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  1. Come on...where's all the other side?? I too would have been turned off by an email from a supposed hardened geoveteran. The cache owner is the only one with the right to police log entries. I think the cacher was the one showing tact in his replies, if it were me I would have replied with a quick MYOB but then again my cache name should be crusty above post is purly due to fishing season being closed
  2. a friend of mine that I introduced to caching came to see me this morning and we started talking about a particular cache that he couldn't find. Well turns out he found it after all.....and tossed it aside!!!! The container is well camoflaged as a birch log. (really a PB jar wrapped in birch rind with wood slabs glued to both ends) He found the log and it being in the way of his hunt he tossed it aside. I laughed myself right out of my chair. He'll be making a trip back in tonight I'm sure. Couldn't resist telling the world about this one
  3. 1st off...I think this is an excellent idea. I wish I could run the applet but I can't due to java being a 3 day long download for us with dialup internet. What about making it a multi where the cacher must first find a cache filled with the paper Enigma machines? You could literally place hundreds of them in an ammo can. If this were near me I'd want to go after it and I don't like puzzle caches. This one in particular is really cool and has huge historical value. Keep it up, tweak it till it gets aproved
  4. I have an Etrex and an ETREX Legend C...we hunted a cache with them side by side and they were quite a bit different, next one we tried they were bang on to each other
  5. I got the right answer....you email me your answer and I'll tell you if I'm right........... If the answer comes up to Nova Scotia, I'm willing to be a stunt cacher
  6. I am now a premium member by giving up 2 coffees a month...great investment...but...I agree with you fully. It is "hoity-toity". We have one around here that was opened up to everyone for Xmas, but then closed to Memebers only after. I find it a little out there and cheesy too. A little on the high falootin side
  7. Buxley's was great for those on dialup internet that cannot access Google earth etc.
  8. now that I have figured out that web based email can be quite delayed, I get PQ sent to my pop email and update my pda right before leaving the house on hunt day. Doesn't get more up to date than that. I use cachemate by the way and it is simple simple
  9. this unit uses outlook sort of as an operating system, I kinda doubt it will be compatible with the popular caching apps like cachemate. I looked at at least a dozen pages on this unit and can't find anything on its operating system other than requiring outlook
  10. as far as using FRS radios if you could isolate just the receiver portion of the radio and get rid of everything else that drains power it may be viable. Quite often schematics can be found somewhere online and there are all sorrts of electronic help forums online as well
  11. make the final of a quick multi the key to a suite with jacuzzi tub in a ritzy hotel. Wait a minute..........how old are you and are you dating my daughter???
  12. Well... you folks have showed me how lucky I really am. My Geowife is a cacher thru and thru and my 2 daughters (8 & 5) beat us to the cache every time. I don't remember the last time I was able to play with either of my 2 GPSr's. The two girls have them every time. We use caching as quality time, what better way. I suggest to those that have family members staying behind to drag them out anyway. Ya , they'll whine for a bit but that will fade and the great outdoors will consume them like it has my family. We no longer do housework, we buy new dishes instead of washing them just to make caching time. (just kidding of course but wouldn't it be great)
  13. I fought spending money on software for this but broke down due to the simple ease of use. I now have: Premium membership GSAK and Cachemate All paid up registered great investment...our first day of paperless caching made it all worthwhile, We'll never turn back
  14. Hey All: Finally figured out the autorouting in my Legend C, this is incredible!!!! But..... Once getting close to a cache how do I get the GPSr to point to cache instead of next turn ...how do I get it to think off road instead of on road. I tried recalculating but no go...this normally doesn't happen at all but 2 caches yesterday it wanted me to take roads around it when the cache was 50m to my right. Luckily I had my trusty Etrex basic to save the day. Autorouting is not at all necessary but it's really cool to play with and watch
  15. sony clie J30...ebay'd for $30...colour screen full sun readable and great games too
  16. I live in Nova Scotia and these are common in pretty much every cache out here. We ignore them The OP was talking about a cache being stuffed with them, not just one being left behind. Stuffed is abuse and should be treated as abuse (trash). 1 or 2 left behind is just a callind card. How do these threads get so blown out of proportion? I'm on several forums and this one takes the cake
  17. put this in here due to traffic, careful of a scam going on Ebay right now on Garmin GPSmap60 CS out of China. They are "Buy it Now" for $150 +- Did some digging and found it to be scam. reported to Ebay but see they are still listed this morning. can't give link as I'm at work and firewall will not allow Ebay to load
  18. oooooh ya...like that one even better...wonder if they ship toi Canada
  19. we just did a mega cache and in it...of all things...was a fax machine http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...98-edab3f391992
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