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  1. My wife and I had a discussion last night about the appropriateness of having a sample of someones (mine) remains, in a small sealed container with a TB tag attached being placed in a cache to travel the world indefinately after my passing. I think it would be a fitting tribute whereas my wife just thinks it would wierd peopole out........discuss

  2. Yet another EOD man here.....Canadian Air Force last 21 years and still going.

    This is a great thread and I have enjoyed reading it for the past 30 minutes.

    I have served all over the world including germany for 4 great years.


    "God created EOD and the Devil stood to attention"

  3. Hey All: brand new to geocaching and we're addicted!!!! I've been looking at GSAK and think I like it but loading caches in 1 at a time is very time consuming. Is there a downloadable file that gives all Nova Scotia caches or something along that line?

    thanks for any help

    The canning Clan

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