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  1. Just stirring up more topics in this area. Anybody get anything new lately for ham and/or caching? Since Desert_Kid (Heidi) got her license - KE5BHT, I have bought the programming cable and software for my ICOM IC-W32A. I am shopping for an second IC-W32A to give to Heidi. This way we can just read my radio, then dump it to hers. May get a similar one for my XYL soon. Then I will be selling a fully loaded Alinco DJ-F1T - if anyone is interested........ E-mail. I also ordered a new copy of Travel-Plus from the ARRL. This is the program that will give you a list of repeaters for any city on your travel route. So much for this hamshack - how about yours???
  2. Really, there should be a LOT of cachers in france. It is the home of magellan GPS units. AFAIK, nobody here is buying much from france anymore... at least not any patriotic folks. So there should be plenty available there for them! I really enjoyed the other answers too!
  3. Congratulations. You have just stumbled on the bain of NG-TOPO. It does not work with USB, although it might in the near future. Do not waste your time contacting them. Their support guy, Michael Wildshut, is a real piece of art. When I tried to get the information from him last year, he INSISTED that NG-TOPO would work with a USB connection, if and only if I used the USB cable drivers that were provided with my USB cable. What drivers? A USB cable HAS NO DRIVERS!!! If you must use NG-TOPO right now, you will need to get a serial cable If you have a computer that does NOT have a serial port, you are out of luck. Again, do not waste your time with Michael Wildshut at NG-TOPO support. But then again, why not? It is cheap amusment!
  4. I have one cache in the area that I DO leave several bottles of water at. This cache: The El Paso Tin Mine Cache. It is a long hike. In the desert, water is precious. I believe I would rather archive the cache than remove the water. I drop a dozen bottles there every spring. Guess it all depends on your area and environment.
  5. The answer is simple really. Those who bought the non-altimiter-compass units will tell you they are not needed. Those who DID get them and really know how to use them will tell you they are great. So what you have is some people using them saying yes get them, and some people not using them telling you that they don't use them, hence you shouldn't use them either. I find the altimiter (once calibrated (DAILY)) to be MUCH MORE accurate than the GPS alone elevation. I find the magnetic compass useful for several things including getting a straight bearing on a location even if you lose satellite lock. You can actually use it to triangulate on a point, and no need to keep moving as you do with the GPS compass. For the difference in price, I say skip a few lunches and cups of Star-Bucks, and get the CS. And YES, I use them, so you would expect me to say that!
  6. CONGRATS!!! Keep checking the FCC database every day. My daughter had her callsign in a week!
  7. Yes, and I expect huge problems with my ham radio equipment also. The worst of it is, it could also affect my job. I work in a power plant.
  8. I strongly disagree. Having driven both in combat, give me a good H-1 over an M-151 EVERY DAY!!! My son tells me the new up-armored H-1s are even better.
  9. I use a pager pouch clipped to the left shoulder-strap of my camelbak. The GPSr rides high and keeps great satellite lock there. And it keeps my right side free for other things.
  10. No - you must buy the CD. Sorry....
  11. The ARRL sells Travel-plus for repeaters. It has a function that I wish Groundspeak would add to the geocaching site. It starts with a map of the USA. You click on your starting point, then click on your path along the highway, turning points, cities, etc... till you reach the destination. Then you pick how far you want to search left or right of the path, what bands you want listed, and make a list. If your trip is not too involved, send me a list of your start point, your route - road-by road, and the final destination and bands you want listed (2m, 70cm, etc). I will make a list and E-mail it to you for this trip.
  12. JEEPS? Seems like I have had jeeps most of my life! Best ones... lets see. In 1977 I had a 1940s WW-II Auto-Union (forerunner of AUDI) German Army Jeep. It had a 3 cylinder 2-stroke motor. It was light-weight and fast, and went off-road almost as good as a motor cycle. Wish I had a photo of it, but my girlfriend (now wife of 26 years) hit a tree with is in the forest. I sold it shortly there-after. Drove many M-151s and hummers in my 20+ years in the army. H-1 Hummers are fun, but the H-2 ???? Not for me thanks. Today I have one of the best I have ever had. It is a 1976 A. M. General (the hummer company) DJ-5D postal jeep. I have been restoring it for 4 years now. I have it getting up to 21 mpg even with the big 6 cylinder motor and the boxy body. It does 70 mph on the freeway just fine, and is just like a jeep in the desert too. The one problem with it (for some) is the steering wheel is on the right side. It don't bother me. Late one night on the way home my Texas Chihuahua (see avatar) was riding shotgun. The police stopped us. Once they saw the steering wheel on my side and determioned that the dog WAS NOT driving, they let us go. Jeeps - gotta have em!
