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  1. Hi, Would you be able to share the username of the account that's experiencing the issue? That'll help us locate any errors in telemetry logs. Thank you
  2. Hi, Sorry to hear about the bug. We're testing out a fix over the air. Follow these steps to get the latest version with the fix: Ensure that the app is closed and is not running in the background Open the app and wait a few seconds (This downloads the fix) Close the app and ensure that it's not running in the background Open the app again (This starts the app with the fix) If this resolves the issue then we'll ship this fix in the next version deployed to the app store. Thank you
  3. Hi GeoMuBa, We were able to reproduce the issue and are working on a formal solution. Thank you for your report and patience. In the meantime, temporary workaround steps are: 1) Check the "I have read and agree to the terms of use agreement and geocaching hiding guidelines" checkbox at the bottom of the page 2) Change cache type You should then receive a prompt to confirm that change. Be aware that changing geocache type now erases additional waypoints; this is because waypoint rules vary by cache type and the rules are now being enforced. Let me know if this workaround works for you. Again, we'll be following up with a formal solution shortly. Thank you, syntaxerror
  4. Hi GeoMuBa Two questions: 1) Which geocache are you attempting to edit? (GC Code, guid, ID, or the full URL of the edit page will be sufficient) 2) Do you mind if we attempt to change the cache type for you on our side to reproduce the issue? Thank you, syntaxerror
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