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  1. Hello Western Cape Geocachers!


    Local geocacher, Jamie Behrens (familyBehrens), has been talking to Leighan Mossop, the Senior Section Ranger for the Central Section of Table Mountain National Park about geocaching in the Silvermine Reserve area. After much discussion a few ideas have been suggested for how we as geocachers can give something back to a reserve that is willing to allow geocaching to continue within it's boundaries, please see below:


    - Adopt a path

    - Path upgrades (requires training)

    - Alien clearing using herbicide (requires training)


    We are looking for a group of dedicated "pioneers" that would attend training events (CITO) and would be willing to pass on skills learned to attendees of any future events held to carry out designated volunteer work. Regular events will be held in the reserve for anyone wishing to attend and assist.


    Please contact Jamie directly (familybehrens007@gmail.com) if you are interested in joining the "pioneer" group of geocachers to receive training to pass on to other volunteers in the future.




    Dave (zombieZA) on behalf of Jamie (familyBehrens)

  2. Hi Guys. I'm moving from the Sandpit (KZN) to the Cape at the end of the year and am keen to find out more about the area with regards to geocaching.


    Firstly, which geocaches should be at the top of my "to-do" list?


    Then, which areas (nature reserves/beaches/etc) are more family (wife and 3 year old) friendly, which are for more experienced adventurers (trail length/terrain-wise), and which are generally to be avoided if one is not in a group?


    Looking forward to your replies.

  3. My first 200-and-some-change caches were found using C:GEO or Geobeagle... C:GEO is the easiest IMO because all you need to do is enter your GC login details and it loads everything for you on the fly. A big bonus with these apps is the use of Google satellite views :)


    I've never heard of GDAK before, so taking a look at it now ;)

  4. Hi everyone!


    I have 2 questions for you guys...


    First one is : can someone please tell me how to set up PQs that will allow me to get ALL caches in KZN into GSAK? I'm assuming there's some optimal PQs around certain points to do this?


    Second : What are your thoughts on getting some kind of initiative going to get ALL KZN caches found (by any cachers) this year (2011)?


    Looking forward to your responses/feedback. B)

  5. I had an idea that involves leaving a TB (or other trackable) tracking code in multiple locations for people to discover. Instead of finding the trackable item itself it would be something like a business card with the number on it that finders could use to log a discovery.


    What are your thoughts on doing something like this as I am aware that *technically* you shouldn't discover a trackable unless you've seen the item with your own eyes.

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