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  1. My condolences on your loss… I’m looking forward to the event, so I’ll be watching. Thanx, Tony
  2. 1701eh

    Stats Problem

    The *WTPS file is extra waypoints (additional waypoints) of the caches in your normal GPX file. Check out the 'Additional Waypoint' feature and discussions.
  3. I'm getting the same problem in my PQ just generated. All of the waypoint names have the same last 4 characters which seem to be derived from one of the caches in the main PQ that has an additional waypoint. The net result is that all of my parking waypoints that were prefixed with PK end up with the same name PKXXXX (where XXXX is identical). Great Feature though! Thanx, Tony
  4. Sooooo many in Ontario that didn't get mentioned. Some are now archived, but here are a bunch (in no particular order): Seven Deadly Sins TICO Tour of Mowhawk Whiskey Jack Trivia WTL Trans Canada Trail BT (Bruce Trail) CT Elements Finding Nemo Forgotten (Sudbury area) Home on the Moraine Kelso Let's Make a Deal MP Multi-Agreement Forrest Park and Pool Park and Paddle Parking on the Credit Parking on the Credit - The Mini Series Hiking on the Credit Reminds Me of a Song River Stroll Roadside Troll Trials of Caledonia I'm sure I've missed a few as well Thanx, Tony
  5. 1701eh

    Garmin Cx Models

    Oops...Sorry... I see you wanted the SirfIII as well Tony
  6. 1701eh

    Garmin Cx Models

    The eTrex units ARE included in the announcement... http://www.garmin.com/pressroom/outdoor/010306b.html Tony
  7. 1701eh

    Snow Shoes

    Olar, I guess you haven't seen my snowshoes... They have a step-in type binding with a single strap that can be tightened or loosened while wearing gloves. They also have an L and R molded in. I haven't tried driving with them yet though. I find that holding the poles vertically towards the rear reduces tailgating . For good measure, I also let an occasional branch snap back as well. If it hits them, I tell them they were to close . Picture of Snowshoe
  8. 1701eh

    Snow Shoes

    Oops... I forgot to add the link for Yaktrax: www.yaktrax.ca and for good measure, here's the Lebarons link: www.lebaron.ca (they don't show the yaktrax, but you can get store locations)
  9. 1701eh

    Snow Shoes

    Lebarons at 407 & 404 (Toronto) has the yaktrak pros for $27.94 (small, medium and large). Woohoo!
  10. 1701eh

    Snow Shoes

    If you don't already know, snowshoes are sized by weight. Remember to account for your weight, you winter wear AND your normal pack with water etc. I use a pair of the Atlas aluminum shoes and I love them! I recently crossed a beaver dam while wearing them and I didn't go thru any of the openings like I saw some others had. Still can't walk on water with them though Tony
  11. It was our troop specialty as well. I don't have the requirements handy right now, but I believe we required 4 items: Plan a troop geocaching outing (parking, trailhead, duration, maps, etc.) Do that outing Prepare a report about the cache outing (pros, cons, lessons learned, etc) Create and place a your own cache, have it listed (troop as a whole will maintain) Scouter Tony 2nd Meadowvale West
  12. I know that in Canada we have been very interested in a Tim Horton's waypoint collection . When I'm out on a day trip, I use the GPS map which luckily includes most of these . If I'm sitting at home and browsing the Waymarking site though, I do not see myself having any interest at all in them . I would be very interested if I could do a pocket query of a Tim Horton's waymark subset though . Then I could have a more reliable collection of Tim's in the area of interest (GPS map once lead me to a ghost town that supposedly had a Tim's ) Thanx, Tony
  13. Sounds like fun, but I already have a commitment to cache elsewhere . Have fun guys! Maybe next time... Thanx, Tony
  14. If the problem is on the GPS, try going to the setup page, select map, press menu button, and then HIDE the other maps that are currently set to SHOW. That is the sequence for my GPSmap 60C, yours might be different. Thanx, Tony
  15. 1701eh

    Ghagafap Iv

    WooHoo! Do you have a list of jobs yet? Thanx, Tony
  16. This is the same behaviour that I've mentioned previously. It appears to be a result of the new cache not having any log entries yet. Once someone posts any sort of log to the cache, I am able to view it. Tony
  17. 1701eh

    Fizbot Hits 1000

    And I see Nozzletime has reached 2000. Congratulations! Thanx, Tony
  18. 1701eh

    Fizbot Hits 1000

    Congratulations to fizbot who found his 1000th cache today!
  19. It looks like the problem I'm having IS related to a new cache not having a log entry. There were seven new caches launched in the same series yesterday. I get the previously mentioned error message on the ones that do not have a log. I can access the ones that do have a log with no problem. Another interesting aspect is that this problem only occurs when I use the http://wap.geocaching.com/ site. I've been able to access the 'no log' caches using the http://rtr.ca/geo/ site. Thanx, Tony
  20. It looks as if the problem I am experiencing is a problem accessing brand new caches. The message that I get when I try to view a fresh cache (I'm logged in) is shown below. The cache that I had a problem viewing last week can be viewed now. Just a though...Could it be trouble viewing a cache that has no logs yet? The following message was encountered when I tried to view GCM0BT: Back You must be logged in, and also a geocaching.com subscriber to view this cache. New search Log Out © Groundspeak 2004 Thanx, Tony
  21. In the screen info, one of the choices shown is 'Log out', indicating that I am alredy logged in. Thanx, Tony
  22. I just logged into the http://wap.geocaching.com/ site and tried to access one of the caches list in a search. I got the following screen: Back You must be logged in, and also a geocaching.com subscriber to view this cache. New search Log Out © Groundspeak 2004 I'm guessing that this would be a members only cache (which I am). Why won't it let me view it? Thanx, Tony
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