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  1. I just got a new laptop, and it doesn't have a com port. only USB. I had used my old legend before, hooked up to my old laptop, running the GPS option on Streets & Trips. It worked great! I could follow along with my location on the computer screen, and the routing was awesome. But with my new Dell Inspiron 1300, and my 60 csx, I cant get it to work now.The Streets & Trips program wont recognise / find my GPS. It seems like it won't even work with a USB connected GPS devise. Does anyone have a 60csx running off of Streets & Trips? Am I missing something? Or do I just have to go back to my old legend, with some type of USB to Comm port adapter to be able to use the S&T software for GPS stuff again? Any help would be appreciated, I really miss using it.
  2. I have also wished for the same thing. I just got back from Mexico yesterday. Was really wanting to have maps for this trip, but didn't want to spend so much $$ for a 1 week deal.
  3. I finally got it to go. Must have just not installed the driver correctly. It's up and going now. works great. Can't wait to get out and use it.
  4. I finally got it to go. Must have just not installed the driver correctly. It's up and going now. works great. Can't wait to get out and use it.
  5. Win98SE (Second Edition) was the first Windows to really support USB. Lots of times the USB port is not enabled. Go into the BIOS settings and make sure. Try another USB device to be sure...side note, Win98SE often won't automatically find and load drivers, lots of times you need to point it to where you have the driver (CD, subdir, or wherever). How do I get to the page to check the BIOS setting? I tried my camera usb, it didn't work either. I've been playing around with it, and it seems like the USB option under "find device" isn't even an option. It only will ask which serial port I want to check. I'll play around some more, but getting frustrated!! LOL
  6. Mapsource United States Topo, bought about 6 months ago using a 60 csx. It works fine on my home computer, but I can't get it going on the laptop, Not sure if it makes a difference, but I've never used Windows 98.
  7. I just borrowed an old laptop to try out for running my topo software for my GPS. I installed the topo software, but when I try to "find my device", it wont find it. It brings up choices for serial ports, but doesn't show anything for USB. It is an older laptop, but it had Windows 98, so I thought that would be fine to run the software. It just wont bring up my GPS (60csx) when I try the "find device" task. I'm completely new to laptops, and I have never been on anything other than Windows XP. So alot if this is new to me. Anyone have any suggestions? I would really like to use this laptop on an upcoming trip.
  8. difference on the car adapter is that it's mechanical connection is much stronger, which will help avoid breaking the USB connector due to stress that probably wasn't intended to be put on the USB connector in the unit. The power cord from the car adapter goes straight down the back of the unit. likely further minimizing the stress. so, it's a little pricey, but you can find it discounted, and to me, if it helps reduce the change that I'll break the usb connector on my new $400 device, I'll go for it... just an addt'l 2 cents. This is something I've been pondering for a while.. i noticed that my charger cord for my Motorola Razr phone will power my 60 csx. My question is, is it safe to use it? (Other than the breaking the usb port), when I plug it in to my phone charger, does it just power the unit? Or will it try to charge the alkaline batteries that are in it? I've used it for powering it at night a few times, and it doesn't seem to hurt anything, but it's always in the back of my mind that it might not seperate the battery power from the plug in power.
  9. On my 60csx, I notice while looking through al the icons that I can assign to a POI that I mark, there is a section with a bunch of colored circles located under a title of "CUSTOM". What is this about? I'm assuming you can make custom icons, but how do you do that?
  10. Just wanted to bump this one to the top, I am going to get a "Q" soon also, and was wondering the same thing about using it for paperless caching. Can it be done? Or do I need a regular PDA?
  11. This morning on the way to work, I put my 60csx, and my Legend up on the dash to do a comparison test. The 60 help alot better signal, and was almost always 10 ft. closer for the accuracy. I noticed 1 thing that I found odd though, The 60csx was locked to Waas # 51, with D's all the way across, and the Legend was locked on waas 35 with the D's. I always thought that 35 was the closest one to Illinois. Why would the 60 not pick it up? I have never gotten a lock on 35 with the 60csx, but 35 is all my legend will even see. Can anyone explain why it is doing this?
