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  1. yup there is 6 active caches and I think two that have been archived. One of the archived caches was destroyed by the last burn in the area.
  2. yeah it is a safe event for some. Others who almost had heat stroke, had a bridge almost tip over while retrieving a cache, climbing a tree with a head lamp in the wee hours of morning , attacked by little vampires, risking getting caught by security, etc, etc.. But the whole event was a blast.
  3. Just saw the listing for this one, and was looking at the proposed route. there are a few multi's but all look doable for this event the one virtual is easy too, just put all gpsrs on pier and take picture. Hmmm this event is going tobe the same week as the Canada's first plaque event in Nova Scotia. Not sure if I am going to that yet I am waiting to see how the coin sales go since they are funding the plaque and event. are there any other dates being tossed around? I deside to go to Nova Scotia I will be going from 21-26, depends on my finnancial situation. This event will be a whole lot less expensive.
  4. Hey remember last year at the april fools event!!! we could be in for anything. the 8th sounds good. that will give us a few days to recover from the april fools event.
  5. I found a cache like that one in Las Vegas it was near the Luxor hotel. the cache was so small that the container would not hold a logsheet, you had to e-mail to the owner the letter found inside.
  6. yeah the first cache in canada is using the coin sales to fund the plaques and the event on june 24. See www.atlanticgeocaching.com to order, they are on sale now.
  7. I got a quote for the first cache in canada from Niagara castings. I was quoted around $700-800 for a 10" by 12" plaque. And niagara castings is close to deer bait.
  8. april is a good month, only two events one on the first and 22nd. but I won't be able to make it my 900th as I am 6 caches away. may have to pick a new cache for #900
  9. has there been a date set for this attempt. Or are we waiting til the tempuratures warm up.
  10. Hey count me in for the day crew. I have had this cache on my mind ever since it was publish and Res2100 asked me to come with him for a join FTF. but I was not able to make it. When is this group expedition going to take place?? I know Dr Clean and Jtee are interested in doing this as a group event. I am only 14 caches away from my 900th find would like to do this one for thatmilestone. I have hiked the trail many times before I started geocaching. This would be the first group attempt on this multi, the first 4 cachers did it solo.
  11. Hi I just got my first of the GCMC series today, looking for any cachers that have done ant of the series to exchange hints with. you can e-mail me through my profile address.
  12. jeff-trex

    Camo Tape

    yup Canadian tire in the paint dept, Princess Auto, Wal-mart, I have seen it in a number of outdoor stores and army surplus stores. As Couparangus says the sales probably doubled since geocaching was started.
  13. cachemachineI saw a article in today's cacher showing a old bank machine used as a cache container. I don't know the name of it. Can anyone help me find out which cache it is?????
  14. this was posted by Cache-tech on the MGA website To my knowledge, Ken's Geocache was the first placed and listed on Geocaching.com cache in Canada. I researched the cache when I started reviewing as I had found a cache in Quebec, GCBB, had a lower GC# then GCBBA. By doing a search for nearest caches (I see all caches that were ever submitted) I found GC41 at the same location and asked for more info from the other reviewers and Groundspeak, GCBBA was relisted when the caches were taken out of the site admin account and placed into the cache owner accounts. Geocaching.com was very new at the time, I think the history and status of the caches should remain as is, as that is what happened and how it happened. With the newer GC#ed caches, as far as when placed, well, only the cache owner can tell you that, as far as being listed on GC.com, both were listed this year. The date is set by the cache owner and there is not much that really can be done, the GC# will tell you about what period the cache was submitted, March and June timeframe for these 2 caches if you go by the other caches submitted around the same time. This post has been edited by cache-tech on Dec 22 2005, 03:15 PM -------------------- Cache-tech Geocaching.com Volunteer Cache Reviewer
  15. As for those other caches, are they still activeand are the cachers still active
  16. here is the mins of the first meeting of Canada's first cache commitee. Canada’s First Geocache Plaque Project – Meeting Agenda 30 Nov 2005 In attendance: - Mike Kenney (Tucats), Brian Shaw (The Lost Geeks) and Jim Cyr (thecyr). Missing: - Todd Beal (dragonflys), Ken Kane (eastriver). Generally the “Geocache” history and posted issues from the MarGA Forums in regards to placing a plaque at the Geocache site were discussed. The Plaque Size – It was agreed that the plaque should be approx 12x9 Material – Bronze, as it would likely stand up to weather the best One plaque or two – two; one for the actual cache site at exit 7 (7x4) and one for a public area (12x9). The public area plaque could possibly become a Waymarking cache. The design (Logo) – GC.com logo (if they will sponsor it) otherwise just the outline of Canada map. Jim is our expert on artwork so we will have him produce a