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  1. http://www.techlib.com/electronics/flasher.html
  2. I think the famous "notch" is the best marker on a staff and doesn't "gay" it up.
  3. why not use coords of the library sign and decode letters from the sign to make up dewey number? Or place a small tag (with permission) on sign post with dewey number. Easily fixed
  4. army surplus stores sell surplus rescue beacons in IR. They are hand held and strobe every 2 seconds. Coupled with a light sensor the battery would last a considerable amount of time and the whole system is prebuilt...no messing around with electronics other than hooking in light sensor and maybe SCR for switching. Military pilots and aircrew carry them every day
  5. Check into local regs too....alot of places ban lighting other than hand held flashlights in natural areas. Sounds like an interesting cache idea though. (insert mad cacher laugh)
  6. Hey All: we want to place a cache but it will require the use of a compass to find it due to very heavy tree cover and no signal. We thought we could bring you to a special obvious point where you would shoot a bearing to the cache. A hint would also be available for those who do not (but should) carry a compass. Is this a good idea
  7. nicely put into perspective Mopar. I agree with both sides of the argument. Try though to avoid putting "wet paint" signs on everything. How can you not touch it?
  8. maybe breaking it was an accidental result of trying to open it.
  9. ah....now ya gone'n ruined the debate...... everyone's all mellow now
  10. it's like a disease here...we were introduced by a friend who just said"look it up". We have since introduced 3 other families, all of which went out and bought GPS same day. Worst thing is, they all have more finds than us now
  11. hahahahaha that's funny. Doin a bit of fishing??
  12. was just trying to make a point....good one 5cent....the fact is that "all walls are not significant artifacts built by artisans...I'd be willing to say that most are simply piled rocks outling a farmers field. If we make rules based on the few bad apples that would destroy a wall for a cache (which I think are few) we should continue on with everything that anyone perceives as historically valuable. Do some research on Cincinatti slums, some of which are Historical treasures....give me a break. I'd like to think that geocachers for the most part are responsible persons who care about thier surroundings and are not going to purposely destroty "any" property. Historical or not. There is a cache near here in an old granite foundation, the cachers are not destroying it, the people filling it with matresses and oil filters are. Why don't we all put our energies into trying to stop that than trying to police the comunity whos majority is acting in the best interest of these "treasures"
  13. I think this is absolutely rediculous. A stone wall of a hundred years is still a stone wall and chances are that a stone wall of 2 years has 500 year old stones in it....why not protect that too. It's going too far. Cities are full of eye sore buildings because someone deems it "historical". Everything around you is history, stop geocaching all together because you're walking on 1000 year old dirt
  14. misunderstood......duh I'll probly do that too but right now jus too tight. doin the research and i think i'll give up 2 coffees a month...puts it in perspective
  15. are there sample gpx files to try to see if premium is way to go prior to laying out more dough??? Not looking for freebies here but am on a tight budget, already have a pda from years ago
  16. does cachemate show information from a loc file or must you use gpx files to get all the info of a cache...only started this sport and not quite ready to spend even more money on membership just to get gpx files sent to me but am very interested in paperless. thanks for any help
  17. Funny....as I was reading this I too was thinking about "How To Sh1t In The Woods" It is really a good read and has a serious environmental side. The portion dedicated soley to women is hilarious
  18. you could always get replacements of ID etc and keep in seperate "caching" wallet. As long as you're not carrying both wallets at same time you are good to go
  19. wasn't the first cache ever in a dug hole???
  20. The morning exchange rate for the Pound was 1 Pound = $1.76 USD........ I'm thinking Goldfinch was playing with words....as in Lbs of tickets
  21. I just yesterday hid some unopened glowstiks in our back yard (5acres). I then let my 2 girls of 5 and 8 go find them with the GPS. They had great fun and are really learning the probs that come when close to the waypoints. We only have a 1/2 dozen finds under our belts but all are addicted. You'll have a blast, let the kids take turns on hunts with the GPS and I suggest keeping a log for "first one to pick"
  22. Can't answer for where you are but here in nova Scotia it is illegal to zerox your liscence. I would invest in a "wearable" wallet to carry your bare essentials. these are small enough to go back into your normal wallet
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