  12. Thanks for the info!! I just did the download. My unit has never even seen 48 or 51 before, but now it's recieving both of them. I assume 35 is still under constuction, I'm not locking on it, (35 is all I've ever seen here in Illinois) But I'm now locking onto 48 and 51, and getting "D's" across the board, with 15 ft. accuracy in my living room. Thanks Garmin for finally fixing it, I'll have to admit, I wasn't real happy haveing a WAAS unit, and not being able to even recieve WAAS. But I'm extremely happy I choses this unit now. Love it!
  13. There is also a nice group of caches in north central Illinois,set up along the I&M Canal Between Peru, and Joliet done up by mostly RetiredDNR&R2. Great for a long bike ride, most of them right off the trail. Went out 1 day for a few hours and found about 8-9 caches, great historic trail, with lots to see and do.
  14. I just upgraded from a regular Legend, to the 60 csx. Took them both out today and did some caching, looking at both of them side by side. The 60 csx blows away the Legend. I pulled into a drive thru car wash to wash the car on the way home, the Legend went completely dead, the 60 still held 6-8 satalites the entire time I was inside the brick building. I don't think you will regret it if you upgraded.
  15. After doing the firmware/software upgrades, I took it outside last night to play around, I was getting quick "flashes" of sat. 35. It wouldn't lock on, but at least it did appear on the screen a few times. Had the Legend out with it, and it wouldn't lock on either. Having both units side by side sure makes me love the 60csx even more, it was locked onto satalites, that the legend wasn't even seeing. And the time it takes to aquire the satalites just comletely blows away the Legend. I'm keeping the Legend for a back up, but it sure is hard to look at that little black & white screen now! LOL
  16. I see on the Garmin site you can get the pre-progrmmed cards for Topo. Do they make any pre-programmed cards for city select or nav?
  17. On your navigation screen, (the one with the arrow on the compass ring that always points towards where your heading) there are 3 "buttons" at the bottom. scroll over to the button on the left, I think it says FOUND, or FIND. click on it, and it will change the icon to an open geocache box, and log it to your calendar.
  18. Both my GPS units have shown about 2 MPH slower than my speedometer in both of my vehicles. I would like to compare it to a radar gun sometimes to see if there is any difference. Although compared to the speedometer on my bike, it was dead on the same as it shows.
  19. I thought of that also, but I do have it set to Normal mode. I'm not that worried about it, I just wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with my GPS unit, like I had said, the accuracy on this thing is definitely not a problem, I love this new unit. I'll just wait patiently, and play around with the WAAS stuff in Sept. when everyone says it is supposed to be back up and running.
  20. OK, thanks. I thought something might be wrong, but I won't worry about it. The accuracy of it without waas help is great anyways. no big deal.
  21. OK, Thanks. I just thought it was odd that it didn't even show a spot for the 35 bird, even if there is no signal, because my Legend always did. I did the update, I now have software 2.70 and SW version 2.50. But still no open spots open for the waas satalites. I'm still learning about this unit, so maybe that is just the way it is set up, to not even show it if it doesn't have even a weak signal reception of it being up there. ???
  22. UPDATE-- after reading more of the old post.... would doing the "web updater" download solve this problem?
  23. I know this has been talked about quite a bit, the 35 bird is hard to lock onto now. I recently got my 60csx, and went out yesterday for a quick cache find, and decided to enable WAAS, and see what it would do. (1st time I've enabled it due to reading all the post about 35 being out of service for a while) On my satalite screen, even when I have waas ENABLED, it doesn't even show the waas birds. The nubers stop at 29. ???? I know on my Legend, it might not always lock onto the 35, but it would always show it there on the screen. Shouldn't it at least show it on the 60's screen, if the waas is enabled? Or will it not show up at all unless it is detected?
  24. I have the same thing, (Razr), Is the adapter the correct voltage? Is this safe to use for power? Is it OK to plug it in with regular alkaline batteries in it? If so, I will definately try it out. Just want to make sure it won't damage anything.
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