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  1. I'm debating about upgrading from my eTrex Vista HCx to either the eTrex 30 or the GPSMAP62s. Haven't decided which one yet. The question I have has to do with the paperless caching capability. I understand you can read the description, see the last five logs, see the hints, etc. BUT can you see any pictures that may be part of the description? What about the basic map that also shows on the GSAK page prior to going online? Can you see either one of those items?

    I'm in almost the exact same boat so please can I add another question to this post ? it's not too far off topic :rolleyes:

    I have an eTrex Legend HCx and use a 2GB micro SD and looking to go to the eTrex 30


    I travel all over the world and have plenty of " gmapsupp.img " for different countries, can I use these " gmapsupp.img " in the eTrex 30 ?

    I've seen a few scare stories that I can't and it's locked with a garmin copy protect system ?

    Or do I need gmapbmap.img and a gmaptz.img ?



    The Etrex Legend hcx can show hints. We have one and it shows the hints just fine. You just have to load it up in the right way.


    We export caches from a GSAK database using the Garmin POI macro and then use the Garmin POI loader to push the info onto the Legend.

    It will take the waypoints from over 10,000 caches (which is around 24,000 with all the child waypoints) and it puts the hints on just fine.

    You just use the "Search for Custom POI's" feature rather than the caches feature on the device.


    I believe there are other tricks you can do to get some of the other cache info into the POI data such as difficulty and terrain rating.


    No you won't get past logs and cache page info, but we usually find having the cache code, name, coords and hint to be enough to find most caches. (The smartphone is there for when we need a bit more help).


    Hello Newbie here :unsure:

    I have the said eTrex Legend HCx and have tried the GSAK database Garmin Poi Macro then the Garmin POI loader, seems to work

    BUT I can't see where the hints are ?

    Only the custom POI's


    Any more detail would be helpful thanks

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