  13. I must say this is the silliest thing I have heard all day. Well, the day is still young. Maybe it is because I spent 20 years defending this country, got my first taste of terrorist attacks in 1982 before most Americans learned to spell terrorist. Or maybe it is that most people are so stuck in their day-to-day rut that they never comprehend the "big picture". I dunno.... As to being safer.... when was the last "hit" on our soil? George W has done (once again) exactly what he said he would. He took the fight to the enemy. "Bring them on" he said. And they brought it on. But on their ground, not ours. As my son Army_Scout writes, "You can't kill them if you can't find them... but we found them!" We took the fight to their country, thereby sparing our country as much further trouble as possible. This being said, for the U.S. to continue to keep the fight off our land, we must do it right every time. For the terrorists to hit us again, they only need to do it right once. A simple fact that every military man learns, defending your position is something quite different from attacking a position. If you have never picked up a rifle and headed toward the sound of the battle you probably won't understand much of this. Those who have - do. We sleep safe at night because young men - SOLDIERS - are willing to do great harm on our behalf. And they are doing it OUTSIDE our borders. I would join them if they would have an old retired sergeant once more. God bless them. And if Kerry gets elected, and brings them home, only a few things will change. The fight will then be back on our soil, and your taxes will go up. As long as George W keeps the fight over there, WE ARE SAFER!
  14. If your city has one, go to your local used computer store. Ours is called computer renaissance. You will be amazed at what kind of laptop/notebook you can get for $300. And since it is coming from a store with a real location and phone number, if it isn't what you want you can actually return it. I got a 166 MHz P-1 fully loaded for $150 a few years ago, still working great. Yeah, I know it is ancient now, but back then IT WAS a good deal. Shop around. The high cost of laptops is only initial. Good deals are out there - just look for them.
  15. OK - just so I don't screw up, how do we do this??? Thanks. Mike.
  16. My advice... get something simple - and that can use common batteries. Or pretty soon you will be carrying batteries for your cell phone, your handheld, your GPS, your flachlight, your camera.... on and on.... Standardize on one battery. Then carry a few spares, not a ton. Find a handheld that lets you use a AA battery pack. If everything is AA, you can even swap them around as needed. Other than my cell phone, everything else I carry is AA batteries. I carry two spare battery packs for my ICOM IC-W32A. Each holds 4 batteries. The radio runs over 20 hours on one battery pack. I can take one of the spare packs and use the batteries for the GPSr or whatever. Any equipment that has a dead battery, especially if it is some special-size battery, is more useless than a brick. That is because when it isn't needed any more, you can just drop the brick! Check the threads here for the topic "What do you use". It may give you some ideas.
  17. Hmmm.... dunno. My 60CS has been working just great for a few months now. Only problem that has cropped up is that with the temps being 103+ daily right now, my 60CS is having trouble getting to the caches. BECAUSE I AIN'T CACHING IN THIS HEAT!!! But otherwise I have been totally happy with it and would buy a second one in a moment.
  18. My avatar shows it all. Parker has a champion pedigree, an AKC (CD) title in obedience, passed the CGC test, is a TDI dog, and the mascott of the Franklin Mountain State Park. Best dadgum dog I have ever had!
  19. Brings new meaning to the term "JEEP TOUGH" !!! Glad you made it out without much difficulty. Any drunk involved in an accident should be given life in prison for the first offense. You don't EVER want me on your jury. My jeep was rear-ended 6 weeks ago. Driver had no insurance. He should spend life in prison too!!! After getting out of the hospital, I was able to -sorta- drive it home so repairs could begin. The ford Contour that rear-ended me was destroyed and towed to the scrap yard. The good news is I am not perminently injured, and the jeep is almost prefectly restored again. In fact, I took the opportunith to do some needed upgrades.
  20. WOW!!! Are they still that expensive??? Then I got a much better deal than I thought. I just bought one -NIB- on E-Bay for $75 +$6 shipping. Glad I got such a deal, as I am only going to give it away to some local kids anyway. Their dad is now in Iraq, and I have sorta adopted the family till he gets back. Going to start the kids in Geocaching and land-nav. Sorry you don't like the E-Trex series. I have used several models for a few years, and was ALWAYS satisfied, once I learned how they worked. My last was a VISTA, and I only quit using it because I got a new 60CS. My son destroyed 3 E-Trex units (1 yellow, 2 Ventures) in Iraq, and he now has yet another new Venture. I told him he should have taken magellan units there to destroy, but he said he didn't want to risk his life with something french. Gotta love soldier logic! Hope you find an equitable solution to your dilemma. Good luck.
  21. Maybe magellan needs the P.R. after all, they are french owned.
  22. Books - I love books. The only thing better than a good book is a FREE good book. Thanks.
  23. Look at my avatar. Mostly, I wear old retired military uniforms. The desert camo uniforms were designed for desert wear. They protect you from sun, sand, and wind, plus everything in the desert bites, stings, stabs or scratches. The best part is the uniforms are reinforced at the high-wear points, like elbows-knees-butt. Of course, being retired military, I have a lot of this stuff, and since I have worn it most of my life, it just seems natural. JMHO-YMMV...
  24. And don't ask why... just BUY! It does not make sense, but in this case the commissary is cheaper, even here at Ft. Bliss.
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