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  1. Thanks! I get kinda tired of listening to music sometimes so I like a good podacst. Unfortunately cachamaniacs can't list ours since there is so much music in it, but I like to think it's a good combo of music AND geocaching Search GeoPunk on iTunes to subscribe, or the direct rss feed file is here: http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gprss.xml
  2. Hmm, the raw RSS file is here: http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gprss.xml but hopefully you are more L337 than I am, because I sure don't know how to run it. The direct podcast links are: "http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gpe1.mp3"'>http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gpe1.mp3" Episode 1 - Hello http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gpe1.mp3 "http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gpe2.mp3"'>http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gpe2.mp3" Episode 2 - Night of the Living Cache http://www.tortoiseharecreations.com/podcast/gpe2.mp3 Editing to see if I can just provide the mp3 link without embedding ><
  3. Great to hear Thank you for listening! The Halloween theme geopunk podcast is now available as well - http://tinyurl.com/geopunk or via iTunes (search for GeoPunk) Thanks!
  4. Thanks. This was my first cache which if you check it out: Southern Woods at Night, you will see that I put some effort into it. Nevertheless, I wish I had nailed the FTF coin mission thing according to what appears to be standard practice (hard copy with the coin). I will do better next time. Hud I LOVED THIS CACHE!! I am a total sucker for night caches and this one was bomb. Thanks Hud!
  5. Great to hear Thank you for listening!
  6. Ditto what XJ said! We're excited to have two up so far and had a blast making them. I hope you like listening as much as we loved putting them together!
  7. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I have to ask this question. You say you get despondent having to hike a long, difficult trek just to end up finding a nano. The descriptions clearly show if they are micro, regular, large etc... So my question is this, if you know beforehand that it's a little one, why waste your time going for it to begin with? Seriously, not trying to aggravate the bee's nest, just curious. MULLY I enjoy the hunt, always. But, maybe because I live in a big city and there are SOOOOOOOO many micros, I always just feel a tinge of sadness when a really cool spot that could EASILY hold at LEAST a small container, and perhaps even a large, is used for a micro instead. If there's some cool element or story behind it, that's one thing - and I've seen that. I never judge a cache by its cover until I've been there and found it. Sometimes micros in the woods surprise me. It's just that usually they don't. But it's still a smiley, and it still got me out, hiking, and active - that's why I don't ignore them. Hope that makes sense. Plus, it's a thread about cache types that get old. Do micros in the woods REALLY not bother anyone else?
  8. Nothing makes my day like a travel bug or a geocoin I run across. I guess that probably goes without saying... I've seen some neat costume jewelry, got a pretty little butterfly ring out of one cache. Every once in a while we'll run across wooden handmade toys, which are really impressive, but we leave those be for the kids. One signature item - by the Wagners I believe? - we've seen several times is REALLY nice - a little jewelry ziploc full of fine white sand and a few shells or pebbles, for people to make their own zen rock/seashell gardens.
  9. These are hilariously familiar! I have two - one mine, one belonging to my boyfriend. Mine: We were going after a cache in Maryland down an ORV trail, really beautiful area. There are stinging nettles around - I hate them so much!!! - and I'm wading through them thinking "OW OW OW!" The pain intensifies but I'm really focused on finding the cache... until I look down and realize it's no longer just the nettles stinging me, but the dozens of yellowjackets from the nest I stepped in. I flew down the mountain, crying and batting at the little bastards! They just grab on, sting, pivot slightly, sting again... I HATE THEM! I was in severe pain for days, I never did find that cache. And now, I'm very skittish about walking near logs in piles of dead leaves... His: Caching has helped him start to conquer a fairly intense dislike of heights. One day he was out caching by himself, and ended up having to climb up a very tall firetower for a cache at the top of it. Though wary, he did it, and he found the cache. Feeling on top of the world, he snaked out the logbook to sign it... and promptly dropped the lid to the cache. He watched it sail alllllllllllll the way down to the earth with dismay, knowing he'd have to climb ALLLLL the way down, and then do it again. But he did it! Can't leave a cache without a lid, after all!
  10. Not twenty feet from a pretty stream cache in a public park in Catoosa, OK, my boyfriend and I notice a REALLY nice climbing harness just lying in some leaves. It takes us a few curious moments to look up, but when we do, a brand new tree stand is up the tree. We hang up the harness again, since it looks like it fell off the stand - but we're still curious as to the trust someone must have to leave that amount of equipment - nice stuff, too! - in a PUBLIC park!
  11. I was getting replies on all my stuff until about three days ago... turns out for whatever reason that Gmail started sending everything from noreply@geocaching.com to spam - even though there hadn't been any problems with that before. Perhaps either something about the notifications have changed or gmail standards have changed -either way, I'd check your spam folder, esp if you use Gmail. I just set up a rule to exclude that email address from spam, and everything popped back to normal for me.
  12. Yes to the creepy front lawn ones. I'm supposed to be stealthy, so I try to avoid lurking in someone's front yard! Also, I had to add my two cents - even though it's been said before - MICROS IN THE WOODS. WHY!? WHYYYYY!? I always get a little despondent when I have a bushwhacky hike into a remote area that CLEARLY few people ever venture to - and then I have to look for a bison tube? Or a nano somewhere? I really appreciate when people hide larger containers wherever possible. Micros get old to me in non-urban settings!
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