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  1. Don't forget to bring your solar showers to Ramona. No water at all.
  2. The UT has got a new updated map. http://www.signonsandiego.com/firemap/ It's got the addresses and locations for many of the houses in RB. I think they'll add houses in other neighborhoods as they can get people out to survey the damage.
  3. Here's a link to a bunch of San Diego Webcams http://hpwren.ucsd.edu/cameras/
  4. Mt. Gower is on fire in spots. They have crews near the houses at the base of the mountain. The air is clear and breathable in the Country Estates, all the smoke is blowing toward the coast.
  5. PassingWind logged around 1100 caches before I logged my first. Thus, Caching Widow.
  6. Photos you can fake, but how do you explain this?
  7. I was born in Duluth...does that count?
  8. I usually just pick mine up in the butcher's section at Von's. I don't have to worry about chopping on shot that way.
  9. I got a new head cold, so I'll pick the 101.
  10. Just seems like there's nothing to talk about anymore... It's been more than a year since anyone's flushed themselves out of a storm drain or broken their arm or ... I tried to help out by going on the Navajo Adventure twice in one day, but I didn't die nor even hurt myself very much... It is the start of turkey season tomorrow and myself and someone are hiking about 4 miles into Boden canyon around 3:30 am in the dark, so no telling what might happen. Two less turkeys in the world, plus I did three caches,it don't get any better then that. Mmmm, I like Wild Turkey!
  11. I wish I would have remembered that my camera could do videos. Still pics just don't do that canyon justice.
  12. Thank you All those years of training paid off. One of my 8 professions.
  13. So exactly how many miles did we go on Saturday. I've heard several estimates between 8 and 11.25 miles. BTW, I finally got me carne asada burrito on the way home...HEAVEN!
  14. Oh yaaa dair! I actually took that as a elective in high school P.E. I don't think PW was ever subjected to it though.
  15. I really want to do this one, I've heard so many fun things. But, alas, I shall be doing my taxes!
  16. Thanks for posting the item numbers. I swear if my head wasn't attached..... Or just do a eBay seach on "Anza geocoin". The auction still has 6ish days left. Also, if you bought from the Cointracking.com or mygeoswag.com site this week you'll also be in the drawing. If all the coins go on eBay, it'll be a maximum of 60 names in the drawing. Then I can start work on my next coin.
  17. Sure, no prob. I'll send yours out at the end of the auction as well, if you don't mind. In case you win.
  18. Buy one of these remaining Anza-Borrego Geocoins off eBay and be entered into a drawing to win my LAST Anza LE geocoin (only 10 made). All coins will ship at close of BIN auction and the winner will receive LE with their regular order. That's a 1 in 50 chance!
  19. No, no, no...I got yall beat! I met this guy on top of Iron Mountain. Uni Story from The Ramona Home Journal
  20. I'll have to admit that I've given in to the dark side. I'm up to 46 caches.
  21. I didn't come down with any PO, though PW got some, but I think that was from a couple of days before. And now for something completely different... After much demand, I now have a Caching Widower design on my CafePress.com site. I've also added Girlfriend and Boyfriend designs as well. If you have any other requests, please let me know and I'll see about adding them.
  22. After much demand, I now have a Caching Widower design on my <<editted by moderator>> site. I've also added Girlfriend and Boyfriend desings as well. If you have any other requests, please let me know and I'll see about adding them.
  23. Chargers are 8-0 at home for the first time since 1980!!!
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