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  1. Here is the post about what happened to me and my little girl while cacheing at a local park. November 11, 2005 by TURK69 (34 found) Thanks for the cache this was a nice one. Now let me tell you my story. I had just hit the micro on the north side of the park and drove over to the parking lot by the playground, my little four year old girl don’t like walking that far. Anyway, we park and head off across the field to the wood line and had a good time finding the cache, she actually found it (well I let her think that.) We signed the log, took a picture, and traded for a little pink bunny that she spotted. We hid it and headed out. As I was walking back to the car a Raymore patrol car rolls up to my car just as we were getting back. I start thinking “what the heck” these two cops jump out and ask what I am doing. I had a feeling somebody must have called them. I explain what we were doing and all is well, as I guessed some lady at the playground called because “GASP” a man was going into the woods with a little girl, who by the way was all smiles and skipping as we went. I did not think nothing much of it at the time, I guess people are concerned but dang a dad can’t take his daughter to the park on a nice sunny day without the cops asking questions. At least they were cool and might actually look into geocaching. Well, TFTC. SL took small toy and snapped picture. BTW # 4 for the day in two states.
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    I live in Belton, Mo which is about 4 miles east of Kansas border. I have cached in Kansas a bit and both my caches are within a half mile of Kansas. My inlaws are all down around Emporia which pretty much makes it my second home town. I love Kansas.....Ad astra per aspera
  3. USMC 1993-1999 Spent a couple of years overseas. Mainland Japan and also visted Australia and Indonesia. Some of the best times of my life. Semper Fi HOORAH
  4. http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/states_exp...ate15s_500.html Try this you whinny little turds!!! just trying to educate a few people.
  5. Thought you all might enjoy this. My best so far has been 94% 6 miles and 164 seconds. Good Luck. http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/stat...te15s_500.html
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