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  1. I am looking at getting either a Blackberry 8700r or a Nokia e62 smart phone. for my hardware upgrade with rogers. I was wondering if I can use GSAK to export cache pages to the phone. Both have the same capabilities But I think I am leaning toward the Nokia E62. is there any progam I need to get to view cache pages? or do I just use the geocaching website from the phone? alternatively I am also looking at getting a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi capable PDA, Either a Palm TX or Lifedrive since I am use to a palm and Cachemate. Not sure how to sign up for a Wi-Fi account? Also how do you acces the hotspots for internet access?
  2. Armor plate this and go caching
  3. I have 60cx and I love it. I would also like a 376c for the car. Mostly would like to win the lottery and quit my job and become a fulltime cacher. Maybe one of these in the driveway
  4. I have done both the Valens and Tomtec's night caches. Tomtec's midnight hattrick i did with filmclips after a pubnight and we started it at midnight. the Valen's night cache I did with Mr. Mom, Jtee, Brandy, and Fizbot on the Ghagafap IV weekend. There some other night only caches that are new this year in the valen's area. Tomtec's the hills have eyes and one by Walking Woody's the hills have eyes Tomtec's midnight adventure Better hurry I just saw there is a note from Tomtec saying that the cache has been extended for another month. walking woody's night cache
  5. This is my geodog Brandy, she is a English Springer Spaniel (16yrs old) She always gets excited when she sees me touch the gpsr or PDA. Brandy on my tailgate ready togo a wet and happy geodog searching for the cache cooling off after long hike
  6. Who cares who is the best........does it really matter anyway.
  7. There are three of us canadian caches who are planning a caching trip to japan to hike mount fuji. I would be interested in getting a copy of the maps for my 60cx . I downloaded on other set of maps from another site I found but this one sounds better. you can contact me trought my account e-mail.
  8. I usually just explain geocaching 21st century orienteering using GPS. then I will show them my gpsr and tell them the website so they can see for themselves. Some people just don't get it and others think it is really cool. I also explain that it is a hobby/game that is worldwide.
  9. I don't really care about the numbers, stats, or the who's who of caching. I am just in it to get out and explore some interesting places. I would rather hike 15 kms to find one cache than do 40 parking lot micros. I think caches should be based more on quailty and unique containers in interesting areas rather than a parking lot at a mall. Rest stop caches can be interesting, and a nice way to break up a long drive. I have done a few that were well done interesting containers and others that have been a waste of time.
  10. I have to agree with what tailGators says. If you only do lamp post micros you can rack up hundreds of finds. Also with Florida having well over 10000 and California having well over 30000 active caches. it is not hard to rack up mega finds. lamp post micros have there place and they are sometimes welcome after a long day of hiking. But I have to draw the line went you are able to spend 10 hrs and be able to find 105 caches (and 90% of them lamp posts) I think it may be time to just say no to any more lamp post micros, and focus on quality rather than quantity.
  11. I normally use my 2001 Chevy S-10 4WD, which I have taken advantage of many times. http://www.msnusers.com/mycachecontainers/...o&PhotoID=7 Sometimes I will use a 2001 Mazda MPV as well
  12. this stuf is awsome it will bond stuff underwater and will bond just about anything to anything. http://www.a-a-i.net/underwater.htm Once the parts are stuck together the bond is permanent and to get two pieces apart would require the parts to be destroyed.
  13. just thought I post a few containers That I made a few years ago, Can't find a go spot for them one is a large folder's container and the other is a kool-aid drink mix container. http://www.msnusers.com/mycachecontainers/...o&PhotoID=4 http://www.msnusers.com/mycachecontainers/...o&PhotoID=5 See if you can spot the cache http://www.msnusers.com/mycachecontainers/...o&PhotoID=6
  14. Count me in for next years 24hr marathon too. Great picture Jimmy!! Fizbot's are always great too!!!
  15. just read a e-mail from Dr Clean this morning. I Still Can't belief What I was reading. Some of my first caches were 1701eh's Like the hilton vitrual which was my second or third. I have always looked forward to his caches as they are always located in very nice location. The POTC series was the greatest of all. I have had the pleasure of meeting him on the trail in Mississauga more than a few times. He has always had time to stop and chat. His sense of humor and caring has been unmatched. I have many fond memories of Tony. One that comes to mind is on my way home from the Cache-in event I had stopped in Kiosk north of Algonquin Park, to do one of Tomtec's caches there. Tony and his family where at the parking lot having a picnic (they had just found it) . Tony was very concerned about me heading off to do this cache by myself in Bear country with Brandy. He had given me his cell number and told me to e-mail him when I was safe at home. It really showed his caring side. I know he was very excited when he was able to do his 1701th cache a few months ago then he did his 2000th . I had to e-mail hime both times with congrats. I am still finding this news hard to take, I just can't bear to think on not running in to tony again at the next event. he will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Tony, Condolences to Sue and the rest of the Family.
  16. If you are interested in someone to cache with. I Have a lot of caches todo in the hamilton area. let me know and I can meet you somewhere, and find a few caches.
  17. http://www.sportsmobile.com/ultimate.html# A short bus with a attitude Only 8 days left til the fun begins.
  18. OK looks like the short bus has filled up since I last checked
  19. Ok I took a look at KW's list that he posted and I have found all but three on that list. I just do a PQ of neares to my house that will get most of the ones around TO and the island.
  20. Yup I am still off on the 28th . just cjecked tonight. So the parking for where the lions are works for me. I have found all the high park caches and the other around the immediate area. But is is fun to watch others search. I still need the the new ones on the island and others around the leslie spit area. The spit is a fairly flat ride, just long. So 9 am at parking lot off lakeshore? I look at the link KW posted. and delete what I have found.
  21. I have fri the 28 th off too, I will be heading north to the cottage in the evening. like 7 or 8 pm. I will be available for the day. What time are we going to meet and do we have a route planned.
  22. There is lots of room in the short bus. I don't think there will be a short bus this year. not too many people to cover costs. Glad to have a newbie along for this one. the 24 hr marathon is always a good time.
  23. this sunday is out for me I am working 7 am til 4 pm
  24. That sounds good to me, just need a date, July is a possiblity for me but august is better.
  25. looks like july is no good for me, perhaps Aug, Sept are a better bet other than Ghagafap, Fragglestock, and 24hr. Ok C-A pick a date and we will vote on it.
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