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  1. Done and printed off! Very useful information that would have taken me from now to eternity to work out on my own and will be put into practice as soon as my abacus arrives. Many thanks, Andy
  2. Dear all, thankyou for your time and advice. I think I know what to do now. I'm going to let the PDA route follow "The old girlfriend method" ie start off cheap & simple and go more expensive when I work out what I'm doing! I think that's a compliment to the missus... I'll be back for advice on how to turn it on in a month or so (the pda that is, not the missus).
  3. I am getting a tad fed up of spending hours in front of the 'puter printing off loads of pages that will be thrown away as soon as I find a tupperware box, and was thinking of going paperless, however, as somebody who is hopeless with all this new fangled gadgetry (clothes pegs are about my limit, Heaven alone knows how I cope with a gps) what should I be looking for in a PDA? I want something simple that will (I think) a, list every known cache in the universe or at least all the ones in a (say) 75 mile radius of any holiday destinations. b, have a battery life that will last as long as it takes to drive from eg Lancashire to the north of Scotland whilst stopping off en route to actually look for any caches on the way. c, be relatively simple to operate. d, not cost an arm and a leg (The MOST important bit, this). d, Is there anything else I should be looking for? Are any capable of being charged in the car? I don't think I need an all dancing, whistling one that tells me the colour of my socks, and it probably won't be used for anything bar storing information on caches but perhaps a web search facility may help? So, basically I want to know what I should be looking for as opposed to any particular models ('though that too would help). Cheers.
  4. Big well done to The Mars bars for breaking the 400! (Mind you, with some of the puzzles you've been setting recently I'm not sure you deserve any praise)
  5. Don't worry Guv, it's nothing a bit of T-Cut won't fix...
  6. Fully agree with this one too. Really interesting walk and don't forget to check out the sheep pen or whatever it is by Yewdale Beck - stunning piece of art!
  7. testing testing testing...ooh
  8. If you've not already set off, which judging by the traffic going up there yesterday you may already have, try the Mardale Madness round. Great caches, wonderful scenery and some good walking (not mentioning some fiendish puzzles which you only need to solve to find the 8th, final cache). Oh, nearly forget, it's off the beaten track so nowhere near the amount of muggles that you get around the Langdales etc.
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