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  1. 5. One with a pretty horse on it 5. Jedi Mystery Coin!
  2. Oh my - I love this coin!!!
  3. Thanks again for the kind responses (the other responses - /ignore). Common sense is personal - one person's "appropriate" placement (in guidelines) is another person's "inappropriate" it would seem. It would seem caches hidden in places covered in human fecal matter is totally "appropriate" for some. HH "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." ~ Abraham Lincoln
  4. Already changed... but your post here was way more rude than my original post to be honest. I won't be apologizing. The CO should be maintaining his cache... and never once represented this cache as being in a gnarly poop coated hallway. The level is a 1.5 and should be higher if it continues on.
  5. Thank you - you have all given me "food for thought." Though I do think CO should up the difficulty level! Ick. Anyway - I will return it to DNF and be a little more libertarian in my posting and not spoil it for the cachers that find that type of cache amusing. Good luck to them. It wasn't a shady part of town the last time I visited town a year ago... things are going downhill pretty fast.
  6. The cache is in the homeless camp. It is far from a beautiful place, to be sure. OR maybe it just needs to be listed AS a homeless camp cache with a higher difficulty level? Right now he only calls it "walk of shame" in his hint.
  7. I certainly support that idea! tardyviking might like some help getting going from a local while he decides. Not sure if he has any gear to do so, but seems to have the urge and interest. Thanks for your suggestions. You'll see my note to tardyviking as well. Doug 7rxc Duly noted - changed it I was tired haha.
  8. Hi there, as I am fairly new to geocaching and as there are some "unlisted" rules that geocachers learn as they go... I am seeking advice. Should I change my log for this cache? http://coord.info/GC1W1Y4 It is really gross, but maybe some cachers find homeless encampments a challenge? Am I robbing someone of that joy by asking this to be archived? Do some cachers carry hazmat suits in the event they want to cache a particularly grody location? Does common sense prevail here? Should the health department be notified? Was I too harsh in my log? Does poo all around a cache location automatically receive a "needs archiving" log for some? Thanks for the advice. HH
  9. Raise your hand if you hope tardyviking starts geocaching with their kids after this
  10. It is more likely one of these babies: GCZ5JG GC2267J GC2X209 I am just up the hill from this area and know that hitchhikers would not be hanging at the cache suggested earlier (GCYDMW). I may check on them on Thursday this week. Will let you know. Jen
  11. I got my first geocoin today... Home is Where the Heart is Series 2
  12. Hi I just sent an email to the address in your profile. Can I have an invite, please?
  13. Got my coin today - SO cool Thank you so much!
  14. Okay - why not? A girl can dream 1. Jedi Mickey Mystery Coin 2. 2010 Compass Rose 3. Almost any suncatcher 4. Geocachers for Christ coin 5. One with a pretty horse on it That's about it right now. Yep
  15. I want to buy one because of this video... How do I buy one? I have never bought a geocoin, but I thought maybe this would be a good coin to LEAVE in a cache to raise awareness? Maybe hide it near the local veteran hall and name the cache accordingly? I entered the contest and hope I win, but that doesn't give any money to help out the homeless. Jen
  16. I'm new to the game, yet I thought I would give a newbie perspective. After my girlies and I going to many caches that had geocoins listed only to find they were all taken, we finally found a proxy. Okay - I admit at first I was like... LAME. LAME. But, after I put myself in others' shoes I totally get it. I decided that when I get geocoins I will release the cheaper ones into the wild ($5 or under - same price as a travel bug). However, the nicer ones I will make a proxy. I will take some TIME and effort to make a nice proxy that looks like the coin. I have one travel bug listed so far and the family that picked it up RARELY geocaches and have yet to even log the tracking number. I'm kind of antsy just for THAT so I KNOW that I will be kind of a freak if my pretty and amazing (theoretical) geocoin got stolen. Right now the hubby won't let me spring for getting path tags made so I make my own. So, the possibility of owning a beautiful geocoin is fairly small... just putting my two pennies in.
