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  1. Great stuff!!! Glad to see there a few brave souls out there. And a big thank you to Andre for agreeing to do it all again. It will be great to have your wealth of experience around as we negotiate the trials of the route.


    Since everyone that has responded so far seems to be available both days let's fix the date as Sat 5th - gives us the option of postponing to the Sunday if the weather isn't playing the game. Details on times/parking/etc to come a little closer to the time.


    Looking forward to it :)

  2. The Great Front-face Traverse Extravaganza 2


    Howdy folks... I'm looking to put together a team willing and keen to tackle the ultimate front face route again... I.e. Traverse Reverse, Kloof Corner (Medium & Difficult) and Frodo's Journey. Anybody keen? Am also hoping that somebody that has done these before will step up and offer their servies as a guide... Any takers? Lastly, as far as dates go - I'll throw out an intial suggestion of the first weekend of November (i.e. either the 5th or 6th). Other suggestions are welcome although the sooner the better really so we can hopefully avoid suffering in the heat as much as the previous folks (fools?) who did the route last.

  3. So here is the proposal - start off with Mines of Moira then on to Paths Of the Dead. Over the top to Chilean Mine Rescue, through the Amphitheatre then on to Tataurus.

    Starting time 7:30 to try to be off the mountain at 15h00 - besem has a flight to catch.


    Any other thoughts / suggestions welcome.


    Suppose, given the forum, it is likely that caching takes precedent over spelunking. I do, however, offer my services as a guide to any who wishes to pass through The Narrows from Ronan's well (Chilean Miner Rescue) into Robin Hood Cavern (near Amphitheatre)...

    I'm keen to do this route sometime (and explore other caves in the area) - how long do the narrows take (assuming nobody gets stuck? :o )


    Oh boy... Would I love to do (attempt) that!!! Trying to make a plan to be there (will mean driving back from Matroosberg on Sunday am).

  4. Thanks everyone. It's been loads of fun getting this far and also to have met so many great people along the way! Hopefully I'll meet the rest soon enough.


    Oh yes, and may I add my voice to the congratulations to iPajero - I believe it's now 5300 already! I may be racing up fast but they're not even a speck on my horizon yet. If I were to continue at my current rate it would still take me another 4+ years to reach that! Wow!

  5. The walk is done and dusted. I can confirm you have some very nice trails around here, way to much to do in one day. I had a good scout around and know have at lot more knowledgeable on the trails leading up the mountain. Any way, we choose to ascend through platteklip gouge. As I seemed to be the most obvious route up being able to see the path from the N1. At least we could not get lost. We then proceeded on to Maclears beacon, then back along the north face to the cable cars. At this point the misses decides she have enough of walking and was going down with the cable car. This then afforded my the opportunity to take a more adventures route down along the India Venster route, with a quick deviation down to Kloof Corner Difficult & kloof corner medium. For more info, you have to what for the logs. All in all a most enjoyable day.


    Glad you had fun. Sorry to have been unable to join you. The "stairs to heaven" as I call Platteklip are my general route down - not up. But then again, I would say go up India Venster not down... For someone who wasn't looking for much adventure you sure picked a hard route down!!! Most folks I know would hesitate to recommend that as an uphill route and certainly not recommend going down it! Nice one. Put a few locals to shame there. Can't wait to read the logs (when the GS server decides to let me read them).

  6. Oh and for those who might be interested in a Swartkop hike and a bring and braai at castle rock, when in November might be good? I'm out of town for october, and we are thinking later November as Ms panda will be taking, and I'll be marking exams in early Nov.


    Any thoughts, requests? Roughly how many folks might be interested? I'm thinking a casual get together at the cottage, some of us go hike, the others can hang out, do near by caches, enjoy the water, dive, explore the rocks, play board games, whatever, and then a braai when hikers get back (or start the fire just before ;). There would be limited beds for a few who would want to spend the night.


    I'm keen. Late Nov would also work better for me as jojjak will also be writing exams. Bed/couch/floor space would be much appreciated as it would save a drive back to town if the event is an evening one.

  7. Muizenberg Cave, Tatarus, Chilean Mine Rescue, Paths of the Dead and Mines of Moira in one day?


    There's a power series for you.


    Would be awesome if we could do it! All of them are right up at the top of my to-do list before I leave at the end of the year. Anyone with any experience want to comment on the feasbility of something like that?


    Am away 17th/18th September as well as 3rd/4th [:|].


    Dungeon tour?

  8. Yeah also struggling with to get onto the server. Feels like forever now! And all I want to do is get a My Find PQ and update my stats :(.


    Am very keen on Muizenberg - more so that the other options although I would be happy to do them too. Particularly keen on the Muizenberg caves... Pristine can wait until it's a little drier. Paths of the Dead, Chilean Mine Rescue and Mines of Moria would be awesome! Either way, I'll join in on any mission that may be happening but am away 3rd/4th September so preferrably not that weekend.




  9. Also confused... Judging by Mark's list I would say we were starting at Constantia Nek and ending at Hout Bay? That way we can stop off at the others on the way up? Agreed, guide would be nice but all still possible without one - we just won't go through to the end of Pristine?

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