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  1. Hi, if you are looking for other Rhode Island Geocoins,


    We have


    Rhode Island Hope 379 The Ocean State (rooster, fish, anchor) The Quahog EO Caching Walks among Us (Geocaching picture I think)




    E0X Caching Rhode Island Team D 22 Conquering Once Cache at a Time


    I'll private message you too in case you don't get this message first.





    Looking for:

    2008 Rhode Island Quahog geocoin.


    And if there is a 2007 Rhode Island geocoin I am looking for that one also.

    I have one of those available. See link in sig line...



  2. Hi NoSnow - yes, we have, that's where it takes us directly to from geocaching.com :(


    UPDATE @ 2:39pm 03-13-12 :) All good, I emailed someone at the web site, I received a reply there was a glitch with their system/numbers, they are fixing it today for me and gave me an activation code. Yaaay *happy dance*



    Thanks for the reply


    Unfortunately, it keeps displayed TRY AGAIN and we've double checked the tracking # numerous times. :(


    Hi all, looking to find an activation code or web site for the "Geocaching Quebec" geocoin - does anyone know where we go for this one? Thanks!

    If you go to the Groundspeak activation site, you should be able to get it.


    Have you tried Coins and Pin? From a pictute in the topic about the coin you can see there insert with the coin.

  3. Thanks for the reply, everything worked great - thanks again!


    Mushroom Fliegenpilz Since 2004




    HAPPY FACE (Gold Eyes) Thanks for the Cache - I came, I saw, I found it! TFTC

    Fliegenpilz Mushrooms code was on the bag it came in. Try "the page".


    You dont have the correct name of the "happy face" coin. Got a picture or try going to the trackable page and do a search for the code on the coin to get the proper name for it.

  4. Okay, long story short, a long time ago, we had a geocoin created.




    as you can see it was on The Caching Place's web site and sold out.


    Now we fast forward to now, someone contacted me they were trying to activate the coin (had all the activation codes, etc...) but it wasn't working via this site:




    and you can see it even says LUCKY SCRATCH-n-WIN 2006 Geocoin in the list of coins that can be activated on this site.


    I emailed the owner Jim Berk, and he wrote back telling me he didn't sell "Scratch & Sniff" geocoins therefore he doesn't activate them. (no clue how he came up with Scratch & Sniff when I told him it was Scratch-n-Win (shrug))


    I emailed him three more times with the links I showed you showing him, indeed that I did buy them through that web site and his site even says that it should activate it, but now he won't reply to me.


    Any suggestions???

    I really appreciate it....



    I have two more to activate - one is our very own Scratch-n-Win geocoin,


    Apparently this link is not working: http://www.thecachingplace.com/ActivateCode/getcode.asp


    and when the person we gave it to try emailing them they aren't responding..... any ideas?


    Also, the KING TUT MASK geocoin - any suggestions what site to activate that coin at?


    Thanks again,




    Hi, could you please let us know how you retrieved the activation code for hte Pumpkin Coin? We know someone that's missing the activation code. We went to the Coins & Pins site but didn't see a way to retrieve the code. Thanks!!!!


    Activation code for Caching the Pumpkin Patch is on coincodes.com

  6. Hi, could you please let us know how you retrieved the activation code for hte Pumpkin Coin? We know someone that's missing the activation code. We went to the Coins & Pins site but didn't see a way to retrieve the code. Thanks!!!!


    Found the pumpkin code too!

    Didn't know it's official name, but stumbled across it by the picture.

    It's a geopumpkin.


    Postin the pics anyway.




    WE HAVE A GPS FOR SALE $400.00 (plus shipping if unable to pick up)



    Only used for half a season (of geocaching)

    Includes cord to hook up to computer, car adapter, & 4gb card

    Preloaded with maps of Southern Ontario and Northern New York State (Canada Topo, US Topo, MetroGuide and Ibicus)


    AT this time, our user manual is missing (as we moved and it was packed away) but you can easily find the manual online for free -- if we located it before we mail it (or you pick it up) we'll defaintely include it with the sale of this item.

    Thanks for your interest.


    We're located in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

  8. Thanks,


    Hmmmm... just notified I have to pull this message down........ how do I delete it???



    :) WOW, what a great collection.....but i don`t have enough money to buy anything :wub:


    Hope you will find someone who buys your coins...should not be difficult to find anyone...with these coins :laughing::)

  9. :laughing: sorry, had to delete this message -- not sure how to totally delete the message, I've pulled down the link. Basically we have our entire collection up for sale, so if you are interested message us and we'll send you the photos. Thanks
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