draft that includes the logo’s etc. What information will go on it besides a Logo? – Canada’s first “Geocache” Placed by K. Kane (eastriver) XX June 2000 N44.xx.xxx W064.xx.xxx How should it be mounted? – attached to large rock with expandable bolts and/or epoxy if possible. Where should it be purchased? – since the price estimate from the Lunenburg Foundry in NS seemed comparable to the Niagara Foundry in Ontario provided by Jeff Mackenzie; and the online estimate from The Plaxx Companies of the USA; it was decided to have it made here in Nova Scotia. This will stop a lot of grumbling from MGA members. Mike will contact those concerned and the Lunenburg Foundry for lead times etc. The Plaque Location At the actual site (Exit 7) – yes; a smaller version (abt 7x4) but without the logo At East River Provincial Park – yes; the larger version (12x9) with logo of GC.com or a Canada Map At the nearby Park and Ride/Carpool – no; it won’t get seen there. What approval is needed from landowner (NS Provincial Parks, or Dept of Highways) – obviously we will need to ask for permission for the provincial park placement from DNR, or whomever. As for the actual site plaque; it is remote enough that we should not have to involve DOT. Passing the plaque – across the country from cache Assoc to cache Assoc We can’t afford a paid escort like the Stanley Cup has. So, we decided no on this as it would take too much time and the plaque may go missing. * Another option that could involve all Canadian Geocaching associations is being looked into. Sponsors (if any) None of the local Geocaching associations with any interest in the plaque were formed at the time of cache placement OGA, MGA or AGA; therefore, as it was originally posted on GC.com then only Groundspeak/GC.com would be asked to sponsor the plaque; and in return they will get their logo put on it. Brian has a contact at GC.com and will investigate this. Funding How much money will we need to raise? – For 2 plaques and some event funds; a Min of $1000 is our goal Should we approach Groundspeak/Gc.com for funds? Yes – Brian has a contact, suggest $100 to $200. Should we collect donations thru FarSideX web site (MarGA)? – Not yet; we will look into another option first. It was also suggested that The 3 Geeks Outdoor Store could (and would) collect donations for the project if needed. What should we do with any overages in funds/donations? Give some $ to host a National Plaque Cache Event? – Idea to be pursued in Jan/Feb 06; Give some funds to support MarGA website? Yes Cache Event – Details To Be Determined (TBD) at a later date BBQ/family day - At the small Provincial Park? (TBD) - At the Graves Island Provincial Campground about 5 kms from exit 7? (TBD) Publicity - Shall we look for publicity (TBD) – Yes / No CITO - Shall we hold a CITO event as well (TBD) – Yes / No Next Meeting - Wednesday 11 Jan 06 in Lwr Sackville NS
  17. how about just putting june 2000 on the plaque and canada's first geocache anlong with the gc logo which I have pemission to use and the map of canada, the coords , and the town and province
  18. I just looked at both pages and noticed that the current cache has a date earlier than the archived version june 18 2000 and june 28 2000 So as cache-tech has pointed out if they are the same cache thenI say we put on the plaque GC41/GCBBA and the june 18 2000 date. the coords are the same, just the container has been changed by the owner for maintenance. Technically both are the first Canadian cache, but are the same container and coords
  19. Well we could put on the plaque that the gcbba is the first successful cache. the other one maybe first but this one is still active after 6 years. lets not get technical about htis now and just use the GCBBA for the plaque. it is the same person that placed both, and thay are the same location and name so maybe just change the placement date to the GC41 Anyway I got a quote from Niagara casting today for the plaque cost and a shipping price to Nova Scotia. The plaque is going tobe 12"x8" bronze with lugs form concrete mounting, it will take 30-35 days to make. now for the price 571.00 and 38.42 for shipping plus taxes. It doesn't seem bad when there seems to be alot of people wishing to donate towards it. another thought was to put both on the plaque
  20. Cool It is my new cache that is featured on the show. Can' think of a better cache to use, it is a original Idea!!! I have been emailing the cachers a that did the interview. Plus my name gets mentioned a few times. I will be taping it tonight.
  21. I have the same camera as Amazon Annie. As she said it is a great little camera I am happy with the pictures it takes, ans it is small so it fits in anywhere My camera
  22. first of all cangrats to Keith Waston aka: Keith Watson on his 400th find!!!! The guy beside you looks like he is on a special ops mission, but hey it is better that freezing!!!
  23. Cool a CITO event in Brampton, well count me in assuming I am not working. You can put me down for a tenative.
  24. Cool a pub night in bolton I wil try my best to be there. I know where that place is. Will there be night caching after!!!
  25. There you go Res, I just got a new cache approved for Mississauga, You will recognize the container. I have plans for two more next week. If you are looking for someone to cache with I could give you my cell phone number and you can call me to meet you some where. E-mail me privately
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