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  1. Thanks everyone, I changed my email connected to google last year, as it had been so long I had forgotten it! Thats why it wouldn't let me add the app again. I still think its well worth it though, and I now have an updated version
  2. Thanks , can you advise me how to reinstall, as when I looked, I could only find where to buy it again from.
  3. My PQ's were very slow, in fact we have had to go out without them for two days. Also my maps were not showing cache icons again last night :-( Back this morning though.
  4. Thanks for the help Eusty, I had a go, but it wasn't for Vista? Managed to download winzip and that seems to have worked otherwise I will be back on here again!
  5. Had been happily downloading pqs to my garmin, and then my brother 'tidied' my laptop up and went away. Now my downloaded pqs appear in Abode format and wont open/save ready to put on garmin. I cant find zip files anywhere, they are all Adobe now! If I have lost the zip software, can I get it back? Thanks
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