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  1. Does the city nav / select software show all of the same country/ county roads as topo? I went with topo because I wanted to make sure it tracked me on any of the dirt / gravel roads that I traveled on, But if the city versions cover tham all also, I might look into getting it also. In your opinions, is the city nav / select software worth having if a person already has the topo?
  2. This might be a dumb question, but I will ask it anyways. When I am using the auto route function on my 60csx, I notice that it doesn't always follow the roads, even if I have told it to. Will the routing follow the country roads on the topo software? Or does it just follow the major highways that came pre-programmed into the unit? I noticed that when I am getting ready to send a new map set to the unit from the Mapsource topo software, the little box that can be checked at the bottom of the map list, that says something about "include auto routing info for units that support auto-routing" is voided out, to where you can't check, or uncheck the box. It won't let me check the box to include the info for autorouting. Do I have something set up wrong? Or does the topo software just not supprt routing on the "country roads"?
  3. Just got my 60csx last week, and it had the 64MB card. Very nice bonus!
  4. I had the "find by name" problem with mine also, but once I did the firmware upgrade (2.62 beta) it worked perfectly for me. You can get it free from Garmins site.
  5. I just went thru the same ordeal. I have the Legend B/W, and was wanting the color screen. and improved reception. Just got my new 60csx yesterday, and I don't regret spending the extra $$$ one bit! Awesome unit, and the reception/accuracy this thing has compared to my Legend is incredible. Couldn't barely get a signal at all in my house & office with the Legend, but when I turned on the 60 the first time,(in my house) I got full lock on about 8-9 birds. I do like the small size of the Legend, but having the color screen is so much better.
  6. OK, thanks for the info. I will download the firmware, and give it a try. EDIT **** Did the download, everything works great now!!! Thanks again for you help!!!!
  7. Just got my new 60csx today. After playing around with it a little, so far I love it! The reception is unbelievable compared to my Legend. One thing I noticed though, when I hit find, to find a city, I enter the mode of "find by name". And I noticed that after just entering a few letters, it automatically goes to a few citys, none of which are the ones I was searching for. For instance, I wnated to do a "find" on Olney IL. after just putting in the O nad the L, it just switched over to a screen that had some foreign city on it, wouldn't let me go any further. I know on my Legend, you could put as many letters in as it required to find what city you were looking for. But the 60 seems to be missing a ton of cities in it's memory. Anyone have this problem? Or am I just doing something wrong?
  8. Also just got the GPSMAP 60CSx, got mine from GPSdiscount .com $406 shipped. Should be here tomorrow (2 day delivery) They have alot of nice deals on that site, well worth checking out. Nice prices on accessories also!
  9. Thanks for all of the info you all gave me! I was dead set on getting the Legend, but what the heck! It's only money right?? I ordered my new 60csx today, I figured if I didn't go ahead and get it,,,, I would always just wonder if I made the right choice. Got a good deal online for about $100 less than I expected to pay, so I went for it. Can't wait to get it and try it out! Hope it doesn't take forever to learn how to navigate around on this one, I kinda liked the little "push stick" that the legend had. You say this one is a fairly easy transition to learn??? The legend is the only GPS I have ever had, so I don't have much experience with learning how to use new units. Probably be posting alot more on here until I learn everything on the 60. I still pretty much a "newby" to all of this GPS stuff.
  10. Just found one for around $400 shipped. Trying to restrain from grabging my credit card right now. I think I'm gonna have to get the 60, save a few steps, because I figure after having the New legend for a while, I would just end up upgrading with the 60 after a while anyway! Thanks for all the info!
