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  1. not to be a pain but....isn't expecting the LEA's to do all the footwork to protect our sport a little counterproductive??? we should , as geocaching enthusiasts provide maps of area caches to them. Where I am this is not necessary as several officers are geocachers but other places may not be so lucky...obviously by the 33800 hits on google for "geocache bomb". Just for interest...it may have been assumed that I am a police officer....no, i am military. I am also very new to geocaching, this enhances my point. I had never heard of it prior to Sep '05
  2. what a great concept BigAlH...that's exactly what I mean about getting active in involving LEA's in geocaching. We...North America... are the land of the silent majority, we all yack around the coffee table but never actually do anything about what we're yackin about.
  3. one more thing...Sparrow, this was not intended as a personal attack, I see someone has already taken it as such. Just a frustrated comment on a long standing topic. Most people have no harmful intentions in what they say as I believe you didn't in your comment.
  4. One of the highest priorities is to return a scene back to normal as quickly as possible (as well as prtect life of course, including your own). Seldome is it the case that anything gets destroyed without reason or true suspect. Since getting involved with geocaching I often find myself wondering how I would handle a call to an ammo can hidden in a public place that i can ID as a cache. Every situation is different so I can't give a generic answer. What my suggestion is....leave this entire topic out of places like public forums. I just see it as an invitation to some nut job that wants to make life miserable for someone just to get a headline BTW in my earlier post.."treated as suspect" means warrants further investigation, not destroy Education should be the first step. I am surprised that local police forces are unaware of geocaching..really surprised. local clubs and groups should actively involve law enforcement encouraging communication and cooperation. But expecting agancies to spend countless manhours researching all the local cache placements when they are already strapped for personnel is a bit out there. We as geocachers should be proactive and protect our sport/pastime thru education to those who count. I'd be willing to bet the law enforcement that responded to that call of an ammo can hidden in a public place had never heard of geocaching. I'd also be willing to bet the call was anonomous
  5. I use that same mount and it'll take a tank to pull it off the windshield. Highly recommended. The off brand jobs don't measure up at all
  6. haha Scurvy...was lookin at that yesterday, reading your log (and laughing) thinkin.......it's gotta be there. maybe I'll run down and see
  7. I see your 948 posts so I'm assuming thicker than normal skin..this is not for you in particular but for all the ones that leave comments like "At least they didn't blow up this one" I am in bomb disposal and if you could even fathom walking up on a suspect item that "may" kill you so that you may make life safe for the general public you would never post such comments. Someone a while back even went as far as calling the BDU idiots for destroying an AMMO CAN!! Ammo cans have a certain quazi military personality to them and in an unknown situation will be treated as suspect by any BDU anywhere. BTW this article already has a long thread on it. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is a science of vague assumptions based on debatable figures derived from inconclusive experiments, performed by persons of doubtful mental capability with instruments of problematic accuracy. everyone hug a bomb tech today
  8. TNLNSL TFTC is a polite way of saying " this was an uneventful, no reason, wonder why I am here, can't imagine why there is a cache here cache" I am trying to visit every cache in my area and although I only have 45 finds I have already learned what TNLNSL means
  9. I find it interesting that the woman was able to get the bus driver to stop long enough for a little caching. Hmmm caching on public transport...a novel idea
  10. I have an Etrex and a Legend C and must admit the basic model gets more use. A data cable is a must
  11. I've been thinking of a puzzl cache that involves an actual jigsaw puzzle
  12. I just looked at your caches and I agree on one at least (Franklin)...if that's the actual hiding spot it was out of line posting that pic, although, you have the ability to delete the image. A polite email might solve your problem.
  13. CTD....that's exactly what I had in mind. I'm pretty sure I can put together such a "fill in and publish" form in Front Page which is the program in use for this page. I needed the idea put forth to get my brain going. The above banner is perfect. We are starting this bug because we are leaving Nova Scotia and will dearly miss this country school and the staff in it. This is kind of a gift that keeps on giving. We are also putting up a world map in the hall. I'll go yak with the guy that will take over the web page and ensure he is willing to keep up with the updates otherwise I'll stay involved with it even after the move. I still will keep your offer in mind I may take you up on it. thank you very much, it's good to be part of a community where people are willing to give of themselves freely.
  14. My biggest problem with them is that a hotel by lets say an airport now pretty much gives that bug only one means of travelling. A bug out in the wild can and will be picked up by all sorts of travellers, sailers or railroad travellers for instance. If I was going on a trip by sea I would not go all the way to the airport to retreive a bug. I just don't see the purpose of the hotels in the whole scheme of travel bugs. Hitch hikers by nature will take any ride offered and when no ride comes along they tend to keep moving not sit still and wait, and wait, and wait
  15. thanks Blackjack, I had thought of that and will probably do that if I can't find a "smaller" alternative. I guess a simple link to the p[age will be fine too but just looking for some cool factor I guess Thanks
  16. I have just released my first TB for my daughter and I pray it never ends up in one of these hotels. I think the whole hotel idea is counterproductive to the TB idea of keep on truckin. There is a hotel near us that seems to hold TB's forever. I personally like to visit new caches, not return to ones I've already done. I don't see the hotels as being repeat worthy caches.
  17. We are really looking for something more than a simple link. A visual to add to the School page that shows distance, location and last found date etc.
  18. We are releasing a TB on behalf of my daughters elementary school. I am wondering if anyone knows how to make a small sign to show on a web page that auto updates with TB location and last move date. Kinda like your own found stats box on your account page only for a travel bug. If you're not sure what I'm trying to ask for let me know and I'll try to explain better Thanks Bob BTW I am familiar with Front Page for web page design
  19. Goldfinger took my thoughts right out of my head...I too would love to see the GPX option on the search pages. Say if you want to fininsh off a pag you can just select all and badda boom a GPX file lands on your desktop. This would be hugely valuable to me as I feel no requirement to run a PQ for a mere 6-12 caches hey Nightstalker....how's your feet taste on the premium comment???
  20. Is it possible that reviewers are releasing caches to friends prior to release??? No offence intended to any reviewers of course but seems logical to me. BTW is there an actual way to track your FTF's??
  21. I tbhought the only legitemite "found it" counts are those of published caches (on GC.com). Doesn't this rule out the so called prefinds as simply nothing? Although my opinion is that if the cache is not published and the finder does not have express permission from the owner to hunt the cache he is merely a muggle that has happened upon a cache and maybe will make a good respectable geocacher someday. The above statement is my opinion...not to be construed as policy
  22. 2 daughters 8&5...the 8yr old is a caching animal. she puts her head down and barrels through anything in her way to get to any cache. She has even gotten over the "must take something" syndrome. She loves night hunts and 4wheelin. The 5yr old is a little less enthused but loves caching especially when Mommy comes too. We are using caching as a means to teach our kids the value of time spent with family. I hope that they will continue to love coming with us even when teens......hope
  23. Paperless is definately the way to go..after our first two days of caching we saw the incredible waste of paper. I dug out my Sony Clie and will never turn back. I'd like to find out how to get more than 1 past log into cachemate though
  24. I just snagged a bug today and the ayttached card is in rough shape. I want to reprint it and laminate then send it on its way. I can't seem to find a file with the instructions to use..any help? oops...cancel last...found it
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