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  1. It was a large-ish pill bottle with a rubber seal on it, and completely covered in camo-green tape. I figured that I was in the right place when I saw the extraordinary measures taken on the bottle. lol. If not, It's the cache now, "log" and all.
  2. My wife and I did our first two caches today. I know with a quick glance through the site that "2" isn't all that impressive, but for us, it was amazing. The first was listed as a 1/1 and it was right on. It was very near our house and we took the advice of a cache blogger, and took the dog. He is ALL about caching apparently, and tried his best to help us find it (he's part beagle) and was underfoot the whole time we searched GZ. I found the first cache, and it was just sort of...there...no hiding involved. I figured since we had a nasty storm roll through the night before that perhaps the wind had a hand in the lack of cover for the cache. I went to sign it, popped open the cahce, and TADA...no paper. No log. Nothing. Just an empty container. So I whipped out my wallet, hoping for a receipt, a post it anything...all I had was my business card. I signed the back and stuffed it in the cache. It dawned on me that it should be hidden since it's at a VERY busy intersection. So I moved it to a better hiding place. It's only a foot or so from where I found it, but it's secure and hidden. Not any harder to find, but at least it's not just laying on the ground. I emailed to owner to make sure he knew where it was and offered to replace the log. My wife and were totally excited. Laughing like school kids excited. I was ready to head home since we planned on caching, but were still pressed for time. As we were leaving, I was thinking.."okay...I'm hooked" and my wife was apparently thinking the same. We had plans with friends just 20 minutes later and she decides...too bad for them...we gotta get another one. Lol. I practically had to make her go to the first one...and now she's more hooked than me. As a married man, I've learned not to look a gift horse in the mouth. I told her "let's do it." Not realizing that the next closest cache on foot had a significantly higher terrain rating than the first. I get the coordinates in and off we go... As I approach the second cache I realize that I'm wearing shorts and the brush is THICK. No big deal. I'm a tough guy. We circle GZ thanks to my gps. And circle. Looking for an entry. I decide to go in regardless. I had to hop a small creek to get there...and I knew that I was hopping a creek right into the teeth of some seriously unruly looking tree branches. no other way to go. I crash through, and land in a small clearing. I search and search and search. all the while my wife (and my mutt) are circling the stand of trees I'm smashing around in like a wild ape. I decide to try and decifer the clue more closely, and as soo as I strike the look-in-the-air-and-rub-my-chin-because-I'm-thinking pose...I spot it. Ten feet up a tree. I start yelping about finding it, and as soon as I do I hear "good, because I've counted 13 mosquito bites since we got here" we're in the south and where there's water...there's mosquitos. I start climbing this tree to get there, and fussing with the cache, when it hits me.... I've forgotten the trials of the day, I'm outside, I'm having fun, I'm with my wife, and for the first time in nearly 30 years, I'm climbing a tree for fun. I just wanna say thank you. To everyone who has kept this sport alive long enough for me to discover it, thank you. I seriously needed this. I can't wait for #3. Oddly, my wife suggested we go tomorrow morning before work...lol.
  3. I got it. Google was the issue, not geobeagle. Geobeagle apparently uses google maps for the original starting location. Google maps was out of whack and required a good swift kick. I turned on all locating sources (gps and wifi) at googles suggestion, restarted the phone, fired up geobeagle, and whammo! fixed. Thanks all for the help!
  4. I am going on my first hunt tomorrow, and rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a gps, or even the ten bucks for the geocache app, I downloaded GeoBeagle, and it functions well with one exception. It thinks I live down the street. I mean waaaaaaaaaaay down the street. Google maps puts it at just over 1.4 miles. kinda hard to start out on a hunt with a varience of over a mile. In the upper left corner of the screen today it said .2 miles to go (when I used a local address to test with) and below that it read +/- 1.9 miles. Um...yeah. a 2 mile circle is gonna make finding the cache a little tough. Anyone know how to fix this? When I hit bring up the menu and hit settings, there's no "put in your location here" button, and when I hit "maps" there is a large circle on the map that is well off center from my location... Please help. How do I teach geobeagle where I am????????
  5. Lol. I'm a big kid who has more fun with kid stuff than most kids do. My wife and I collect penguins, so we are trying to find something cool, penguin related, and inexpensive for now. In the future, I can see myself with a big stack of custom coins since my wife has already started shopping for them. Lol. It's always been my mantra that you leave a place better than you found it. It's not that hard.
  6. Wow. While I am new to the sport, this really has touched my eco-freak button in a good way. Taking from your original post, and your desire to encourage CITO on a larger, and perhaps event free basis, I had an idea. Why not? I love the idea of cachers taking pictures of their nice and full trash bags, the before and after pics of the area could be helpful too to keep everyone on the straight and narrow ;-). Shoot...it wouldn't have to stay local. Go global! Here online, you essentially have a large club. The internet is a community of it's own, so put em to work just like you would a local club. I mentioned earlier that I'm new. I finally got a day off and was walking my dog for the first time since discovering the sport today. I just couldn't help it, my head was on a swivel lol. Looking in the trees, the bushes, the buildings for anything out of place and at the same time scouting for might be my first hide in the future (gotta find a few dozen first I've been told) and I spotted a sweet one. Nice big chunk of abandoned wooded land, small trails criss crossing it, big rock pile in the middle, parking nearby. Sounds good, then I realized that nearly every square yard had some kind of refuse in it . My first thought was...well...not repeatable lol...my second thought was, why not clean it up? Perhaps the CITO should be TOCI first. Think of how much better the planet could get if all the clubs picked particularly trashy spots for their caches, and cleaned them up FIRST. Just a thought. Anyway, I caught the bit about wanting to leave a kit of sorts, (perhaps a step in a multi?) and read where the sanitizers are liquid and thus potentially a mess. We use a wipe at work instead of the gel. I found a link quickly for these by searching purell hand sanitizer wipes. They're not cheap, but they come in a package of 175 so it shouldn't be too hard to split them up into an airtight container.
  7. I'm brand spanking new at this, and have recently conned my wife into trying it with me. I was happy to see this post before we set out for our first run this weekend. I can vouch for us, we will always trade up, and clean up. Count us in the cache fairies club. ;-)
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