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  1. My company (before a takeover) used to be called "Inex" = INspection EXperts ( we manufacture vision inspection machines ) And I'm an Engineer so - I like to use Inex-Eng
  2. I'm in almost the exact same boat so please can I add another question to this post ? it's not too far off topic I have an eTrex Legend HCx and use a 2GB micro SD and looking to go to the eTrex 30 I travel all over the world and have plenty of " gmapsupp.img " for different countries, can I use these " gmapsupp.img " in the eTrex 30 ? I've seen a few scare stories that I can't and it's locked with a garmin copy protect system ? Or do I need gmapbmap.img and a gmaptz.img ? Thanks
  3. Hello Newbie here I have the said eTrex Legend HCx and have tried the GSAK database Garmin Poi Macro then the Garmin POI loader, seems to work BUT I can't see where the hints are ? Only the custom POI's Any more detail would be helpful thanks
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