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  1. have recently found out I'm moving half way across the country this summer to the area I grew up in. When I was a kid there was a spot we always looked for that has a huge "X" crack in the rock face. We always (and still sorta do) believed there was pirate treasure there and swore to climb the face and see. We never did but still talk of it often. This will be the site of my new cache shortly after I get there. Not to climb the face but to find the big"X". For those of you not sharing my excitement
  2. wow...what were the words of the approver in denying the cache placement? I'm really interested in the rules and regs due to recent yack about caching becoming over regulated. Maybe the fact that they are rated "guidelines" leaves them too open to interpretation
  3. I think a visitor centre cache is a great idea. Aren't the guidelines designed to protect the sport? I don't understand how not allowing this could possibly be fulfilling that aim....although some more details on the cache itself and any special requiremments to log it might be in order.
  4. just for interest...on Ebay there is a gentleman in the UK that sells both plain and pointed ferruls (spelling) for walking sticks. I got 5 of the pointed ones for less than $15 CDN after shipping and they arrived in the mail in 1 week. I like the pointed end all seasons. I just find that a plain unprotected end on a staff slips around too much for my liking just search "walking stick" and scroll till you find them in the pics
  5. right from my second find I decided paperless was the way to go. I looked at all the software and tried it all too and settled on Cachemate and GSAK over the free route. GSAK is not real user friendly to start but the forum there solves everything quickly. Clyde himself usually answers your ??? right away. cachemate is just plain simple and does everything you can think of for paperless. I really like how gsak automatically loads the cachemate file for the next sync
  6. What if another organisation in your area has claimed ch2? How could you let cachers from out of area know that. Guess it really doesn't matter does it? It's free airspace A good whistle has further range than most FRS radios in the bush and is able to be heard by people that don't carry radios. A continous barrage of whistleing will eventually be recognised by anyone as a call of distress.
  7. Wow...Briansnat.....uh cornflakes and pee??? My post was an honest addition...I don't get the obsession with find numbers. I still can't see the part where I put anyone down. If a post that doesn't directly answer the question of the OP then I guess yours needs to be slammed as well Just to keep on topic so I dont p anyone else off....Same cache .... 1 find
  8. I find it hard to believe people are actually this up tight about whether you log it or not....who cares really?? Am I missing something?
  9. glad you got it working...adds a whole new dimention to Topo as you get to see on large screen where you are. With the price of topo I thought it should have autorouting capability, I am happy with the detail (offroad) but am glad I also have Metroguide for city navigating. Turn by turn is awesome and seldome wrong. Even if you miss a turn it recalculates and puts you back on track
  10. can it be assumed that all cachers carry a compass? if not they should
  11. Foxy...you pretty much nailed my idea although I plan on using natural elements found right there. I have a semi plan but need to work out some details. I'm good to go now and want to pukll this one off. PUMPED
  12. ebay has the best price on etrex serial cables
  13. after reading the nutty fun cache thread I decided to get some input on my idea. A puzzle cache of sorts. Not sure if it has been done but would it be feasable to have the cacher have to build something on sight in order to find the cache? I mean by reading directions in the first stage they can build a pointing device that will point to the cache location. All materials will be available on sight (sticks etc) and anything else will be contained in the first stage. I don't want to go too much into the details but I think you should be able to understand what I'm getting at. I will test it on my 8 yr old prior to placing it. Input??
  14. I would love to see something like that. Seems most of the caches around here are pretty standard run of the mill. Although taking you to some beautiful places. Sure would be cool to see something a little out there like that though. You could always have the goat expell the coordinates when the carrots' nutritional value is thru. Add a clue...."bring rubber gloves"
  15. can't say for sure but I think the 411.5 is for the mapset only and the remainder is required for the application itself ?????
  16. BTW....mapsend can be linked with laptop/GPS for realtime navigation. I have it showing my location on laptop all the time.
  17. Hi: I use a combination of Mapsource topo canada and metroguide canada V4. Topo is great on the PC for visualisation as it shows greater detail such as trails and streams whereas metroguide maps are installed in My legendC for autorouting capability etc. On the PC metroguide offers really good search capability right down to specific addresses, valuable outside of geocaching. I have no complaints other than the dated info on Metroguide. It doesn't recognise roads less than about 10 years old and has problems with highway entrances and exits that don't exist. Agreed that canadian software by garmin is less than perfect but it's pretty good (Metroguide). I do feel that it is way overpriced for what you get and any GPSr that has autorouting capability should be supplied with software to do so instead of the crap that comes with it.
  18. WOW...that Approach is a nice pack for the money..$49.95 at campmore, add a $20 hydration bladder and you have a $130 pack for 1/2 price
  19. I've been reading this thread with great interest. My new packs arrived yesterday. I am a fan of Camelbak gear only because I am familiar with it. I just got a new Sigma and Peak bagger by Camelbak and they are incredibly nice packs. The Sigma is smaller but extremely rugged and the peak bagger carries a ton of gear comfortably. Gonna have to look up Mountain Smith...one can never have too many good packs
  20. haha NotNuts....gave me a giggle, you're soooooo right. my involvement in this thread was a bit skewed by two threads being combined. I originally started out defending the actions of an emergency response team and it has been taken off on a tangent. I do feel the agencies involved acted accordingly if not quite reserved, by the article it is obvious that they cooperated with each other and they should be applauded not demeaned
  21. highly useless post Mr Knight I don't think geocaching will or has to become anything secretive or regulated to the extreme if we just take part in ensuring it doesn't happen. Ammo cans will remain an excellent choice for geocaches and inevitably some will be mistaken for suspect items. Fact of life....even before 9-11. I myself have an ammo can out there. The fact of the matter here is this can in particular was called in as suspect and it was treated as such in a proffesional manner. This will happen again....and again. The solution is in our hands not the LEA's. they should not be required to watch over GC.com for the latest cache submissions. Where I live they are already busy enough. We're the ones with time on our hands to go trudging thru the woods looking for treasure. As far as a box in the woods not causing mass response and havoc....this one did
  22. I think we can take a few valuable things from this thread...at least I will... No, the LEA did not overreact, even with the bridge one. Yes, it probably would have been better to cooperate with the police and that we geocachers should consider things like this when placing caches. The bucket in the bridge was destined to be called in. And just to comment on sbell111's comment about ammo can in the woods...if that can brings mass response and huge media attention then yes it is a viable choice for terrorist use. Not all terrorist are about killing....most aren't. It's mostly about instilling fear
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