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  1. Good thing the serial Muggler is only in the midwest and not in KY.
  2. I am a exboy scout, but I did not stay long enough get my eagle.
  3. Cool paper, Wish I had some of that.
  4. My opinion is that cemetaries cache's rock, and I think the ISQ cache's are great. Maybe some cemetaries cache's are disrespectful, but I my experience with the ISQ cache's cemetaries cache's are great, and as long as they do not place them on the headstones I think they are o.k.
  5. Here is a log on one of my caches. November 2 by Show Me the Cache (7559 found) And what right do grown men wearing ugly plaid pants, horsey shirts, and silly little caps while chasing a small white ball around in the woods to beat it repeatedly with a stick have to look at me like I'm the one that is doing something weird? RATED:Hiking Boots
  6. I am a teenager to, but I have a permit and working on getting my license. On the job front I am going to wait intel I am seventeen to get a job.
  7. O.k. "Thanks for the cache and rock on!" "If you find can one, you find can two. If you can find two, you can find four. If you can find four, you can find eight, and so on" This is one great thread.
  8. If hiding is giving then I have given 7 times. If finding is taking then I have tookin 81 times.
  9. I support my local reviewer bluegrassreviewer.
  10. Possibly.. the field flips every 200,000 years or so, and we are long overdue. (last flip 780,000 yrs ago) Most scientists expect it will flip 'soon'. (in geological terms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomagnetic_reversal http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/20...field_flip.html And THAT will be the end of life on earth, as we know it. Earth's magnetic field repulses cosmic rays. Without this protective magnetic field, we will get "fried". Saw this on the Discovery channel recently. Actually, no. NASA: "How long does an earth magnetic field reversal take and is it harmful to humans? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We don't really know for certain. Estimates from the geologic record suggest that a reversal can take less than 100 years in some instances. The effects upon the biosphere seem to be minimal since no paleontological evidence for high mutation/speciation rates correlate with the known reversals. As for humans, we have no remains from 250,000 years ago or so to look at in any detail. The major impact would be from solar activity and the apparent loss of the Earth's protective magnetosphere during this time. However, the Earth's atmosphere is so thick that it may be unlikely that earth life is even affected in the slightest!! " In the case of a zero magnosphere, you would have the northern lights anywhere on earth. Not just at the poles. You have the nothern lights now at the north pole because in effect the magnetic field there lets cosmic rays into the upper atmosphere, much like what would happen with the loss of the magnosphere, and life exisits there just fine right now. Thanks for the infor.
  11. KY first Geo-post Office is up and runing. You can veiw it at GCZ5H3.
  12. It is times like this that makes me happy not to be allergic to poison ivy. Just you wait. I wasn't allergic until I was in my late 20s'. Then I confidently hid in a PI patch while playing paintball figuring nobody would look for me there. Nobody did, but 2 days later I came down with a nasty case of it. My dad use not to be allergic to poison ivy then in his 30s' he got allergic to poison ivy. So I think I will wait for myself to become allergic to poison ivy, but in the mean time I am going to injoy it yowl it last.
  13. Hiking though the woods is great. Some people like going though woods and some do not it is that simple.
  14. The best accuracy I have gotten is 9 feet.
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