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  1. 9th is no good for me. I can check the other dates is july, aug I have the fragglestock and the 24 marathon. sept is ghagafap weekend. going to check the other date in july.
  2. ok sign me up for this one, this time I WILL GET THE TIME OFF FROM WORK!!! any talk of a date yet. I just need to have my request in two weeks or earlier.
  3. Hey C-A if you don't mind picking me up in Mississauaga then I could go with you. It would mean less veicles at the parking lot. My email address is jefftrex @hotmail.com Looks like work fudged up again as they have me working sunday the 11th. apparently the request I put in from about a week and a half ago before the schedule was made was not enough notice. I will be correcting that mistake. quickly
  4. about a week and a bit away from the first ride. I hope it is not going to be as hot as it has been .
  5. jeff-trex

    Safty Advise

    bears can out climb and out run any human. So if you think you can out run a bear then you are in for a suprize. Most of the time bears will avoid humans at all costs, unless there is a food source or they have young cubs, or you piss them off some way.. I have also heard bear spray is not as effective (some bears like spicy food ). Most of the time if you can stay downwind and are marking noise or tring to make your self look bigger, or just talking. I have also read that if you encounter a black bear you can kinda stand your ground with it but for grizzlies your best bet is to play dead and lay face down with your hands covering the back of your neck and your legs spread to prevent the bear from turning you over. I met a bear researcher on the Pukasaw coastal trail a few years ago and got some good tips from him. He told a story about one nucence bear who they were tring to airlift out of the park. He basically said they had a chopper waiting and they tried everything possible to attract the bear but it would not come to them. They were cooking bacon out in the open left garbage around and left raw meat out. bacically nothing worked. Also you don't have to be able to out run a bear, you just have to bee able to out run your buddy
  6. Sunday june 11th should be ok I can put in for it now. But I don't see a problem. I guess I need to get the bike out soon and give it a quick check to make sure it is working. The tires are flat right now from being in the basement all winter.
  7. You can also check out the caches in High park in Toronto do a search around GCVJG3 there is 6 of 7 around there. It is a nice mix of forest trails and paved paths. for a real adventure you could try this multi GCRDC1 . There is also about 10 or so caches along the route.
  8. Rusty may make a appearance wed. Anyone want to strap him on there bike!!!!
  9. is the planning event still on for tommorrow night
  10. The 10th is good for me, I am working 6am til 3pm. so I can do some of the caches I have left in the bolton area. Is this going tobe at the black bull or main street pub.
  11. got my coins last week, they look great.
  12. I would be up for a mid week meeting. I like the route C-m mentioned. but whatever we come up with would be fine too.
  13. I think the lastest I have ben out is 3am or 4am. did a mini marathon from north of Pikering to downtown Toronto also did a another mini marathon north of georgetown. The one of best night caching experiance besides the 24 hour marathon would have to have been the hike to the Brent Who??? cache in the wee hours of the morning. Night caching is always the best time to attempt caches that are in busy muggle areas like GO stations and shopping malls.
  14. There was a cache in oakville that were listed and on the cache page it said that a new cacher could only claim the FTF (someone with less than 10 finds) and anyone that found it before that had to wait to log it or there log would be deleted. I have to agree with what others have said, if a cache a new cache is close to home and I am not working I will try for a FTF. But it is not important to me to get a FTF. Some others like getting ftf's, if that is what they like to do then nothing wrong with that. Also being a first finder of a cache you are sometimes subject to mistakes on the cache page like a typo on the coordinates. a new cache in Oakville was listed and the coords were pointing to a spot located the grounds of the Ford plant off royal windsor dr. When the cache page was corrected the cache turned out tobe in front of a daycare center off lakeshore a few km's away.
  15. I agree that giving the coords to a friend or family member before the cache is placed is cheating. I personally am not interested in getting a FTF anymore. I have had my share of FTF (50 or 60), I have also given FTF's to other cahers I have met at a new cache.
  16. Brandy and I will be at the parking lot ready to go.
  17. that sounds like the hockey hall of fame caches, but the keys are attached to TB tags so you can track them.
  18. some other locked caches are "key to success" and "Hockey hall of Fame 1,2 and 3" Where you have to search for keys attached to geocoins or TB tags that are placed in other caches within a 50km radius. Oh yeah How could I forget the April fools 2005 series "let's make a deal"
  19. where are we meeting for this loop hike. In the conservation area parking lot at 9am? or somewhere else.
  20. 15th could work, I have to check my schedule. I think I am off then. The weather looks better. thursday is going up to 17 and sunny.
  21. I just saw the posting that we are looking at another date for the hilton loop trip. the 22nd sounds good to me. Rusty was looking forward to the hiking the loop though. I am stuck working tomorrow. But was planning to cache on Sunday if anyone is interested? I have done the GEST series it is a very nice hike. For all who are going.
  22. I think I was coming down with something at the last pubnight, not feeling to good, hehehehhe!!!! I will try ti switch with someone.
  23. Ok just found out I am working sat the 8th. So it looks like I may not be going on this group attempt. Unless I can switch with someone else at work. OR changing the date to Sun the 9th instead if that works for eveyone.
  24. The 12th of aug sounds good to me too. Count me in for the short bus crew. As for hiding caches on the way, we could put out a few I guess. Or drop a micro near each cache we find, Hehe!!
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