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  1. Short story: The gasket on my 2 yr old Garmin Etrex Vista HCx failed. It's out of warranty. Garmin wanted me to pay $89 to send it back for repair. After several email exchanges Garmin agreed to REPLACE THE UNIT at NO CHARGE - I would guess with a refurbished unit. Other than the seal problem my unit is working just fine. I've read on this forum how to fix the seal myself and feel I could easily do this task. (Loctite Xtreme adhesive and TLC). Question: Have you had experience with exchanging your Etrex unit w/ Garmin (any model)? Has that experience been good or bad? Did the exchanged unit work better / worse / the same as your old unit? Can you list pros and cons on replacing your original unit? Thanks in advance for your input! Star-geezer (aka Neil)
  2. The unit has been sold. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Hello, The unit is still available and is unsold at this time. Star-geezer
  4. Garmin Etrex Legend Cx includes: 1GB micro memory USB cable Trip & Waypoint Manager Owners Manual Quick Reference Guide Halyard Quick release clip Shipping anywhere in US via Express Mail Works wonderful and in great condition (no dings, scratches or bruises) $105 and it's yours. Prefer PayPal. star-geezer
  5. I'm looking for a new Vista HCx. Where did you go to find the best price? Thanks, Star-Geezer (aka Neil - 4neilinpa@verizon.net)
  6. For the recrod - I have the Legend HCx and my wife has her Legend Cx (no electronic compass in either). Her compass works just fine when caching, but mine displays the wrong direction (180 deg off) and often gets "stuck" while searching for the cache. I ran some tests with one in each hand and the Cx was definately working as one would expect while the HCx produced very poor compass points. Both have the latest s/w installed in their units. Star-geezer
  7. I have my new Legend HCx loaded w/ the new s/w ver 2.3 (yes, the WAAS problem is fixed). On page 19 of the manual there's an option for viewing a "track profile" created from the elevation readings of the track points. But danged if I can figure this out on my unit. There's no mention that this is exclusive to the electronic altimeter on other units. This is either a new option from the Cx (which I also own) but doesn't work, or a misprint in the skimpy manual that came w/ my unit. I'd appreciate any insight anyone can provide. Thanks, Star-geezer
  8. Okay - I'd like to clear my muddled mind on a very important issue. The Garmin site description for the Legend Cx and Vista Cx memory is: "Just connect to your computer and load optional MapSource® software to view detailed maps of your surroundings." However, the Garmin site description for the Legend HCx and the Vista HCx reads; "Conveniently plug in optional preloaded microSD cards with MapSource data for your land and sea excursions." I own the Topo and City Navigator on CD. Does Garmin's statement mean that I'll now have to buy the SD chips with these maps on it, and that I can't download my custom maps w/ MapSource? Does the "x" now mean that only Garmin provided memory chips with preloaded maps can be used with these new units? REALLY curious! Star-geezer
  9. Thanks for your interest. However, the unit is sold. Star-geezer
  10. This unit is lovingly used and has been well cared for. It is in pristine condition inside and out. This very reliable and accurate GPS receiver comes with the following extra items: - Garmin serial PC interface cable - Serial to USB adapter cable w/ software - Garmin vehicle power cable - Extra back-plate with mounting clip (for attaching to optional mounts) - eTrex Legend instruction manual - eTrex Legend Quick Start guide - eTrex series VHS instruction video - Wrist strap Pictures available upon request $95.00 - shipping extra
  11. I've downloaded 2.60 but am still having problems. My old Legend still works better than the Cx. I'm not totally familiar w/ the Cx so need some advice. I've seen several references to HARD RESET and SOFT RESET. Perhaps I need to do this?? Will someone with knowledge in this area please explain how to do this? Then what should I expect to do after the reset? Thanks very much, star-geezer
  12. Thanks Ka-Ching! I'll read through this tread and see what I can find. I peeked at the end and many cachers are saying ver 2.6 solved their problems. I have that loaded and will see what the accuracy/location data looks against caches I've found w/ my Legend b/w. Still, my problem arises when I stop moving (in car, bike or on foot). The map display rotates around my location and the compass goes beserk on the compass page. Straightens out when I move again. Thanks again for the thread. star-geezer
  13. Yup - I have ver 2.6 (latest/greatest) loaded. Can you lead me to the thread (if it still exists) to the problem you mention? I can't seem to locate it I'd like to investigate more. star-geezer
  14. I’ve upgraded from my trusty Legend B/W to the Legend Cx. Love the features, but noted that when caching w/ the Legend that the display & pointer are stable when I’m standing still, but the Cx jumps all over the place about once/second. Am I missing a setting or something? (Please don’t tell me to not stand still – I get stumped w/ some caches and just need to stop & ponder ) Thanks for your help, star-geezer
  15. My "other" hobby is astronomy. Thus the asto. The geezer part best describes my age (63 and still feeling young!). Amateur astronomers are commonly called "star gazers", so is wasn't much of a stretch for my current handle.
  16. I recently upgraded from the Legend to the Legend CX. Love this new GPSr! I have a couple of questions that you experience folks might help me with. 1 - What would you consider to be the best city and boonie maps in the Garmin arsenal? And should I buy the CDs or the MicroSD versions? Budget worries apply. 2 - Is there a maximum USEFUL limit on the capacity of the microSD the unit uses? I know there's 2GB chips out there at a reasonable price, but is there wasted space at that size when a smaller (512MB) might economize the capacity more efficiently? Thanks for your help in advance! Star-geezer
  17. Okay first - some GPS units will work w/ just the USB port. Your manual should tell you about that. That's great! But if it will only work w/ a serial port, then there are several places on the web where you can buy a very inexpensive serial to USB (or USB to Serial) cable. Do a google search. Just plug your provided serial cable (came w/ the unit?) into the serial end of the cable you just bought. The other end goes into your USB port. There's some software you need to install, but the whole thing works flawlessly. Cost should be no more than 20 USD incl shipping. Radio Shack carries this cable but they want 40 USD. Good luck! Star-geezer
  18. I've just downloaded version 6.9.1 of MapSource which allows you to easily download .loc files. Just click on the help/check for updates at the top of the MapSource screen to get the free download. The file is 16+ MB, so it helps if you have a broadband connection to the site. Happy LOCing.
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