. You pull on it and it comes around to the front of you. The one I want is called the Pod it is only 7L and have a inside pocket for PDA or MP3 player and a pocket mounted on the strap for Gps or cell phone. It sells for 21.00 .
  6. Thanks for the info I have added it to my watch list. To see if they do it again. I hope the owner this time labels the container. Or was it labeled?
  7. I have been caching awhile I would like to help out with the interview. I have some interesting stories to tell. Have not done much international caching. But when ever I go somewhere I like to find caches nearby where I am staying. Let me know .
  8. I hear from Hard Oiler about a cache that was blown up by the police near Ottawa. does anyone know which cache?
  9. All the suggestions are good ones, some better than others. I just thought of one it is by Stompin' Tom Conners "I've Been Everywhere"
  10. Hi I have found about three caches that have gone MIA, but what can you do! I also try to place caches in of the beaten path places, I also try to be descrete when finding them as well by taking the cache some distance away from the actual hidding spot to sign log book. But other than than there is not much you can do. You just have to trust that if a non-cacher finds it that they put it back.
  11. HI all !!! I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the cache that uses a Llama to hide a cache (ie: hanging around the Llama's neck). I heard about this on a CBC radio interview, quite awhile ago, I just was thinking about it a few days ago. I am not sure if it still exists or not, but I beleif that it is in the US some where. Can someone help me out with this? jeff-trex
  12. Hi to all Geocachers out there! I was wondering if any one knows the name of the cache that uses Llama to hide the cache. ie: hanging around it's neck. I heard somthing about this awhile ago on a CBC radio interview. I think it is somewhere in the USA but I am not sure where exactly. Can some one help me out. Please E-mail me at 99300031@lambton.on.ca Thanks jeff-trex
  13. Hi I just checked my e-mail, I am very interested intaking part in this event. Althought I don't have a teammate. Maybe I could team up with someone else. this sounds like fun. Since I had to miss the last pub nite in St Catherines. jeff-trex
  14. Hi I was having the same problem. I was tring to post my new multi-cache in Sarnia, Ontario and I was only getting part of the report a cache page, I was starting to get PO'ed. I e-mailed Cach-tech and Groundspeak about it, then I thought I'd try something, since There is both Netscape 4.07 and Internet Explorer on this network I tried IE and it worked find, I really felt stupid. So as a note to all cachers out there using Netscape 4.07 the report a cache page doesn't work you have to use MS Internet Explorer. Maybe Internet Explorer is better to use for Geocaching. Jeff-tre
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