  17. Hi! I have a cache that I've been waiting to place right across the street from me. It is a fake pinecone around an empty avon container (yes I gooped them on individually and yes I love geocaching). It is big enough to fit small swag and geocoins (just not travel bugs with large toys). It is going to be a member's only cache, with the option to email me their info/user name for coordinates so I have a user name to go with the person that has my coordinates. As I don't have a coin of my own... I would take good care of it and would make sure people know the coin is just for visitation and NOT for travel. Also, it would be rarely visited because I am in the mountains. It will be a level 4 difficulty as well. This would fall under 5 or 7. Thank you for considering... Blessings to you!
  18. Star Wars and Disney... what could be better?! Congratulations! Seeing random acts of geo-kindness makes me smile! Makes up for finding trash in a cache
  19. I just stumbled upon this post today after coming out from lurking I don't have a geocoin yet, would love to adopt one. My nearest cache is A Mill Run GC2Z3W5 I love this community.
  20. You see, the person staring straight ahead on the top floor? That is supposed to be me. It is a memory trigger. I suffer from Short Term Memory Loss Syndrome. I didn't realize I was lost until I went here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=274456 to view the coin. The person on the 7th floor (this is a 9 story building)is my husband, pacing and looking for me. The person on the scaffolding represents my disease and reminds me of the hypnosis session that triggered my memory. Apparently, I've been missing for quite some time because the trees in the park were mere sapplings when I left. How sad. Unfortunately, the only way I can find my way home is to stare at the "Home is Where the Cache Is" coin so that I don't forget again. I'm pretty sure my doctor or someone I know had them minted so that I would be able to find my apartment building next to the park... however I forgot who that was. I need the "Home is Where the Cache Is" coin because I need to return home. It would be my first geocoin - another sign! And then... and then... um... what was I going to say? Uh...
  21. I know the contest has ended, but thought I should come out of "lurking" anyway. My name is Jen and I am homeschooling my three girlies in the beautiful mountains. I just got introduced to geocaching through my friend microman97 about 3 weeks to a month ago. I was instantly hooked! I've showed my mom and friends - and they think it is neat, too! My husband JUST got started last week... and now he at least more TOLERANT of my obsession after finding a lvl 4 that took an hour to find. There is something about geocaching that sends some sort of positive impulses to my brain - I can't get enough, but have found that temperance and moderation is key to continued spousal support I bought a premium membership right away because I knew this is something I would continue to love. I carry lots of extra swag at varying levels of neatness and for different interests and ages to stoke caches that have degraded. I try and pay it forward. I only trade up, but often think best policy is to take nothing and leave something. I sign logs unless they are totally damaged or missing (thinking about carrying some extras just to be able to replace missing, full or defaced logs). I try and be the geocacher I would like to find my cache. On to trackables so far I have found a few travelbugs (and have one out in circulation). I have yet to find anything but a laminated copy of a geocoin which isn't as cool... I'll be honest. But I understand why someone would do it! I would never keep a coin unless the owner of it said that it was okay. We have such an awesome game that brings a smile to my face and wakes up my inner child... and what makes me sad is that people are sometimes less than honorable. However, I won't dwell on that... I just vow to play fair and keep playing it as honorably, cleverly, and whole heartedly as I can. I use a combination of iphone app and garmin nuvi for caching. I have been making my own pathtags with my girls on some wooden "biscuits" that were pretty cheap. The hubs can't justify my buying REAL pathtags and geocoins (just 2 travel bugs - only one released so far) at this point... so my solution was to make our own. I draw HILLTOP HOMESCHOOLER on the back for them and we use a wood burning tool to trace it. On the other side they decorate whatever they want... horses, fish, landscape, etc. and then burn them. They're quite cute. Our swag is a lot of hand made stuff, arrow heads, polished rocks, toy compasses, earth shaped balls, etc... Well, that's about it. Hope to get to know all of you better My Geocoin question: Can you make a "VERSION" of your geocoin with its tracking number on it to send out? Say a wooden version? Also, if THAT one gets lost in someone's hands... can you just make another one with the same tracking number?
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