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  1. The hardest cache I have found is So You Think Your Good 5 star diffictly.
  2. Now THAT was funny!!! Yep agreed that was funny. That is funny!
  3. I agree with gof1 because I am freshman cacher with only 53 found/2 hidden. I found 26 caches before hiding my first cache so I think some experience will help a newbe cacher.
  4. I have gotten a FTF prize yet. Then again I have not gotten a FTF in the first's pace.
  5. Well, man wee is a good source of nitrogen, minerals and water which trees like - innocent they may be - but they are ultimately grateful! That right.
  6. That is one big cache. That will be a great find.
  7. Cemetery caches rock!!! Thairs a rumer that my house is built on a cemetery.Have not dug up ining bones thoe.
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