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    Dead Bug

    Copyright laws are nothing I want to cross. People get busted everyday for cutting vinyl decals of sports teams and other logos. I'm sure it's fine, but resurrecting old TB's with vinyl decals should be a service offered by Geocaching.com.
  2. karkess

    Dead Bug

    I had a travel bug who tried to survive out in the wild, but alas, it's been 2 years and no sign of him. Can I regenerate him? Meaning, I have a vinyl sign business and am quite capable of cutting a travel bug and number as a car decal, or possibly as some other type of TB. Is this ok? Am I breaking any copyright laws by cutting the bug itself?
  3. Don't forget about insects. I have thought about using wood, but I don't think I would without putting it inside another plastic waterproof/insect proof container. Especially if it is something really cool or you put your heart and soul into making. Good luck
  4. Now, I can see it being accidentally and unintentionally messed up if it is not a cut and dry cache - which this one wasn't. I can also see the cacher who mistakenly messed it up trying to fix it. I've done that before! But what I don't understand is why they would go so far as to CUT the rope that hung it in place (giving it slack to allow it to slide down from the tree it was hung from), totally make a mess of things (and it was obvious that it was put back wrong).... and then not say a thing to the CO. Just doesn't make sense to me. Unless they were just embarrassed and didn't want to admit they screwed it up I guess... It would make things a lot easier if you could spell it out for them in the cache listing, but that would give too much info if you did that, you might as well draw them a map and take a picture of exactly where it is and how to get to it. The purpose of this cache was to have a different kind of cache find other than the A-typical cache's that are normally found. Something different, something cool. I guess that is the payment for having a different cache! Oh, well...on to the next!
  5. There is nothing more maddening than working several hours on a cache and spending another couple hours finding the a place to put the cache, only to have someone yank it down, not a big deal. But instead of contacting me to let me know what happened, they tried to fix it themselves and in their failed attempt cut the rope holding it up, which now makes the rope too short to use and must be replaced. Moral of the story...While caching should you accidently mess up someone else's cache, let the CO know about it and don't modify things to try and make them work!
  6. You'll learn soon enough that you need a think skin sometimes to be on these forums. In any case, Don't kid yourself. Just because you can only place three "wishes" doesn't mean that the person will use them wisely. Read those stories again or watch the Twilight Zone. My skin is plenty thick, I just wasn't expecting it. You do have a point about using them wisely, I wish I had a peanutbutter sandwich. Oh! And I wish there was jelly on it, and I wish I had a glass of milk to wash it down.
  7. Wow! It seems some people around here can be a bit harsh, so much for my feel-good impression of the geocaching community. I've recieved less flak on political forums. Keep in mind I asked for opinions not a beating. My view is this...I like it when I see a new cache in the area and want to try and be FTF, but I think geocaching itself could be better served by limiting the amount of caches a person can place at a single time (multi-caches excluded). Example, if you found a bottle, rubbed it and a genie appeared and offered to grant your every wish forever, you would go crazy and not care what you wished for because you have an infinate amount of wishes. However, with the usual three wish scenerio more thought and care would go into making those wishes because of the limit. Same with caches. We all have run accross caches that are poorly maintained, if at all. Perhaps the person just got bored or maybe they have too many caches to maintain. Either way, the game itself would be benefit from a limit, either on a time between caches placed limit, or an overall cache to cacher limit.
  8. There are only a couple challenges in my area, and to be honest, they are completely stupid and a waste of my time. Go somewhere you drive by a hundred times, but stop and take a picture of you with a an object and then post the picture? Yawn! The fun of caching is "finding the cache" just like the pamphlet we all put in our caches say. It is especially fun to find a cache that is unique and well thought out. But going to visit something I see everday? No thanks!
  9. I was wondering what other people's thoughts were on this. There's a cacher in my area that has gone cache crazy in creating new caches. For instance he placed 10 caches in one day and they are all identical glad type containers. While I know thought, time and effort went into placing these caches, I couldn't help but feel it cheapens the experience. Perhaps a maximum per month cache placement policy so one person can't flood an entire area with caches. I have four caches myself, and I put a lot of time into making each cache I place a unique experience for the finder. Who really wants to find what amounts to the same cache by the same person over and over? I'm looking for other perspectives, maybe I'm just being uptight. Thanks
  10. The fun of geocaching for myself is seeing what kind of interesting containers people devise when they put their minds to it. Seeing something cool is always a bonus, but finding the container is my goal.
  11. I sliced the rubber tube that is used to hold screens in the frames down the center and glued the half around the seam to try and waterproof it. But if I find it leaks, I'll have to use some foam weather stripping to seal it better. If you want info on how it locks, let me know. I would like more details on the locking bit of the design. Looking at this I was thinking about something similar with magnets cause they are good too, especially the neodymium ones. The screws in the caps thread through the cap but into a slot I made with a dremel so they can slide freely. For the lock I took a test cap that is flat and inserts into the end of the pipe flush, and cut a keylike hole in it. The eye bolt on the top is 1/4" and was about 1-1/4" long. I then took a smaller eyebolt and put the 1/4" eyebolt through the eye of the second one. The smaller eyebolt is sandwiched between two flat washers and two lock nuts, but loose enough for the small eyebolt to rotate freely, that way as you rotate the cache the eyebolt always face down, and will only go through the keyhole you cut in the test cap while in one position. If this is confusing to you I could probably post a picture.
  12. I sliced the rubber tube that is used to hold screens in the frames down the center and glued the half around the seam to try and waterproof it. But if I find it leaks, I'll have to use some foam weather stripping to seal it better. If you want info on how it locks, let me know.
  13. Here's my first attempt at a locking style geocache conatiner. It's obviously pvc and opens like a drive thru banking tube. The end caps slide in and out to lock the door. The bottom just slides out, but the top has a gravity lock and the the cache has to be rotated so the proper letter is facing up before it will slide out unlocking the door. You probably don't need to guess what the eye loop is for on top, it's going high in a tree, yet will be able to be lowered from the ground at a different tree.
  14. Ya know, if all ammo cans were used as caches...Wars wouldn't last nearly as long. Seriously, how long can you sustain a fire fight with a pocket full of bullets? I think we've just discovered the secret to World peace! And then the camera turns to Kelso.
  15. I am new to geocaching and thus far I really enjoy it. I purchased the official app on day one..It never worked..At all! I found c:geo and it worked flawlessly. When the owners of geocaching are making huge money in memberships and item sales, why would they snuff out an app that is superior to theirs and that brings them business? It makes no sense. Why wouldn't they purchase the rights to the app, use it to replace the crap they are selling and put the developers on the payroll giving them a simple percent of all app sales? Quite frankley, if my c:geo app stops working and the official app doesn't work either. My geocaching days are over, because I'm not going to write down every single cache in the area and half the fun is being out somewhere and having a little time to kill and using the app to find a quick cache. (Note to Groundspeak: If enough people get fed up and stop geocaching one of two things will happen. 1) They leave forever and take their money with them. 2) Spin off site that is willing to work with developers.) It's a shame when a few people who started this because it was something they loved becomes greedy!
  16. OHHHHhhh! Now I get it, Transmute is his name! This must be one busy fellow in my area because he's all over the cache logs around me! Thanks for your reply, and it's not that you made me look stupid that bothers me...It's how easily you did it! LOL! Thanks again.
  17. I keep seeing the word "transmute" in logs, what does this mean?
  18. Hi, this is my first post here. I am new to geocaching and have found 10 so far. I was wondering if there were any groups in the Downriver area of Detroit? My wife and I like to attend some events and get to meet new people. Thanks,
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