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  1. Already been done! Getting it out was a booger though!
  2. You can only do that if you are a Premium Member.
  3. Amen. Give it a rest. Amen to that.
  4. I think I will go hiking or biking or camping or something to, do to get me outside.
  5. Maybe Cloaked_Cacher is logging all his finds on his banned account.
  6. I will find the cache and log it with something, but am interested in your collective wisdom on the practice of a cache owner requiring specific language or prohibiting certain words/symbols/icons in a Find log. Is a dot more offensive than TNLNSL? (I actually plan on logging the cache with the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights. ) Some people are just like that. If I were in this situation I would just forget about it and move on. Just my two cent's.
  7. I can be backup for Kentucky or could do northen Kentucky.
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