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  1. I can't tell from a quick check, and don't have time to look it up. Will it fit the Garmin 60CS? If so, I am interested.
  2. Or if you like MAPS (not loaded to the GPS), get ExpertGPS. Almost as good as NG-TOPO, and much cheaper, plus all the convienance of EasyGPS. Best bet $$$ for $$$ IMHO.
  3. Actually, you need a good antenna for BOTH. You might as well get this drilled into your head early on. Antenna is EVERYTHING! The best radio in a 19" wet noodle is hopeless. A fair radio on a great antenna will perform well. Spend you $$$$ on the antenna. ANTENNA IS EVERYTHING !!!!!
  4. I have the E-Trex Venture my son was carrying when it was destroyed in a mortar attack. The screen was shattered from a concussion. But otherwise it still works. I was able to download his data from it and E-mail the data to the store selling him a new one. They loaded it up and sent it to him. I intend to send it to Garmin for repair. Someday!
  5. Well, his real name is Fleckenhaus Quannah Parker Von Bonehenge. Fleckehhaus is the kennel name of the father. Von Bonehenge is the kennel name of the mother. Quannah Parker was an Indian Chief who's mother was a captured white woman named Parker. History says that Quannah Parker was never beaten in battle by the white soldiers. I call him Parker - much simpler. He turned 4 years old on 1 June. I never have had a dog that fits me as good as this one does. Parker's mother was mostly white. Hereis a link to Parker's Story. Parker and I took obedience training under the watchful eye of my wife, a professional dog trainer. Dispite my inept mistakes, (some dog commands start on the right foot, military ALWAYS starts on the left) Parker earned an AKC CD obedience title. You will find us patroling the trails in the 37 square mile desert mountain range that makes up Franklin Mountain State Park almost any weekend. The rangers love him, and only a few park visitors have been afraid of him. He wears his volunteer patch proudly on his collar. He is every bit as good a partner as I could ask for. Hope you enjoyed the story.
  6. Thanks for the update. I sure hope it works good when they send it out. Because if there is trouble, you won't get much help from their tech support guy. Do as you will, but I intend to hold back a copy of the install that is currently working so I can "fall back" just in case.
  7. My avatar is what it is because it represents me best. With less than 50 cache finds in 3 years, I hike FAR MORE than I cache. And being in desert warfare most of my military career, living in the desert, and doing back-country trail patrol as a volunteer in the state park, people think of me as a desert warrior. The dog is my bast hiking partner, and the only dog allowed in the park without a lead. Here is the original, taken on the eastern slopes of the Franklin Mountains while the poppies were in bloom.
  8. It would be more interesting to see who we DON'T miss in the forums!
  9. GREAT!!! Welcome to the forum. Now, set up a sig line with your callsign in it so we know who you are.
  10. Been using it for years. In fact, just ordered the latest. Dunno how it works - don't care. Just know that IT DOES! Wish Geremy and Groundspeak would make Geocaching.com have a cache search function like that for traveling! It will show you the repeaters on the map. It will also export a list that you can import into Excel. And it will let you list several bands. My jeep radio does 29, 50, 144, 220, 440, and 1300 MHz, so I usually have a long list. Although out here the 220 and 1300 bands ARE a little empty.
  11. I work lots of sats from home. None with the handhel though. I use KLM antennas for 144/440, and a BBQ dish for 2.4 gig.
  12. No - TOPO still don't word directly with the 60 series. And it does not work with USB at all! However, if you have a serial cable for your 60 (I do), you can use TOPO. I set my GPS to VISTA, then modified the parameters to match the data of the 60. Works fine.
  13. It might be better if you use the altimiter in barometric pressure mode instead of altitude mode that day!
  14. For me it is still a simple answer. I like to keep my money in the USA if possible. And I won't give the french a nickle if I can avoid it. So the family owns several Garmin products, and NO magellan at all.
  15. And the way you dress has a lot to do with it too. As you will see in my avatar, I am partial to used comfortable military uniforms. When worn properly, they are great protection from most everything you encounter short of knives and bullets. Of course, being retired military, I have an abundance of uniforms, and I am comfortable wearing them. They do come in non-camo colors if you prefer... but I would have to pay for that. Good luck. Welcome to the "GAME"
  16. Good luck. Their support guy Michael Wildshut is a real work of art. Ask him about USB support, then stand by for a big laugh. Maybe some day someone with some technical ability will apply for the support job with NG-TOPO.
  17. It is called NOVUS. I use it all the time at work. It comes in 3 grits, which you use depending on the depth of the repair. I have made old plexi-glass lenses look like new again with NOVUS. It does take work, but it can be done.
  18. I would like to know who my cache reviewer is now. I have an idea for a cache, but would like to discuss it with my reviewer before I put a lot of time and effort into it. Anyone got a clue? Thanks.
  19. Good thing your other foot was not on a banana peel!
  20. I carry a small wire brush, a 1 inch and 3 inch paint brush, a small hand shovel, and a can of compressed air. I keep it all in a small tool bag under the seat of my jeep.
  21. I seem to be the only one really looking much in El Paso. Every now and then some traveller (like #1 Geo-trailblazer) passes through and cherry-picks the easy ones. Other than that, the locals do a few and quit. Soon as my jeep is back on the road I will be at it again.
  22. Very often, "Below The Pavement" means it is in a hole woth a cover cap over it. Take a look at THIS ONE to see an example. It may be right there! Good luck.
  23. I will take the E-Trex. E-mail on the way! Thanks.
  24. FREFEL You are still using a serial cable,using RS-232 protocols and speeds, and NG-TOPO sees the adapter as a serial port. This can be done, but it is not really a USB connection, you have an adapter in the line. Not real clear on your setup, so no other ideas. Maybe the best bet is to just wait (and wait and wait) for the next upgrade of TOPO. ALAN2 The PPC may work on the USB port, but the GPSr connection is still serial. This doesn't help him. Bottom line - right now the only way to get NG-TOPO to talk to a GPSr is through the serial port. However, for the entertainment value alone, it is worth contacting Michael Wildshut at NG-TOPO support and asking him. Just to make it interesting, tell him you have the drivers, but TOPO still don't work! What a work of art he is....
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