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  1. We'll take 2 of each colour you have please!
  2. How long are they on sale for? You should include time for the Maritimes.
  3. Woo! Today is the day!!! Can hardly wait!!
  4. Woo, Thursday is almost here!! Can hardly wait!
  5. We can hardly wait to see them as well!!
  6. "We've experienced a network error from you IP address and it has been temporarily disabled. Please contact us at admin@Groundspeak.com right away so we can correct it. Thank you The Groundspeak Team" NEVER had this problem before but this is what we are getting at the moment. Anyone else out there getting the same message?!?!
  7. Hi Blindleader, okay, thank you! I will try what you suggested about saving the program to my memory card and see if that helps. It definitely should remain until it is specifically deleted by you, even if you delete the gpx file that it's associated with. I 'm assuming you aren't doing anything else than exiting the program and restarting it, or shutting off the PPC and turning it back on. There are three ways of deleting field notes: 1. Individually by opening the note and clicking [Delete Note] 2. by [File][Reports][Field Notes] with the Delete Selected Notes box checked 3. running [Tools][Field Notes Cleaner] I've never had your particular problem, but if I did, I'd uninstall and re-install GpxSonar. As an added precaution, if you have a memory card installed, that you install GpxSonar on that and not in main memory. That way, Mr. Bill's evil software (Windows) is less likely to muck up GpxSonar.
  8. HI & Thanks for the note. Yes, I do see that little green note thingy in the display. My problem is, once I shut down GPXSONAR and load it up again, that little green note has disappeared. I thought if I marked that I found the cache and then shutdown and turned off the unit until we got to the next cache site, it would save that field note, apparently it doesn't. Or should it? This is what I do, and I'm not an expert on GPXSonar by any means. From the PDA screen that shows the list of all Caches, e.g., GCXXXX, tap and hold the GCXXXX, and a pop-up menu will appear listing "Show hints, Field Notes, Set as Center, Ignore, Dismiss Menu", I then select "Field Notes", and that in turn brings up another pop-up window that is titled "Field Notes:GCXXX" with several boxes that you can select. The first is the "Found it" drop down menu which if you drop it down also lists "Did not find it, Write a Note, Archive it". Then there is a Timestamp button and below that is a big box that you can input text about the cache, and below that are field for Actual Coordinates and TBs, Delete Note. So if you found the cache, I use the drop down menu and select "Found it", then I input some text about the cache, then I tap the Timestamp. Then I simply tap the "X" in the upper right corner to close the Field Notes dialog box and return to the main screen that lists all of the GCXXXXs. You'll notice a green icon (piece of paper) in the Notes Column (note, nothing will show up in the Found Column until you log the find on geocaching.com and get you next updated gpx file and loand back into your pda) next to the GCXXX number which is the field note you just created. This reminds me, do you see a Notes column when you at the main screen that lists all of the GCXXX caches. My columns from left to right are Type, Waypoint, Travel Bug, Notes, Found, Name, Diff, Terr, Dist, Bearing, Owner, Last Log. If you don't see a Notes and Found column, you may have to check and see if you have GPXSonar to display those columns. Go to LIST, Preferences and make sure you have Note and Found checked as visible columns. The Found column will show a green check mark once you log the find on geocaching.com and update your gpx file. The note column will show a red icon (piece of paper) for a "did not find" and a green icon (piece of paper) for a "Found it". Hope this helps.
  9. Hi there again, I'm obviously missing something. I did what you said, it was already UNSELECTED. Hmmm so once I get into the FIELD NOTE and type what I have to say, is there a SAVE button I'm suppose to be hitting or something, because I hit the X, I see the column with the note symbol, maybe I'm suppose to save something at that point? Where though. I close the program, go back into it and my notes are all gone.
  10. Have not received my January nor February Signal Coins.
  11. CURRENTLY OWN: GARMIN GPSMAP 60CSx (love it!!!!) USE TO OWN: MAGELLAN EXPLORIST 600 (owned it 3 months, didn't do what we wanted it to do so we sold it) BORROWING MY DAD'S: MAGELLAN SPORTRAK MAP (good little basic standby unit)
  12. Thank you kindly, we will try that tonight.
  13. Hi everyone! RE: GPXSONAR Does anyone know hot to save the fieldnotes so that caches are shown as found and are saved that way. I tried looking on the GPXSONAR site, but their message board isn't working properly.
  14. Can we have 2 of your coins please
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