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  1. I used free wireless network in Estonia and click these profile links, it works So it counts
  2. Added all Estonia flag, when I was in short trip and geocaching there
  3. me for shure and you need to do some geocaching in Africa also ? Thanks
  4. Thanks and remember that after 2-3 days you can also visit again the same page from same IP adress and it count another +1
  5. Thanks for this list, very usefull
  6. Thank you so much for Mozambiq, it is so rare
  7. Guys keep visiting profiles, i gave u Latvia Thanks for flags :) You are the best :)
  8. Remember after 2-3 days you can visit profile again and it will count another new flag! Visited you all guys, hope you will visit my profile page back
  9. Dont forget you can visit again profile page from the same IP adress after 2-3 days, it will count another time
  10. Please visit back profile page, Africa countries are rare
  11. I'd like them. I've found a cache in UAE but don't have a flag from a visitor. Got to you new flags from UAE and Russia
  12. Soon I will go on vacation to UAE via Moscow, if anyone want flag count from United Arab Emirates and Russia, let me know
  13. I will have flight through Istanbul, so i will add Turkey also to your counter 👍🏼 My top is 1. Latvia 2. USA 3. Germany 4. Hungary 5. Lithuania, China
  14. Hi, right now I am in Serbia, added serbian flag most of you, if you need leave a message here.
  15. First from Latvia! Oddly enough, after the U.S. Latvia ranks second for the number of visits by country on my flag counter. Thats from me Maybe you know how to put flag counter on trackable page??? I am trying to do exatly the same like on geocache page but it's no displayed Is there some kind of secret feature what I am missed Bought some trackables and it would be great to get on listing page also there a flag counter....
  16. Great idea! You now have another UK visit on your profile. I've just added a flag counter too so any profile visits are welcome http://www.geocachin...file/?id=673868 Of course, I forgot to check this forum section while I was in China so didn't add a China flag for anyone while I as there. I only found a few caches (and DNFd one a remote section of the Great Wall). If I can somehow remember to do it I can add what is likely a rare flag to some user profiles the first week in April. I'm going to be in Cuba for a week. BTW, I haven't tried this but I had an idea for how to add lots of flags to the flag counter in ones profile. Just pick out a country then look at the listings for a few PMO caches (easy to do with a pocket query) from a few different cache owners. Reload the cache pages a bunch of times and if one or more of the COs had the audit log turned on they just might check out your profile to see who is looking at their cache listing so often. Is it working? Try! I dont get it, this audio log. But I cant see on my own cache listing page or trackable who is viewing page listing
  17. I were in Shanghai and in Beijing, but i hadn't a lot time to go caching. Main goal was to find at least one Found one with great view to the lake in Beijing at summer palace, there ir a lot of caches now. And even there is some trails in the parks, but with a lot of chinese mugglers. Plus found also 2 virtual caches good luck in China Where in China? I'll be in Beijing for the third time in November. The last time I as in Beijing there were very few geocaches but that's changed quite a bit. I'll only have 1 day free to go caching and will probably spend time at the Old Summer Palace.
  18. Hi, i not heard about it. Flag counter on my profile and GC list page works good, everything is ok. Right now, I am in China, if you need a visit and flag from China and also later Russia, leave a message here
  19. Hello Added first from Latvia to your flag counter, and for other profiles in this topic please visit me back
  20. Hello country collectors, if someone needs a Hungary flag on your flag counter give me a reply, i am caching right now in Budapest - many trails and other geocaches, have found also Tisza lake trail and somecaches around in Debrecen, next stop Tatra mountains in Slovakia.
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