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  1. OK, thanks for the quick responce. I'll just grab another copy for the other unit.

    Downloading the first one now. WOW, didn't realize how long this would take. Been working on the first one for 2 1/2 hours, gonna have to wait a day or 2 for the next one, and start earlier! LOL

    Maybe getting the disc would be quicker in the long run?

    Thanks again.

  2. I was looking more at using the software on the Nuvi's, I use the Handhelds for geocaching mostly, and only need the topo maps on it, but I use both the Nuvi 200, and the Nuvi 350 for driving.


    But I believe that answers my question, I wasn't sure if I could install the 2009 CityNav on both my Nuvi's, or just one of them.

    Sounds like only 1 then, correct?


    I don't mind paying for 2 updates, just wanted to make sure it was necessary, before I did it.

  3. I have several GPS's, handhelds,(ETREX-Legend, & 60csx) and a couple Nuvi's (200W , & 350)

    I noticed that there is a 2009 version of City Nav out, & I was thinking of buying the download.

    My question is, If I buy this download, will I be able to install it on both Nuvi's? Or do I need to buy 2 different downloads, with 2 different keys to have both Nuvi's upgraded? Is this a one time / one GPS thing? or if I buy the download, can I use it repeatedly on my own stuff?

    I know when I bought the disk for topo on my handhelds, I could re-install things as needed on my 60csx, because it didn't have enough room to hold the entire country at once.

    Any comments welcome / appreciated.

  4. Only talking from reviews but seems a lot of people are fairly happy with the Mio's and they look like they're priced a little lower for the feature set. Plus I think most have the SirfStarIII chipset so reception should be very good. Personally I'm very happy with my 60 CSx in the car. Guess I've never had the fancy voice prompts so the little beeps are fine.




    I've never seen those before, thanks for the info. I'll check it out.


    I noticed it mentions having even the country road included. That is something I want to make sure the unit I buy has, It must have an up to date map of even the small country / gravel roads if possible.

  5. I was thinking of getting a little non-handheld GPS system for my car. I have the 60csx, but was wanting something to just run in the car only.

    I have been looking at the Magellan Maestro 3100 , it seems like a pretty nice unit, for a decant price. A friend of mine has one, & says it works great.

    I have looked at the Tom Toms. They seem like nice units, but are a little more pricey, with alot of extra stuff that I probably wouldn't use.


    Do any of you have any suggestions for a good unit to run? IS the 3100 one of the best for the $$. Or do you know of something that is a better value?


    I'm not interested in any of the MP3, bluetooth, traffic, etc. stuff. Don't need any of the fancy bells and whistles. I just want one that has up to date maps, and great routing capabilities. That will get me from point A to B with the most accuracy.


    Any suggestions?????

  6. I use the google maps software on my Treo 680 quite a bit, very handy software.

    Is there any plug ins / software that can turn the mobile google maps into showing caches on it like the geocaching.com google maps option does on the cache info pages? Or like the plug in for Google earth that shows all caches on a page view?

  7. Thanks for the responses, I removed the "extra" stuff on Mapsource when I put it on there, then deleted the saved tracks form my GPS. Sent the editd tracks back to the GPS, and it came up with everything again.

    I was just hoping that I could save the "clean" version of tracks, so it would be easier to navigate on the trails when I go back.


    BTW.... I was hoping the Topo would have the trails marked already when I bought it. but nothing there. It is Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL.

    Anyone know if there is anywhere I could get a GPS map of the trails in there?

    I spend alot of time hiking there, so I know my way around a little, but it sure would be nice to have all the trails marked on my GPS.

  8. I did some hiking in a nearby State Park last weekend, and was using tracks to mark the trails. As I would reach the end of a trail, I would turn off the tracking, so it wouldn't show the return tracks going back to the begining of the trail, I covered quite a few trails, turning the tracking on, and off as needed to keep the display nice & neat.

    My problem is, when I went to save the tracks, (so I could bring them back up the next time I visist this park), it saved everything, including all of the tracks from when I was walking around with the tracking turned off. So now it shows up as quite a jumbled mess on the screen. But the original tracks I have are nice and neat.

    Is there any way to just save what is showing on the screen? & not everything else?

    I played around on the computer using mapsource, but couldn't figure out how to get rid of all the extra tracks showing up.

    Any help / comments would be appreciated.

  9. I just got a new TREO 680. I am wanting to use it for Geocaching. Will the cachemate software run OK on it?

    Does anyone run Geocaching software on a 680 Treo out there?

