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  1. There is an historic landmark in my hometown "A Bend In The Road" - it has been archived for quite some time. I found it by accident going to an estate sale. The neighbor told me of the cache whilst I was purchasing items for swag. I went there and there it was... archived long ago but still there (last log 2008). I requested an adoption to the owner... but I'm thinking I really didn't have to. I could just put a cache there and basically call it "A Bend In The Road - Revisited" or rename it altogether if I wanted to. I was just being courteous to write to the cache owner. Thoughts? I logged the find but I'm KIND of feeling guilty about that since it has been disabled for a while. http://coord.info/GCJEVY
  2. I really like the unactivated travel tag... fun! Like (love?!) the Sbux card. We'd take the cell-phone, actually - probably the only ones! My daughter has a ministry collecting old cell phones to translate bibles for Africa. There are actually precious medals in cell phones (gold, silver). We'd leave a sliced agate we bought today at an estate sale.
  3. I wanted to make this a virtual cache, but since those are no longer I made it a challenge: http://coord.info/CX511 All of these challenges are very good and inspiring. I hope that actually geocaching-flavored challenges happen more often!
  4. How do you change it back to zero? n/m - found it
  5. Yes it is the local weather cam here: http://www.pollockpinesweathercam.com/thankyou.asp So you'd have to be in my city to complete.
  6. I just posted one that is to take a screenshot of yourself holding a sign with your user name while you are in the local weather cam view. You will have to have a friend take a screen capture of you while you're there because it is in real-time. Good?
  7. We'd like the first aid kit (anything survival-ish is fantastic). We have sea glass (greens, blues, and whites) to leave.
  8. I would like to help a newbie in our area... found 13 caches placed 2. One new one yesterday. Here is the description (names have been starred). "Small tupperware down a dirt trail. Best parking is at the end of ********, from there walk around the street end barrier onto ************. Walk west (toward *********) and you'll soon see a dirt trail on the opposite side of *********. This is the path you'll be walking. The cache is a small tupperware container, maybe half a mile down the trail. A steep downhill means you're getting close. Along the way you'll enjoy meeting a wide variety of garbage and discarded items, colorful trees, and maybe some deer or other wildlife. Makes a good peaceful walk, usually nobody around. Starter content for the cache: SD card of random stuff, borders rewards card (RIP), radio horror sticker, AT&T Park parking voucher. Includes a pencil for the log." ...so we get snow in our area and I'm thinking... tupperware container = ugly cache in 6 months. Not to mention starting a cache with basically... low end swag. At any rate... should I offer the CO the suggestion of not placing a tupperware container or just let the chips fall?
  9. My foreign coins got skipped? Oh... must be bad!
  10. Found a bag dried up marijuana inside the cache... the sheriff dept. has it now.
  11. New Bandana (is it in a ziplock?) would be cool Dropping off foreign coinage (big and ornate)
  12. Would not take McDonalds toy, Lanyard, cards, or scrabble tiles... Would take a shark tooth in a heartbeat. Maybe kids garden gloves as long as the cache was dry. Would leave a 1/2 (cut) small geode for the tooth or gloves.
  13. Thanks for the consolation prize. Each family member used it with pride whilst the others followed the instructions. Great Saturday fun for this geek squad.
  14. I found marijuana in a stash (and DID NOT LOG IT - it had been there for a while and I didn't want anyone to know the missing pot was from my good citizenship)... I called the Sheriff and either I could wait there for a deputy (hours) or bring it in - the dispatcher said I was clear... that way if pulled over and that was found I would have record (and perhaps a police escort, haha). Anyway, I don't think it is right to just leave it there. JMO
  15. Congrats to the winners This was fun! HH
  16. I like all of those! Pretty cool swag. I would choose the geodes and trade probably some obsidian arrow heads or stone animals.
  17. Old Garbage Pail Kids Cards: We wouldn't take them but I'm sure LOTS of people would Leaving: Obsidian Arrow Heads for the polished stones
  18. I'm going to post back on topic... Now - what if the cache gives a spoiler for a movie that JUST came out? That doesn't seem right, does it? So should there be a hard and fast rule? No caches posting movie spoilers for at least 2 months after it is out theatersres? Or until it is released on dvd? If it doesn't violate TOS... theoretically you could be a jerk and post movie spoilers for brand new movies on your cache page, right? You'd probably get hate mail but you could.
  19. That is not a one time pad cipher. As someone else pointed out, the key length must be at least as long as the cipher text to make a one time pad. Try decrypting your cipher text using rumkin's Vigenere cipher decoder and see if that works. Once you've done that, repeat using the autokey Vigenere decoder and see if it works. Why or why not? You are doing absolutely the right thing to work the ciphers by hand, if your goal is to understand them and not just get to the cache as quickly as possible. Of course once you understand what's going on, the computerized decoders eliminate a lot of the drudgery! The CO clues indicated it was a one-time pad - "a perfect security" and "KGB" were mentioned in the description. I did a search for "perfect security" and KGB and came up with the one-time pad wiki. Yet, the style of the puzzle looked more like a Vigenere. However, when I wrote to him and asked about the Vigenere or One-Time pad he said One-Time pad. He said it wasn't a cipher but a code. It worked in BOTH the one-time pad and the Vigenere programs, but you have to repeat the key in both. I did get a great deal of satisfaction trying to decode this. It is something completely new to me, but I totally dug it. It satisfied this little craving in my brain that old video games used to (King's Quest, etc.). I will be doing more puzzle caches now
  20. That does sound fun! I will run that one by my daughter and see how she likes it if it is OK with you and your daughter! If we do it I will give you credit for the Idea! I will also try to send you a link if we do it and it works out! If you are anywhere near my area we wont do it but I don't think you are. What about adding in a few different color sharpies so the cachers finding it can make the shirt pop! -WarNinjas That sounds fun, especially if you could borrow it from the cache temporarily and wear it an event.Very cool idea! The question is, if you wore the shirt to an event, would you let people sign it there? Would they be able to claim a find on the cache if they signed the log? that hurts my head to think about. I think perhaps NO unless you also made it a travel bug proxy. Then, they could claim the bug not the cache maybe?
  21. Oh, and the lady is a GIANT ALIEN and the "little aliens" are actually US ASTRONAUTS!! You've been rooting for the wrong side!
  22. Hi, I think I can help you. I asked around and did searches a bit. I placed my first one with an iphone and now I am placing my second one this weekend with my Garmin Oregon. Checking the coordinates for a cache involves a little more work than you'd think - especially with an iphone. First off, finding the coordinates on the Groundspeak app: You will need a notepad. On the very first page it says... "Device's Current Location" - write the coordinates whilst basically standing over your cache (or under - you get my meaning). Next, walk away about 50 feet in a northern direction... then come back to the cache. Do this for each direction, writing down the coordinates (they'll be different). Note the time of day. Come back two different times during the same day - the satellites will be in different positions. Do the same procedure again both of those times. Note all the coordinates. Then, come back the following day and do the same procedure three DIFFERENT times than the day before. After all of this you should have 24 coordinates. Add all of these numbers together, then divide by 24. That will give you your average number. THEN... and this is the most important part - I did this. Write a friend or a nearby cacher with a real gps and ask them if they wouldn't mind coming to check your coordinates - beta test if you will. There is an error of +/- a few feet... very few cache coordinates have placed me ON TOP of a cache (only one actually). Hope this helps. I'm sure there are more qualified individuals to give you advice, but sadly there are also some that don't feel iphone-ers should be caching at all :/ OH I almost forgot... then check your coordinates on Google Earth. HH
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