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  1. Post your great hiking storys, if you have one.
  2. Same here, thanks Jeremy for adding this subcategory!
  3. No, a CITO event does not have to be in the woods or a park. As for you're idea for a CITO event it sounds like a great idea to me.
  4. Also here is good thread about caches in the Louisville area.
  5. Waverly Park has a lot of nice caches, there is something there for everyone and Iroquois Park to has some good caches as well.
  6. Neos 1 and I went, though we were a little bit late (not as late as some people though!). The group did a nice job, and got a lot of the area cleaned up and cleared out. After the work day was over, folks lounged, or played guitar and sang, or fished a little.Then we created a huge bonfire with some of the dead wood we had piled up and we made hobo dinners over the fire--YUMMY! We sat around telling tall tales to each other and just enjoying the company and the fine weather. Some folks spent the night; we, unfortunately, had to come home. Hopefully the weather will be almost that nice for this Octoberfest at Windy Rock year--last year it got down to 25 overnight--brrrr! Sound's like you had fun, I would have went but it was too far from home for me. But I hope to go to the Octoberfest at Windy Rock this year tho.
  7. I'm wondering did any one go to the Windy Rock CITO in Bardstown Kentucky this weekend?
  8. You're welcome, I was more than happy to help.
  9. If you made a DNF log for it, you can check out all of your DNF's you have gotten over the years at your account on www.geocaching.com. I hope this helps.
  10. I have no idea, but it would be cool if they did.
  11. Welcome to geocaching.
  12. I will not be going to the Lake Cumberland/Dale Hollow event. Now that spring break is here I will try and get some caching done. But not in Louisville, because I will be going up north away's to get my spring break caching. I all ways go up north on spring break to visit family and I try to get some caching done as well. But I do not konw if I will be wearing sandals because of this new cold weather and the fact that I am going north. But if it's warm enough I will wear'm.
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