  11. WOW, Thanks for all the info! Now I am really wondering. I had read that the new Legend cx was alot more sensitive than the old Legend, and that was alot of the reason I was looking at it. (other than the color screen) But you say the 60 will out-do the Legend cx for keeping a signal? I do loose signal in the deep woods once in a while, that would be a great thing to "fix". I guess my main concern is if it hold the signals + $200 better?? LOL
  12. I currently have a regular E-trex Legend, just the simple grayscale display. I am wanting to upgrade to a newer / color model. Looking at the Legend cx mostly because I figure it would operate almost the same as my regular Legend, and I wouldn't have to re-learn how to use a unit. But from reading the forum, It sounds like the 60csx is an awesome unit, so now it had sparked my interest. Is there a huge difference in performance between the 2 units? I notice there is a significant difference in the prices, and was wondering if the extra $$$$$ would be worth spending for me? I mostly just use my GPS for caching, and hiking. I definately want a color screen now, and want more memory for maps. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't mind spending money on a nicer unit, but don't want to spend on something that i wouldn't really need. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. $99,,,, Wow, I'm going to Target today!! That's a good deal!
  14. Thanks for the info, I tried it out on the GPS,works great. I knew you could put info in there different ways, but I didn't really know anything about the different formats. There are alot of things I don't completely understand about GPS, but I'm learning a little at a time. (thanks to this forum, and all the helpfull members)
  15. Just tried it on my V3 Razr, works great. Awesome feature! been wanting this for quite a while, nice for traveling, and seeing what is nearby. Thanks
  16. Yes, the first one you posted is the exact one, putting the spaces in there must do the trick, Thanks for the info. Cardinal, thanks for the info also, didn't realize I could just do a little math and convert it over. I will try putting the spaces in, and play around with it more at work tomorow. EDIT**** just wanted to let you know, I tried it on google, and did the "divide by 60" thing, it works great on the Google, and works great on putting it into my GPS. thanks again for the info. It was alot easier than I thought!
  17. I put the coords. from the cache pages into google maps, and it always pops up a location. In my job, i work with Quallcomm satalite systems in a bunch of trucks, and when I do a location check on one of my drivers, it has coordinates posted at the side of the display, but they are different from the ones on the cache pages, and they won't pull up a location when I put them in the search field of google maps. Here is what they look like... 0410330N 0885549W I'm fairly new to all of this, and I know there are different ways the long. & lat. can be displayed, Is there a way to convert the "Quallcomm version" to the regular version that I am used to? So I can use an online map to get a better idea of when they are? Or so I can put the numbers in my E-trex as a waypoint?
  18. I figured as much, I was planning on getting a back pac for this spring, so I will definately try to rig up something on the shoulder strap. That seems like it would work pretty well.
  19. I was thinking of gettting a neck lanyard for my legend, but I noticed that the loop for a lanyard is on the bottom of the unit. If I attach a lanyard there, will it still get a decent signal while walking with it being upside down? If not, would a belt holster work better? I would rather have the neck lanyard, that way it is always close and quick to check my progress. But I won't mess with it if it doesn't hold the signal while walking. Anyone use these?
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    Thanks for the info!
  21. Because I'm an idiot, that never noticed that before. LOL Sorry, belive it or not, I had never really noticed that. Thanks for the info.
  22. Something that I do quite often is just cut and past the coordinates from the cache page directly to the search field of google maps. It will pinpoint exactly where the cache is, and you can zoom/pan/ etc. Also just click the "hybrid" or "satellite" button, and you have an instant satellite photo with the location marked also. Works very nice. For instance ... put the numbers - N 37° 49.525 W 094° 21.211 in the search box at Google Maps and you will see exactly where one of your local caches are at.
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    Does the forum offer the RSS feeds?
  24. From what I can tell by playing around with it, it takes away all of the poi's from the entire area that you don't have a map loaded onto. Not a real big deal, because I won't be in those areas anyway, and if I plan on going to a different area, just load the map to it, and will all be there again. I think I have it all figured out now. (hopefully) This Topo software is awesome, wish I would have gotten it the same day I purchased the GPS unit. Sure makes navigating the "back roads" alot simpler. Now I'm getting bitten by the bug, already wanting to upgrade to a color unit with more storage! LOL
  25. Thank you for the info, especialy the tip about adding the 2MB later on. I just added it tonight and had not turned it back on since. Sure enough, after reading your post, I turned it back on, and everything from northern IL was gone. Reloading it all now. Glad to hear it doesn't erase anything major! I was nervous about it deleting pre-programmed stuff. You say it only deletes stuff that is related to water/marine poi's? Nothing that I would use for the traveling/hiking?
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