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  1. Is there a record for the most number of caches found in one day without a single interesting thing in any of them yet?
  2. Hi I came across one of these today,do they have a purpose now? I believe they can be used at the shrops event too.... Bring them - I got a nice coin as a swap for a bunch of them at snowdonia! Ahem!!!!
  3. As there are approx 20.000 hardy souls attending the Cropredy Festival from this Thursday onwards I thought it a great opportunity for any local cachers to chuck out some boxes in the area. The Oxford canal looks good (hint hint). Mind you, they'd have to be out and published before the end of Wednesday so that I, err, I mean they could download the necessary details. Well you can't blame me for trying now can you? And yes, I know there are quite a few nearabouts but they seem to be a bit too far to walk to then get back again in that twilight time between the hangover finishing and the first band coming on at noon . I thankyou.
  4. Been to the sister festival (Leeds) for the past seven years - same again this year. Last time I went to Reading was 1996. Hope you have a good time! The last time I went (there was no sister festival back then) was 1979, d'ya think I could apply for an OAP ticket this year?
  5. Is this a good time to mention my Dad's late friend, a cattle farmer, who was tragically gored to death by one of his own cows earlier this year? Sorry to hear that, but it confiirms my belief about the beasties, leave well alone, the cache will always wait until another day.
  6. Now don't be an a**. It won't let me say a.s.s (without the full stops) It's a flamin' animal, not a bottom...... talk about PC gone mad...
  7. A huge WELL DONE to Carlos & The Birdie Crew (yes, all of them) on achieving 500 finds. It would have been more but it must be difficult carrying a load of ladders to every cache, just in case... The pint's on me tomorrow but as I'm at work Dave can buy it for you. Well done Steve.
  8. Maybe, but don't even think of parking there, spending your money with them then stroll out of the car park to have a look around, they have eagle-eyed cctv operators who alert the car park bloke to grab you. He was very nice and apologetic, strangely, even more so when I managed to prise Mrs gingerbreadmen's fingers from around his throat. They haven't had a penny off us since.
  9. To be perfectly honest I can think of several that I hope have been washed away never to return. If they have I will raise my glass to the Caching Gods in the sky and whisper a silent "Thankyou!"
  10. Yes but what DID the police catch you doing on that car park with Dave Mars in the dark? Well, Your Honour, I was the only one to sit in t' car behaving myself whilst waiting for the other three weirdos (they know who they are, names will be provided for a bottle of Southern Comfort) to emerge from said park in the early hours of the morning. Anyway, it's society that's to blame, ahem. Can I go now before I start digging an even deeper hole?
  11. Usually I pretend to be either talking on my mobile (yes, that old one) or pretend to take photographs, if somebody is persistant I say it's a form of tresure hunting which usually satisfies their curiosity. If I judge them to be "a decent sort" I may well explain about geocaching without actually giving any nearby locations away. Twice I have been asked by the Police, never lie, just be truthful about why you are in the area and what you are up to, showing them the insides of your caching bag and a print-out or two helps, fibbing will only cause more tears in the long run.
  12. Is it any better/worse than asking somebody who has already solved a puzzle for a hint on what to do? Personally there are only a few puzzle caches I have done where I haven't had to ask for help somewhere along the line, and even then have had to go back for more help on occasion, unfortunately sometimes more than once (cough cough ). I have set a puzzle cache and know people have had to ask others for help, and indeed have offered any info required myself, I must admit it doesn't really bother me as long as they acknowledge any help needed by sending me a fiver .
  13. Unfortunately no . It's all FOPs fault. FOP? Ask the man (PUP) himself and he'll explain why, and also ask him what he was doing in a public park last night at midnight with two (very) strange men!
  14. Well done to The Mars Bars on their 1200th, I wasn't going to bother with these insignificant numbers any more but as he started one for me he'd get all upset if I didn't return the favour, not only that but he's probably pinch me pint in t'pub tonight .
  15. Head up to Chorley, and with a bit of luck you can get your own personal guide around nearly all of them, eh PUP? Just don't listen to his advice about parking near a cache - it'll be miles out of the way.
  16. I recently introduced the senior member of The Mars Bars to the joy(?) of dnfing but he's nowhere near as good as me at it. Mind you, not many people are
  17. I'll do it in my name to save tem ambarrassment. Dunno what happened there, it was meant to say "I'll do it in my name to save them embarrassment" I think I'll give up and go to bed.
  18. I'll do it in my name to save tem ambarrassment.
  19. If a really silly cacher (not me, obviously) logged that he (or she) had left a coin in a cache then realised that they'd made an error and entered it it the wrong cache is it possible to "undo" that entry and log it into another cache, bearing in mind that they no longer have the number? Or is it a case of having to write to the coin owner for the number? Not that I would ever make such a fundamental mistake myself (ahem...cough cough), I was just err wondering.
  20. Brilliant, well done on your two grand to a great couple. Here's to your next thou.
  21. How mercenary do you think I am? Well quite a bit really, that's exactly what I was after Thanks very much for the help, the form will be completed forthwith...
  22. I know this has been covered before but I don't know if a definitive answer was ever achieved, and apart from which I can't now find the thread, but... When finding Earth Caches are Scotland, Wales & England now classed as separate countries or are they all still lumped together as one? I thought the latter but have been informed that this has now been sorted but I can't find any reference to this... Earthcache listings are still chucked together under UK, not separate countries. I have had no reply to my e-mails re this subject so can't even find out from TPTB, can anybody help? Ta gladly.
  23. A great big WELL DONE to you all, what with Hazel getting her grand last week as well the rest of us must be looking forward to free ale all weekend in Snowdonia.
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