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  1. in what program are you viewing your loc files. There should be a means to switch how it views coords. I went through this same thing, it was frustrating until I figured it out
  2. they do....probably one of the finest stores I have ever been in. Be very wary of wandering through the web page if you have visa # memorized
  3. Thanks Neo....downloaded the tutorial and am advancing my knowledge as we speak
  4. if you are in canada look at http://www.leevalley.com/hardware/page.asp...t=3,48759,43733 they have ends to attach when making staffs etc
  5. 91 Toyota 4runner for me alone and 05 Pontiac Montana when the whole family is out. The Toyota is coming up on 300K and still going strong
  6. camelbak HAWG. Best pack you will ever own and worth every penny. above statement was "my" opinion and not to be construed as policy or fact
  7. Ok....figured it all out (thanks Sputnik) got the maps loaded and tried it out on way to work after lunch. GPSr gave me turn by turn with audible. This is soooooooo cool. No need for returning, GPS central knew exactly what they were talking about. Thanks again for all the help everyone
  8. wow....wasted purchase then. Even the box states "automatically routes on the PC and compatible Garmin products" guess I and GPS Central misunderstood this
  9. hey all: I'm really liking my Legend C but......I can't seem to figure out how to load a map into it. I open Mapsource and select the transfer to GPS feature but maps are not an available option. I would like to use the routing functions in Metroguide Canada but can't figure this one out. The only available map in the device is the marine one that comes with it. very bland and no detail at all except major highways. Thanks Anyone??? Bueller???
  10. super..thanks I'll try changing the email from web based to my pop email and see if it makes difference. that is good to know
  11. thanks all....i'll read over suggestions and come up with something
  12. my reply was just my often mistaken sense of humour. Thank you so much for the input. I'll try your method of coming up with a question to answer. I am afraid of too much involvement by me. Kid friendly info is very hard to come by. we are now thinking of maybe doing the whole rock tumbler vs mother nature thing but GPS is not ruled out quite yet thanks again
  13. took 40 mins for query to get to my inbox..is this normal??
  14. is there a way to instantly get GPX files on multiple caches without downloading individual files from each cache. The query process takes time to get to you, what if I want that info now? I thought I would be able to use "check all" on the search results page but all that is available is a LOC file
  15. wow...thanks Juggler, you too Dino I'm thinking that maybe 8 is a bit young for a project on GPS, think we'll go back to why sugar cubes melt
  16. Hey all: my child wants to enter the science fair this year and thinks that geocaching could be a good topic due to the science in GPS. I agree, a good idea. However finding info on the net regarding how GPS works understandable to an 8 year old is difficult. is anyone aware of such info????? thanks for any input
  17. how did this go from a denied cache to banning night caches???? This has gone way past the point of "out there" This is quite simply a case of a denied cache that the approver has decided (through discussion with others) that does not meet the guidelines. Not a communist plot. Fun bandwagon ride for some though I'm sure. And some great fishing by others. An easy fix to meet the reviewers interpretation of the guidelines and badda boom you have a cache. TADDAAAA
  18. Dogbreath.....you wear a vest????????wimp
  19. I have a Sony Clie and it's readable in all but direct sunlight
  20. isn't the bottom line here the fact that the cache has been refused and no amount of griping in the forums will change it? I too think this would be a fun cache but also see the reviewers point of view as he bases his "opinion" on written guidelines. I really think this is an easy fix even without a "crappy micro"
  21. funny this shoulkd come up...we just introduced a friend to geocaching (went out and bought GPS same day)and he instantly came up with an idea My backyard is huge and we have a firepit etc and commonly do bonfires/BBQ/beer on Sunday afternoons. He thought a Sunday afternoon only cache in my back yard would be great. With an added info "BYOB" would be fun but would kinda mean I would "have" to be there every Sunday
  22. Man.......does noone recognise fishing anymore????you guys have been caught and shall be filleted promptly
  23. http://home.cogeco.ca/~rpaisley4/LM3909.html
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