    This is my 1st phone/PDA, so everything is pretty new to me, I was just wanting to do away with all paper this summer while caching.

    Any suggestions of good software to run on this Treo would be appreciated.

  10. I've never used the Garmin /USB adapter, but I would assume it will power your unit.


    I use the car charger from my Motorola RAZR cell phone to power mine in the car quite a bit, & it has a regular USB plug on the end. (alot cheaper that way also)

    I've read several other threads on this forum from other members that have used the cell phone charger to power the 60csx also.


    I'm pretty sure you can power it from BOTH ways.

  11. I had the same problem, I got the GPS Gate software ( http://franson.com/ ) and it worked. This software creates a "virtual port" and will make S&T recognise your GPS, just like if it was hooked to a serial port.


    S&T did crash every once in a while on me though. Since then, I have just went out and purchased the regular little USB plug in GPS reciever that comes with Streets & Trips, and I use it. It works great, and I don't have to mess with plugging in, and unplugging the GPS all the time. (I was using a 60csx)

  12. My 60 csx still is showing a maximum speed of 515 MPH. I took it along on a trip to Mexico this last summer.

    It picked up a pretty decent signal while sitting next to the window, but if I moved over 1 seat towards the middle, I couldn't get anything.

    As I was boarding, I spoke briefly with the Captain, & asked if it would be OK to switch it on during the flight. He was familiar with the 60csx,he had one himself, and said it would be no problem, but also said that several of his fellow co-workers, (other pilots) had a different feelings about them.

    I would always ask someone on the flight permission before pulling it out, and turning on. Somebody may get pretty freaked out if they See you holding a GPS up to the window while in flight.

    It's pretty neat being able to track yourself over a map, or over the ocean while flying.

    As others mentioned, because of the cabin pressure, while we were at approx. 30,000 ft, my GPS was showing 5000 - 7000ft.

  13. I run the topo software on my GPS, & use my laptop with Streets & Trips for the driving directions, I figured if I have the Microsoft reciever, I won't have to plug my GPS into the laptop for driving.


    If it runs from sirfIII, that's what I was hoping for, I just didn't want to buy it, and fing out the reciever was weak, and loose signal any time I drove under tree cover or something.


    Thanks for the info

  14. I was thinking of getting the plug in GPS reciver that comes with the Streets & Trips software....

    Has anyone out there tried this product? I currently just hook up my 60csx to the laptop and use it with the S&T software.

    I was wondering if the little USB / Plug in reciever that comes with the package does a very good job with accuracy, and holding a good signal while traveling?


    Any help would be appreciated.

  15. What DocDitto said. (Which is what I tried to say, but apparently failed.)


    GPSGate should "own" the USB connection. Everything else - including GSAK - should talk to GPSGate's virtual serial ports.


    That is what I thought it would do. I figured all I would have to do is plug in the GPS, and GPS gate would take care of the rest, but it doesn't seem to do that for me. After playing around with it some moe, I still have to "find" the port by configuring GPS on Streets & Trips, and I still have to close the GPS gate to get GSAK to recognise my GPS.


    Did I maybe do something wrong in the istalation of GPS Gate?


    When I go to the setup wizard on GPSGate, it will always "find" the Gps , and I go ahead and tell it to use that. But it still does the above mentioned.


    And when I configure the GPS from Streets & Trips, it always "finds" it on com port 2. once I click OK after that screen, it will start working fine.


    I can go ahead and keep doing it the way I have been, but I sure would like it to work like a "plug & play" like I figured it would after installing the gpsgate.

  16. Thanks for the response...


    After playing around with it for the last hour or so, I finally got it to work.

    Seems like if I "close" the gps gate, (i.e. turn the icon in the task bar red)it comes back and works fine on GSAK, then just open it up again, and it working for Streets & Trips again.


    Sound about right to you?

  17. I downloaded the GPS Gate so I could use my 60 csx for Streets & Trips through the USB port. It works now on S&T. But... I have to reconfigure GPS Gate settings, and Streets & Trips GPS functions every time I go to use it. Isn't it supposed to be automatic?

    Also, now that I have downloaded the GPSGate, GSAK won't recognise / find my GPS anymore. I use it for downloading caches into my GPS alot, so I really would like to have it back.


    Did I do somehting wrong when I downloaded GPS Gate? Or do I have to change some settings around for it it to work for GSAK?


    The way I understood it, if I installed the GPS Gate software, My 60csx would work on both programs.



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