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  1. Same problem here too. Im tying to get my routes downloaded for a road trip during spring break. I hope it resolves before I leave on Friday.
  2. I picked up a silver one to match my Eagle badge, thanks! Great coin!
  3. Thanks to Cachanova they really are a great coin and you couldn't beat the price!
  4. Well the fix worked and It came thru thanks!
  5. I got a bunch of notification email from yesterday but no MY finds PQ yet.
  6. Almost 24 hrs latter and no my finds PQ. I did get a normal PQ on Monday. I haven't seen anybody from GC.com post about this problem unless I've missed it.
  7. Does it show in the system as being sent yet? Yes it shows it was "Last Generated (PST) 3/5/2007 9:21:06 AM*"
  8. I submitted for a my finds PQ this morning about at 9:30 and I haven't received it yet. Are there any problems with this service today? And no I don't use yahoo or google or any other free email service. Ive never had a problem with Geocaching.com getting stuck in my spam folder but I checked there just in case and it wasn't there. If I don't get this one will I not be able to get another for a week?
  9. Its a baby frog, basically. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tadpole
  10. Just drop in your "My find PQ" and there you go! You can also change the icon in GE too.
  11. I am the current category manager for the LDS temple category that Mr. Blalock is complaining about. I was promoted to the leader after the category creator, who that is I don't even know, quit. I didn't write the category or make the decision on what is needed to do the waymark. I received a very long rant via mail than I haven't had time to look at or digest. Sorry I have a Life and a Job. I haven't had time to address your concern. We had a bogus waymark submitted near the waymark Mr. Blalock submitted that was blank which had been denied by another manager. If Mr. Blalock has a problem with how categorys are run he should do it himself. I myself am reconsidering doing anymore Waymarking. text of email sent to me (text removed)
  12. If your in the Kuna area you have to get one of the older caches in the state Initial Point and The curse of Thundering horse is not one to miss. There are so many great caches around there hard to list. Also check out Idaho Geocachers for the local forum. I hope you have fun.
  13. Good thing I used clear paint. ADKcache, the sea of contradition is from the different viewpoints. I'm fairly simple. If you did nothing wrong, you did nothing wrong and shouldn't have to worry about it. That's how it should be, however PrimeSuspect points out the other reality that it doesn't matter that my rock is fine, what matters is what the park ranger thinks and if he gets bent that I defaced his rocks even though I didn't the damage is done and geocaching as a whole takes a beating. Meanwhile BrianSnat points out the middle ground and says that it would be a good idea to head the trouble off at the pass and point out that your painted rocks were provided by you and not defaced park rocks. Here are some painted rocks for everones enjoyment. I just saw an old TV news news piece on that hill in Arco last night. An old guy said they used to light tractor tires on fire and see how far they could roll them down the hill On Topic a rock with coords on it out on public land no problem for me but in a state park or sensitive natural area would probably be a no.
  14. Ive seen notes on aviation sectionals(maps for airplanes) that indicate magnetic disturbances that can affect a compass. Just checked my SLC Sectional and it show that there is a 6 deg. magnetic disturbance at ground level in the Pocatello, Idaho area. Also after a quick web search I also found one on the Green Bay sectional. If you have access to an aviation sectional from your area it may indicated a magnetic disturbance in the area you described. Here's a cropped pic from the Green Bay Sectional Edit: I just noticed your from Canada, there called Visual navigation charts up there and I've never seen one I but I bet it has similar information.
  15. Id like to get the January wallpaper sans calender please
  16. 5.2 miles and 7.9 miles with finds filtered out
  17. Well I must have been doing something wrong the otherday because today it works? Admin can you close this thread.
  18. I'm going up to a reservoir and used a push pin on the camp site to generate a route in Google earth. Which GE displayed as expected. It was saved as a KML file but I couldn't get it to upload to GC.com? I tried uploading a new test route using two city names in GE and it uploaded ok. Is there a restriction against using pushpins for Start/End points on a route?
  19. I'm still looking for one more officer to help get this going, anybody interested?
  20. After reviewing the directory further, I think this category belongs in the History/Culture directory. I see that there are two existing categories Art Museums and History Museums. A history museum could includes some art but they usually target a wider amount of subjects. While an art museum has a primary focus on an art collection. How do these existing categories work together? Like an Art museum an aviation museum would have specific focus too. How to resolve the existing waymarks for aviation museums I don't know? Is there some rule that there cant be two waymarks at the same location? Just some thoughts. Thanks for the input. (Edited out some gibberish)
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