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  1. That's pretty much been our approach, too. That is want I do to.
  2. I have hidden caches with the following themes: Marbles,Golf balls,G.I.Joe's and Trucks.
  3. Thank you to all who help me in my time of need. The cache has been published and you can see it at waypoint GCYJA7.
  4. Want do you if your cache has not review in 80 hours? Dose anyone have any ideas?
  5. That looks like a great cache and series. If I am in the area sometime I would like to try it.
  6. That is exactly want I do. sheesh where'd i put that backpack? Somewhere
  7. I agree with Foothills Drifter the loneliest moment in a cachers life is waiting for a cache to be approved. Because I am waiting for one of my caches to be approved.
  8. That happen to me one time and that was a great geocache.
  9. Nightcaching rocks I think nightcaching is great although I have only done one cache at night. It was not a nightcache but I wanted to do at night so I get my sister and some of my friends. (we were camping)So we get on are bike's and go the cache (it was only 1/2 mile away) we get to the area and the hint is root the giant so we find this fallen tree. We begin looking and find it in like 5min so we sign the log. That is the story of my first nightcache.
  10. I like his idea! However if you need sunlight to geocache then try Geocaching at sunrise or sunset. Much cooler outside and fewer muggles around. I agree with there idea's, you should try caches at night and at sunrise or sunset. On an another note you could try biking that is what I do.(I'm only 16)
  11. I do not like that wen that appends and oh no, not a miro in the woods with a super high diffictly rating.
  12. i love that one That is a great one. Do you how to get one of those T-shirts?
  13. i new we should have welded it to the pole
  14. Verga is right we are the cream of the techno crop.
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